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Mar 29, 2020  A lot of macOS users are encountering unable to install the Skype for Meetings app in order to join or host meetings inside the Skype for Business Web platform. Affected users are reporting that they are seeing the Application ‘Skype Meetings App’ can’t be opened every time they try to install the plugin needed to join or host live calls. Skype For Business Web App Plugin Won’t. Mar 05, 2019 Microsoft today announced that it will replace Skype Meetings App on Mac with Skype for Business desktop app from April 5. Skype Meetings App is a web-downloadable meetings app which can be used when a Skype for Business desktop app is not installed on a computer. In order to support this change, Microsoft has reduced. Get Skype, free messaging and video chat app. Conference calls for up to 25 people. Download Skype for Windows, Mac or Linux today.

Skype Meetings App Download Mac

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Hi Eric! Thank you for taking the time to jump in here. One thing I did not mention was that other browsers are allowing me to launch the Skype for Business Web App, but the problem I run into then is that I get a blank screen when someone is sharing their desktop, and there is also no audio, causing me to have to dial into the actual call as well. I did confirm this with Opera, Firefox and Chrome and will check with SeaMonkey and Waterfox as well, but have a low confidence level at this point.

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Thank you again!!