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This has been an age-old debate for the longest time. What platform should designers use for their work? Why do we care? Can the equipment you choose make a difference in your work? There are many questions to ask and plenty of definite answers. The age old debate over Mac Vs PC will be solved by the end of this article.

I have been in the design field for a few years. The reason I know the answer to this is due to the fact that I was around when print was still dominant. Just a few years ago, web designers and developers and print designers were divided. When you graduated from college, you could look for a design job without any knowledge of the web. Now, that just isn’t the case. Back in the days when print and web professionals were divided, publishing software was mainly created for the mac platform. There really wasn’t a Mac vs PC debate. You could still get it for a PC, but is was considered and taught in school that the industry standard was to use a Mac for your design work. The institutions trained us to work on Mac as opposed to PC, because they were supposedly built with more robust hardware than most PCs.

It really depends on your point of view. A few years ago Apple produced their own processors, which in my honest opinion, were much more powerful than the PCs of their time. Don’t get me wrong, I have owned the best of PC and the best of Mac. Back then there was a real difference between the two. I could work all day and my Mac wouldn’t slow down or become bogged down. I could work on a PC and experience lag, bugs, and slower processing.

Now, however, Macs and PCs are both made with Intel processors, so there really is no difference in terms of hardware. I am a die hard Apple fan, and I will tell you that hardware-wise, Apple and PCs are built similarly. Apple boosts its hardware with add-ons, such as Thunderbolt ports, Retina displays, and other bells and whistles, but you could always make the same additions to your PC. The only difference between the two is the operating system.

The operating systems for mac and PC are vastly different. You can still perform the same actions, you simply use Ctrl on a PC instead of Command or the Apple key. They both are basically the same operationally, just Apple has beefed their operating system up with extra functions add-on software. Mountain Lion is supposed to make things easy for the user, but there really isn’t anything you can do with a Mac that you can’t do with a PC.

Personally I like Apple, because I have a set workflow that I use. I have a backup procedure in place, and I am just comfortable and confident with how things are set up. I have a 1.5TB Seagate Portable Hare Drive set up for automatic backup via Time Machine. I have enough to keep up with. Not having to remember to back everything up is a plus. It helps me keep my focus on work, and not so much on maintenance.

Someone else might have their own automatic backup setup on a PC. I am not so dense that I think that Apple has the only automatic backup program. If it isn’t built in natively, I’m sure that software comes with most hard drives. I just told you what I do to illustrate what works for me.

People are just passionate about their brands. I know a few of my father’s friends that are die hard motor heads, and they’ve almost gotten in fist fights over which is better, Chevy or Ford. One reason that we take it so personally is because it is a personal matter. That’s why I don’t talk politics with people. People consider it an insult when you don’t see their point of view. This is especially the case when they are passionate about their products. Mac vs PC is no different. People have used them for years, they have come to depend on them, and they trust them. They have also probably been burned by the competition in some manner. Personally, I have had PCs stop working inexplicably, and I have even had one completely die. After having to fix my wife’s PC over and over again, I use Apple, because for me, things run much smoother. The next person might hate Apple, because a logic board went out and they had to pay $900 to replace it because their computer was out of warranty. Brand loyalty is subjective.

So what is the answer to the Mac Vs PC debate? Which one should you use if you want to be the best designer out there? Well, here’s your answer: Either one you damn well please. There, I said it. I guess they’d call this a pipe bomb (not really). I love Apple and think they are the best. I am entitled to my opinion. Do I think Apple makes me a better designer? No, it actually has nothing to do with anything. No piece of equipment on Earth is going to make you a better designer. You do that through experience and having a knack for problem solving. No matter how much you cradle your $2500 Macbook Pro or your 6GB Alienware Laptop in your arms and sleep with it under your pillow at night, it will never make you any better at design.

Your computer is a tool. You manipulate it. It doesn’t manipulate you. Whatever you use, you make sure that it works for you. If you like PCs and you work better on a PC, great! Let’s see what you can do with it. If you work better on a Mac Pro with Dual 30″ Monitors, have at it. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is a solid work horse computer that is stable and won’t hinder you from getting the job done.

