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Dec 27, 2019  6. Any Video convertor Mac. This software will help you to convert any video and also help you to download video. It is software which support multiple languages and can import CD disc and multi video and can be used to convert video between any formats freely. This app will output videos to wide range of devices and also has ability to.

If your videos come from a decade or so back, you will find that they are in the MOV video format. This format used to be popular and is still used on Apple's iOS and Mac devices. However, popularity-wise, it has still not gained as much limelight as other formats like the MP4. If you are looking to upload your MOV videos somewhere and that service does not support this format, you are going to have to convert your videos first. There are many MOV converters out there and the following are some of the best ones you can use to get the task done.

  • Jan 30, 2020  Image Source: Dreamytricks MKV files are also called as Matroksa Video files. This file type is as similar as.AVI,.ASF and.MOV multimedia container file formats. MKV files are not supported by all type of media players. So a need arises to convert the MKV files to any other commonly used video file format. This file does not act as an audio or video compression format. Components with.
  • To get all holiday videos played on your device!!-Leawo Video Converter is a powerful video converter that can easily convert video and audio with excellent quality like MKV to MP4, MKV to AVI, AVI to MP4, FLV to MKV, WMV to MOV, MP4 to MP3, MP4 to AVI, FLV to MP3, etc.

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Jan 29, 2016  You can convert videos on your Mac, however, using no additional software. If you’ve been around computers for any length of time, then you’re likely familiar with Apple’s QuickTime software. QuickTime has existed since the early 90s and still exists as OS X’s default video playing software. Jun 07, 2020  Nowadays, plenty of flipbook software are springing up for creating interactive digital contents, therefore, you can analyze and choose one that really fits you. 7 best page flip software for Mac mentioned in this article to convert PDF to flipbook on Mac easily. You can create interactive flipbooks from existing PDF files without prior experience.

Top 1. EaseUS Video Editor

Windows computers have come a long way and if you have been a PC user all this time, you know how easy it is to get apps for basically everything you want to do on your computer. There are several media converters to help you convert MOV files on your Windows-based computer.

However, nothing can beat the simplicity and the number of features that EaseUS Video Editor has to offer. It is a video editing app but it allows you to convert your MOV and other media files as well. It has a built-in conversion tool that helps users convert files from one format to another. With this tool, you can convert all of the MOV files lying around on your Windows PC to your chosen format, such as MP4. The following are some of the features that this app offers.


  • Convert multiple MOV files
  • Merge and split MOV files before converting them
  • Preview your files before the conversion
  • Multiple output formats for your files
  • Convert MOV to audio-only formats
  • Edit your MOV files before converting them

How to Convert MOV Files using EaseUS Video Editor on Windows:

You now know a lot of things about this software and you may want to learn how you can use it as a MOV converter. The following steps will show you how to convert your MOV files to various file formats, such as MP4, with this software.

Step 1. Import the source file

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source file by either clicking the 'Import' option or simply dragging the video to the appropriate area.

Step 2. Add to project

You need to add the imported file to the track by choosing the 'Add to Project' option, or you can drag and place the file to the track as you want.

Step 3. Export the source file

Now you can click 'Export' on the main menu on the top.

Step 4. Save as MP4

Under the 'Video' tab, choose MP4 as the desired video file format.

On the right pane, you can edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings, and then click 'Export'.

Top 2. Freemake Video Converter

If you are looking for something that is purely a media file conversion tool, Freemake Video Converter is a good choice. This software allows you to convert any of your media files without much hassle on your computers. It runs on multiple versions of Windows and allows you to convert your files to hundreds of file formats.

The support for numerous file formats is what makes this app stand out of the crowd. Whether you are looking to convert your MOV to the MP4 or any other video format, you can do that with this app on your computer.


  • Supports over 500+ formats
  • Various codecs are built into the app
  • Download files from online sites
  • Convert MOV to many popular formats
  • Readymade settings for various devices


  • One app to convert hundreds of files
  • Presets so you do not need to alter the settings
  • Clean user interface


  • The conversions sometimes fail
  • Converting files takes too long
  • No regular updates

Top 3. iMovie

iMovie is an excellent tool to edit videos and convert media files on your Mac and iOS devices. The great thing about this app is it is completely free and comes with really powerful features. You can use this app to convert both your audio and video files to many output formats.

Since it has been developed by Apple itself, it is tightly integrated to your Mac and so it provides a more optimized experience for you to convert your MOV files to various file formats. You can simply drag and drop your files and the app can convert them for you.


