Stop Apps Shaking In Mac

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Disconnecting from the Internet wouldn't have helped in the least since the OS had already finished downloading and was installing Mavericks from the hard drive.

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Aug 05, 2019  To stop an app from opening, click on it in the list so that it is highlighted in blue. Then, just beneath the list of login items, click the small minus sign. The item will be removed from the list and will cease to open at startup. 11 shocking apps banned by Apple, from shaking babies to 'sexy bikini farts'. Tuna and a healthy slice of mac & cheese instead of the I Am Rich red jewel. In other words, 'Stop making us.

You had OS X, 10.7 Lion on the drive, not iOS anything. OS X is the operating system for Mac computers such as the Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. iOS is a completely separate OS and is only for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.


Since Mavericks is now on the drive, the only way to go back to Lion, which your Mac came with, is to do an Internet Recovery. You WILL lose everything on the drive. Make sure to back up files you cannot afford to lose, first.

Stop apps shaking in macbook

Stop Apps Shaking In Macbook

Restart and hold down the Command+Option+R keys. Launch Disk Utility and erase the drive. Then install OS X. The version of Lion that came with your Mac will download from Apple's servers and install.

Use the setting in the log out or restart dialog

When you log out of your Mac or restart it, deselect ”Reopen windows when logging back in” when prompted.

Stop Apps Shaking In Machine

Or start up in safe mode, then restart normally. This doesn't change the setting, but your Mac forgets any windows that were open the last time you logged out or restarted.

If you deselect this setting and an app continues to open automatically:

  • The app might be a login item. You can add or remove login items in Users & Groups preferences.
  • The app might have installed its own startup software. Often this is controlled by a setting within the app. Check the app's preferences or documentation, or contact the app's developer.

Use the setting in General preferences

To prevent apps from remembering the windows they had open, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click General, then select ”Close windows when quitting an app.”

Or press and hold the Shift key while opening an app. This doesn't change the setting, but the app forgets any windows that were open the last time you quit the app.

If these steps don't work for an app, the app might have its own setting for reopening windows. Check the app's preferences or documentation, or contact the app's developer.

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