The Truth of it all is that Mac Vs PC all boils down to preference. I prefer Photoshop. I love Photoshop like one of my own children. I’m just glad I don’t have to feed it. On the other hand, some other people swear by Pixelmator. Fantastic! If you can create something amazing with Pixelmator, then do it and make a huge amount of money with it. That is what makes you unique as a designer. Use your Mac, use your PC, use your iPad and SketchBookPro, use your bricks and a stick. Whatever you use, if it works for you, use it and stop listening to everyone else about why you should use something else.

I hope not. The same could be applied to other arguments, such as Nikon vs Canon (Cameras), or Canon vs Epson(Printers). It really doesn’t matter. Each company has their strengths and weaknesses. All that matters is that you can work around them to make something great. All of this debating back and forth or Mac vs PC is a waste of time. This time is the same time that you could be spending to develop the next Instagram and make a billion dollars from it. Fighting arbitrary fights like Mac vs PC makes us lose focus on our careers and our clients. I don’t know about you, but I have enough stress in my life. There are more interesting things to debate other than hardware. Mac vs PC is essentially irrelevant.

So what do you think? Have I settled the Mac vs PC debate? Why don’t you add your two cents in the comments section below.

Apple’s Mac and Windows PC are currently the two leading platforms for most of our day to day computing needs. Hence, this article, providing you with Mac vs PC comparison, in order to help you make an informed decision about whether to buy a Mac or PC.

Mac vs PC Comparison – Whether to Buy Mac Or PC

Once upon a time there was a clear and well defined divide or distinction between PC and Mac users. Those who needed a computer bought a Windows PC and those who had money bought a MacBook – It was that simple!

However, currently the imaginary line between Windows PC and Mac is fading, mostly due to Windows computers trying to compete with Macs in the looks department and becoming as expensive as Macs.

Hence, the question “Should you Buy a Mac or PC” and search for terms like Mac vs PC, Mac Vs Windows PC comparison and similar terms is showing an increasing trend and becoming more relevant to consumers looking to buy computers.

You will find below a listing of both Advantages and Disadvantages of Macs and PCs, which should help you in deciding whether to buy a Mac or a Windows powered PC.

Advantages of Macs

1. The biggest advantage of Macs is that they are well designed, sleek and visually appealing. While Windows computers are trying to match Macs in the looks department, they are ending up costing the same as Macs.

2. Macs come preloaded with almost all the software required to prepare documents (Pages), run spreadsheets (Numbers), create presentations (Keynote) and basic Photo Editing and Video Production software.

In comparison, Windows computers these days are mostly being shipped with trial versions of Microsoft Office.

3. In general, Macs have acquired the reputation of being less complicated, easy to use and trouble free compared to Windows Computers.

4. Software updates on Macs are consistent, effortless and trouble free. In comparison, software updates on Windows computers end up
generating discussions and heightened activity on internet forums

5. Going by past data, chances of being hit by viruses and malware on Macs are less compared to PCs. This could be due to a variety of reasons, ranging from Windows PCs having a larger user base to Windows Software being more familiar and appealing to attackers.

6. All the pre-installed software programs on Macs come directly from Apple and appear to be well tested and optimized to work well on Macs. In comparison, Windows computers suffer from bloatware due to pre-installed software coming from multiple sources – Microsoft, Manufacturer and associated companies.

7. Apple products rank high in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. When you buy a Mac, there is absolutely no doubt that you are getting a product of the highest quality.

It is difficult for Windows Computers to match this level of quality and customer satisfaction due to multiple manufacturers trying to sell Windows computers in multiple configurations.

Survey Mac Vs Pc Software Development Software

8. Macs work better and flawlessly with other Apple products. This means that you are better off going for a Mac in case you use an iPhone.

9. The customer support at Apple is consistent, transparent and better compared to Windows Computers. If anything happens to your Mac, you can head straight to the nearest Apple Store in your location and expect support both for hardware and software related problems.

Such level of support is not possible in Windows computers due to software coming from Microsoft and hardware being assembled by a variety of PC manufacturers.

10. Whether you like it or not, Macs appear cooler/trendier and people are willing to pay more for Apple products.

Advantages of Windows PC

1. The biggest advantage of a Windows PC is its availability at multiple price points. Since, Windows PCs come from different manufacturers in multiple configurations, there is always a Windows Computer that can match your budget.