  • Load MOV files from various sources
  • Play your file before performing the conversion
  • Add various elements to your MOV files
  • Convert your MOV files to a popular format
  • Support for extracting audio from MOV files


  • Completely free and secure app
  • Fast conversion speeds
  • Easy to use interface


  • No support for multiple output formats
  • It sometimes crashes while converting files
  • Not a fully-featured file converter

Download Link:

Top 4. HandBrake

If your work requires you to convert several MOV or other files on your Mac, HandBrake could be the perfect tool for your conversion tasks. That is because it has support for many file formats and helps you quickly and easily convert your files to your chosen formats.

It is a cross-platform app meaning if you ever switch to another type of computer, the app is available for that platform as well and you can pick up from where you left on that new machine. It has several built-in presets so you can quickly generate files that are compatible with your devices.


  • Supports almost all audio and video formats
  • Convert your MOV files to major video formats
  • Use presets to convert MOV files
  • Support for subtitles
  • Preview your videos


  • All-in-one media file converter app
  • Quick conversions
  • Hassle-free tool and requires minimal user interaction


  • It could be overwhelming for new users
  • Sometimes it shows conversion errors
  • Does not work very well with long MOV files

Top 5. MOV To MP4 Converter

If you have received a MOV file on your Android device, you will want to convert it to another popular format so that anyone who you share the file with can play the file. These days, you can use one of the apps from the Google Play Store to convert files on your Android devices.

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MOV To MP4 Converter is one such app and it allows you to convert your MOV media files to the widely recognized MP4 format. This way you can make all your MOV videos and movies compatible with almost all the devices out there.


  • Batch convert your MOV files
  • Convert your files in the background
  • Edit various settings for your files
  • Presets for your conversions
  • Multiple audio channels


  • Easily locate your MOV files
  • One tap to convert MOV files
  • Quickly view the converted files list


  • Only supports the MP4 format
  • No progress bar telling you the conversion progress
  • Quality issues with the conversions

Download Link:

Top 6. Video Converter

Video Converter is not only a media file converter but a tool that allows you to edit and compress your audio and video files. With this app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can easily convert your MOV and other videos to various file formats in a few easy steps.

Those of you who are looking to get multiple functions from a single app is going to like this app. It is a multi-purpose app allowing you to convert your files as well as perform a plethora of other actions on your media files.


  • Convert MOV to multiple formats
  • Compress your MOV videos
  • Edit your media files
  • Built-in audio and video player
  • Cut and trim your videos


  • Multiple functionalities in one app
  • Support for a wide range of file formats
  • Easy to use interface


  • Produces really large converted files
  • You cannot adjust the volume before converting the files
  • Sometimes the conversion stops suddenly

Download Link:

Top 7. MovP4

Since Apple prioritizes the MOV format over other formats on Apple products, there should not be any reason for you to convert your MOV files. However, there are occasions like when you want to share your MOV files with the people on different phones, then you may need to convert your files first.

There is an app called MovP4 for the iPhone that allows you to convert all your MOV files to the popular MP4 format. The app is dedicated only to this type of conversion and so it works like a charm to help you convert your MOV files on your iPhone.


  • Choose any MOV videos from the Camera Roll
  • Quickly convert MOV to MP4 with a single tap
  • Support for the M4V format
  • Preserves the audio and video quality
  • Fast conversion speed


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works great even for large files
  • Preview files


  • Sometimes there are issues with the audio conversion
  • The encoding process is not flawless
  • Makes audio out of sync for the converted files

Download Link:

Top 8. Media Converter

Media Converter is an all-in-one solution to all of your file conversion needs on your iOS-based device. This app allows you to convert both your audio and video files to many popular file formats right on your iPhone and iPad devices. You can easily select the videos that you want to be converted and it then offers you the formats that you can choose from. You can use the app to extract audio from your videos as well. It has support for several video formats including MOV and so converting your MOV files is not a big deal with this app on your iPhone.


  • Convert MOV to several file formats
  • Compress your MOV files
  • Convert audio files
  • Play MOV and other file formats
  • Access zipped files


  • Total media conversion solution
  • Access almost all file formats with this app
  • Import items from various sources


  • Takes too long to convert files
  • Does not directly save files to apps like Music
  • Too many ads

Download Link:

Top 9. CloudConvert

While there are many reasons to use a desktop app to convert your MOV files, you may not want to install an app if there is only a single or few files to be converted. In that case, you may prefer something that can be used without any installation. This is where some of the online media file converters come into the picture.

Enter CloudConvert, an online tool that allows you to convert MOV and other files to various formats right from your web browsers. All you need to do is upload your files and the tool will get them converted for you.


  • Upload files from multiple sources
  • Quickly select the output format
  • Support for over 200 file formats
  • Preserve your file quality
  • Keeps your uploaded files secure


  • Easy MOV conversion from your browser
  • Search for output file formats
  • Trusted site for uploading files


  • The free version offers limited features
  • It takes a while to upload and download your files
  • Too many confusing options on the main screen

Top 10. Zamzar

Zamzar has helped thousands of users convert their files from one format to another and you can use it to convert your MOV files as well. It has support for dozens of file formats including MOV and the popular MP4 format. It uses a single screen approach to help you convert your files.

