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Mar 12, 2020  Overhead Lines. Miller Williams from Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS brings us this cool lighting setup. Materials: 12 – 10ft sticks of truss.

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Cats and owls are able to see in the dark and are able to thrive without much need for light. Us humans, on the other hand, aren’t equipped with such convenient abilities. Instead, we are gifted with the ability to think about, design and invent our own sources of light.


To do such things, we need the help of a few tools that will allow us to utilize this ability to its utmost potential. We need to know where to place these lights we create and how to power them. With the use of the software below and an electrical plan software, you can do the same.

FreeStage lighting design software free mac



Lighting Reality PRO

Light the Way

Knowing where to place your lights is a key method too help economize electricity and resources. Knowing how much light, as well, is important to achieve the right, comfortable atmosphere that people can be productive in. Too much light, though, is detrimental and here are the reasons why.

  • More Light, More Heat. Less Light, Less Heat
    Light and heat come hand-in-hand. It’s no shocker then that placing more lights will increase the room’s temperature without a shadow of a doubt.
  • Light Up Your Bill
    Of course having more lights will make your electric bill shoot up, there’s just no way around it; after all, what will you use to power your lights if not electricity?
  • A Blinding Flash
    When you have a lot of things that reflect light in your house or office, you will find flashes and glares extremely irritating and painful. The wrong intensity of light can hurt or even blind, including those reflecting or glaring off reflecting surfaces such as mirrors.

Don’t think that just using your eyes is enough to make the best of things, be smart and use the tools that are available to you like lighting design and electrical CAD software.


Visual 2016 For Windows

LitePro DLX For Mac

Best Lighting Design Products For Android

ReluxNet – Most Popular Software

Shed Light on the Matter

With the disadvantages of too much light being clear, what about the advantages of having just enough light and where to place them? Knowing where to place them and knowing the right lights to use will have a whole host of advantages that can’t be denied.

  • A Soothing Light
    Having the right level of luminosity can lead to making things easier on the eyes, especially when the color of the walls and the decor match.
  • Under the Spotlight
    You can direct attention to something or away from something by using a spotlight or by hiding something in the dark. People tend to gravitate towards what they can see rather than what they can’t.
  • Bright without Plight
    By placing lights of the right intensity in the right place, you can light up your entire office or home without the problem of hurting the eyes or your wallet. Positioning and the right tool for the right job is key.

Lighting Design Software

Sd card reader app mac. When you want to keep everything well lit, you need to know how it would look like should you place the light there without actually placing it there yet. This is where this software comes in and, if you’re interested in it, you may also want to look at our electrical design software list.

Stage Lighting Design Software Mac Free Software

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