In comparison, Macs are available in limited models and at fixed price points, which you may or may not be able to afford.

2. The second biggest advantage of Windows PC is its productivity software. Most Windows computers come preloaded with Microsoft Office which includes two of the most popular productivity software programs in the world – Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

3. In case you are a gamer, you have no option but to go for a Windows PC. Macs simply do not have the Processing power, RAM and high end graphics cards required to play PC games.

4. Windows computers are available in multiple configurations and allow you to choose from various types of Processors, RAM, Storage, Ports, Displays and other options.

5. In general, Windows Computers offer superior hardware at competitive price points. In comparison, Mac users appear to be paying a higher cost for comparatively lower level of hardware.

However, it needs to be mentioned that almost every component on an Apple product is optimized for better performance, tweaked to consume less power and generate less heat.

6. Accessories for Windows Computers are easy to find and available at competitive prices compared to Macs. This makes Windows computers cheaper to operate and run compared to Macs.

7. It is easy to upgrade, reconfigure and refurbish Windows computers. This aspect of Windows computers appeals to tech savvy users who enjoy such activities.

Survey Mac Vs Pc Software Development Center

8. In general, more Software programs are available for Windows PC compared to Macs.

9. Windows Computers have better backwards compatibility compared to Macs. For example, it is not uncommon to find 5 to 7 year old Windows computers running the latest version of Windows 10 without any problem.

10. Windows community and user base is larger compared to Macs. This practically means that it is easy to get support and advice for software and hardware related issues for Windows computers.

Disadvantages of Mac

1. The biggest disadvantage of Macs is that they are expensive compared to PCs. However, as mentioned above, Windows Computers are getting expensive and the gap between MacBook Air and a comparable Windows Laptop is not that much.

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2. The second major disadvantage of Macs is that most of the work related software like Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, Timberline, Primavera and Accounting software is designed for Windows computers and not for Macs.

While Macs have their own version of Excel (Numbers) and Microsoft Word (Pages), these programs are no match for the Power and Versatility of Microsoft Excel and the practical functionality of Microsoft Word program.

While you can buy Microsoft Office made for Macs, it is not uncommon to come across users reporting missing features, problems and overall lack of power while using Microsoft Excel on Macs.

3. Macs are clearly not built for playing PC Games. Even the most advanced MacBook Pro does not have the processing power, RAM and the Graphics to play PC Games.

4. Using a Mac is fundamentally different than using a Windows computer. Those coming from Windows PC background to Mac will require patience to get used to the way Macs work.

Mac Vs Pc Pros And Cons

In the first few weeks you may often feel like going back to Windows PC. However, once you get used to Macs you should be able to work as effortlessly on a Mac as you used to on a Windows PC.

Disadvantages Of Windows PC

1. Windows computers are clearly getting more expensive and most likely driving budget customers to consider using a Mac Mini or even MacBook Air which are now available at tempting price points.

2. Windows computers come pre-loaded with bloatware from manufacturers, which makes them slow and buggy. While those with technical abilities can easily get rid of this bloatware, average computer users are not really equipped to deal with this issue.

3. Due to their large user base, Windows Computers are considered as being primary candidates for attack by hackers and computer viruses. However, it is not difficult to minimize this risk by keeping the software on your computer updated and installing a good antivirus program on your computer.

4. Although the situation is improving, software updates on Windows Computers are still far from being trouble free.

Should You Buy Mac or Windows PC

As far as consumers are concerned, the decision to buy should be based on which platform really suits you better, while taking into consideration the purpose for which you are buying a computer and the budget allocated for your purchase.

For example, Windows PC is a better option in case your work requires the use of Microsoft Excel and other productivity or work related Software Programs. The same holds true, in case you are buying a computer for general and recreational use and your idea of fun is to play high intensity PC Games.

When it comes to budget, College students surviving on borrowed money are clearly better off buying a cheaper Windows PC or a Chromebook, instead of piling on more debt by going for an expensive MacBook Pro.

However, if you are working part time and having a MacBook makes you feel better (does it !!?.), make sure that you go for MacBook Pro and promise yourself that you will do better at both studies and work!

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