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Dec 29, 2019  If you have an LLC, you may be wondering why tax prep software doesn't include an LLC version. That's because the IRS doesn't recognize the limited liability company as a tax entity, and it sets a default (normal) way for LLCs to pay federal income tax. A one-owner LLC normally files and pays income tax like a sole proprietor, so use the software version that contains Schedule C. Get H&R Block 2017 Back Editions tax software, federal or state editions for 2017. Start tax preparation and filing taxes for 2017 with H&R Block 2017 Back Editions. Jun 04, 2019  Amendment software for 2017 - MAC I need to amend a 2017 tax return (I used TurboTax Online for the original return) but cannot locate the amendment software for Mac - can you please provide the link or instructions on how to access?

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Turbo Tax Software For 2017


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