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Hardware checks would be better to speed up Mac machine. Moreover, efficient speed up utilities (compatible with Yosemite) like Stellar Speed up Mac is here to boost the speed of Mac machine. Having RAM upto 8GB would be great to get good speed for Yosemite machine.

Ways to help make a slow Mac faster

I usually burn about 4.3 gigabytes of data on a DVD and fill up the rest of the disk with the error correction file. Obviously you have to put in a little time to create these EC files but once you get the hang of it it’s basically just a few clicks and then allowing your PC to do the number crunching in the background. It remains true that prevention is always better than cure and on that basis I would like to mention another free program that I’ve been using the past decade or so. Thank you for your list of recovery software. ICE-ECC (I just pronounce it “ice ee-see-see”) creates error correction files from any body of data on your computer (or elsewhere). Best file copying software for mac.

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Software to speed up mac yosemite 2017
  1. Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on Performance
  2. Avoid using any third-party cleanup software. Usually, this software does more bad than good. You don't need it. All computers become slower over time even under normal use. Experienced users erase the hard drive and do a clean install from scratch from time to time; or whenever installing a major OS upgrade. Doing so means you must maintain regular and multiple backups.
  3. If you have enabled iCloud Disk and are storing your Documents and Data in iCloud, then consider turning that off and signing out of iCloud. It can slow down the computer considerably. Please see the following from the user, fotomac: 'The solution was to SIGN OUT of iCloud and my problem STOPPED! NO MORE SPINNING BEACHBALL! My computer's speed increased to what it should be and all my Apps now work!'
  4. Add more RAM or cut back on the number of concurrently running applications and utilities. Remove unnecessary anti-malware software and any software that promises to clean your Mac. Check for runaway processes: Runaway applications can shorten battery runtime, affect performance, and increase heat and fan activity. Also, visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on dealing with The Spinning Beach Ball of Death.
  5. The Ultimate Fix: Backup everything, erase the drive, reinstall OS X, and restore your data from the backup. Reinstall third-party software from original media/scratch.

May 18, 2017 1:22 PM