Once you are on the site, all you need to do is click on a button to add your files. You can then select an output format and it will start converting your files. The converted file can then be downloaded to your computer in a single click.


Website To Convert Video Files

  • Drag and drop support
  • Add files from computer and the web
  • A plethora of output formats
  • Get email alerts for your conversions
  • Three-step quick procedure


  • No need to reload the page for your conversions
  • Clear instructions on how to convert MOV files
  • No long downtimes


  • The maximum file size is capped at 200MB for free users
  • There is a limit on concurrent conversions
  • No high-speed downloads


If you have MOV files stored on your devices, it is a really good idea to convert them to a popular format like MP4. This will allow you to use your file on pretty much any mobile phone or computer out there. EaseUS Video Editor makes the MOV file conversion job easier for you on Windows machines. You can download it by clicking the blue button below.

Publishing contents online is a good way to build up readership, and to some extent, if you are a marketer, it is beneficial for you to develop customers and increase SEO rankings. Nowadays, plenty of flipbook software are springing up for creating interactive digital contents, therefore, you can analyze and choose one that really fits you. 7 best page flip software for Mac mentioned in this article to convert PDF to flipbook on Mac easily. You can create interactive flipbooks from existing PDF files without prior experience.
> Part1: 7 Best Page Flip Software for Mac
> Part2: Enjoy Compelling Flipbook Designed by FlipHTML5

Part1: 7 Best Page Flip Software for Mac

1. FlipHTML5 (Strongly Recommend)

FlipHTML5 is always professional and highly efficient. Even you do not have any technical knowledge, you can still create page flipping books in beautiful and elegant way on Mac or Windows. Then, built-in page editor is easy-to-use for adding multimedia contents in flipbooks and animation editor provides a timeline for managing contents visually. 40+ additional features will make the whole flipbook looks brilliant. All in real-time and without writing a single line of code.
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Now, please watch a video to learn how FlipHTML5 works.

Start Making Interactive Page Flipping Books


Software To Convert Video Files For Mac Windows 10

2. Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Pro Mac

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Pro Mac is a gorgeous software designed to transform PDF files to attractive page flip books on Mac operation system. You can make full use of multimedia contents to enrich flipbooks, such as images, background music, flash, buttons and videos. What is more, four different kinds of templates (classical, float, neat and spread) are available for decorating flipbooks with eye-catching appearance. Your flipbooks will look great online to share with others.

3. Easy PDF to FlipBook Mac

Easy PDF to FlipBook Mac inspires you to showcase PDF files in a wonderful page turning way. This tool can be compatible with Mac OS, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion. What is more, you can switch language among 10+ languages to have convenient flipbook creating. Then make highly customizable flipbook with control settings. Share flipbooks on Twitter, Facebook and Digg will help increase visibility and dig out potential visitors.


It is easy to create beautiful, rich-media flipping books in HTML5 from PDF files with PubHTMML5. This popular page flip software for Mac provides animation editor and page editor to empower flipping book. Therefore, you are able to have flipbooks with customized looks and feel with ease. The all-in-one digital publishing solution can be your ideal choice to stand out online.

5. PageFlip

Best Video Software For Mac

You are able to create online flipbooks with basic features for free. PageFlip is powerful to convey any PDF for all industries and branches. This tool enables you to create your own custom design, including videos and image galleries, link to pages or branding logo. Pure HTML5 flipping books offers people wonderful visual enjoyment on desktop or mobile devices.

6. Youblisher

Your website visitors will love flipping page books instead of PDF documents loading. Youblisher creates page turning books online with only three steps. Firstly, you are required to sign up and create a free account. Secondly, upload PDF file from computer or add PDF file from an Internet source, then, let Youblisher do the rest. Finally, you will have a page flipping book in minutes, add link to your website and offer visitors a gorgeous visual enjoyment.

7. FlipViewer Xpress

Convert Video Files To Mp3

FlipViewer Xpress is a professional software that creates digital realistic 3D flipping books with ease. The intuitive and fast user interface is suitable for all level users. You are able to have your own page loading image and logos, embed videos to make flipbooks gorgeous. Well-designed flipbooks work both for computers and mobiles, support internal and external hyperlinks, are search engine compatible.
Page-turning technology is captivated for people, dragging the corner of flipbook like reading real book is amazing. Above 7 best page flip software for Mac are professional to help you create engaging flipping books online or offline. You will amaze the world with multimedia, stunning contents.

Best Software To Convert Video Files

Part 2: Enjoy Compelling Flipbook Designed by FlipHTML5

Software To Convert Video Files

Start Making Interactive Page Flipping Books