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Our innovative, patented system for determining layout maximizes use of space while automatically placing roads or aisles. SunDAT is capable of maximizing PV layout on the most complex boundaries even if they are filled with obstructions.


Solar design software free

Production, yield and PR estimates are available within SunDAT using the integrated NREL SAM engine. This enables the user to do real-time energy modeling, publish project-specific reports, and export 8760 data for further analysis.


SunDAT is optimized for large-scale commercial or utilty PV design. Whether you’re designing a 1 MW parking canopy, a 5 MW commercial rooftop, or a 150MW utility-scale ground mount, SunDAT will get the job done.


Identify areas that are beyond a certain slope tolerance, or flag areas within a layout that will need to be graded or avoided. SunDAT can also auto-determine row spacing on fixed tilt systems to avoid shade based on topography. Import your own topo survey or use SketchUp’s elevation data for terrain analysis.

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Solar Design Software Free

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SunDAT is a software plugin developed at FTC Solar for the SketchUp 3D environment that enables automated design and optimization of photovoltaic systems. The software allows users to work with residential, commercial or utility-scale sites, and optimize system layout, equipment hierarchy and energy output based on local site constraints and industry design standards. The software automates a major portion of the design process including Shadow Simulation, Terrain Analysis, Module Layout, Structural Layout, Electrical Design, Energy Modeling and other calculations.



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