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  1. Get the ultimate screen capture and video recording on Windows and Mac. Snagit is simple, powerful software to capture images and record videos of your computer screen. Start today for free!
  2. Oct 13, 2013  Here is a list of 7 free screen capture software for Windows that come with annotation tools.Earlier we used to take screenshots using the default Printscreen button and had to edit them in an external image editor. But now there are ample of screen capture utilities that offer you wide range of capturing facility, but only some comprise of annotation tools.
  3. Mar 27, 2018  Using the Smart Annotation tool in Pages is a lot like using the mark up tools in the Notes app for iOS. Make sure your Apple Pencil is connected to your iPad. Open a document in Pages. Tap your Apple Pencil anywhere on the document. Start writing your annotation. To switch the tool you're using for annotation, tap on a tool in the mark up bar.

Sep 30, 2019  To erase, tap the Eraser tool at the bottom of the screen, then tap the annotation. To erase all annotations, tap Erase All at the top of the screen. To show or hide the tools, tap Toggle drawing tools. To scroll the page when using Apple Pencil, swipe with one finger. If you're using your finger to annotate, swipe with two fingers.

If you need to help someone use an app on an iPhone or iPad, it is sometimes better to show where or how to perform an action than to verbally explain it. AppleInsider explains how to take advantage of the Markup tools built into iOS to illustrate to another person what to do via annotated screenshots.

The ability to quickly annotate screenshots can be handy for a variety of reasons, ranging from making notes on an image to guide family members using a new iPad to perform tasks, to illustrating ideas for changes or new elements of an app. Drawing things on screen can also be used for frivolous purposes, like doodling on top of a shot of someone's face.

Markup is also extremely handy as it means the annotations can be made on the iOS device itself, without going into an image editing app or sending the image to a Mac to add the notes. The almost immediate availability of Markup also makes the tool one of the quickest ways to get the annotations added, and in a relatively tidy and simple way.

In this guide, we are sticking to the more practical uses of the Markup tools, and how to create a screenshot illustrating where something is within an iOS app for another person. For this example, showing where to find a specific section in the AppleInsider app.

Screen Annotation Software

The first part of the process is to take the screenshot to illustrate the thing you want to show. Navigate your iOS device and its apps to find the image you want to use, then take the screenshot.

For an iPhone X, hold the Side Button on the right-hand side of the smartphone, then briefly press the Volume Up button before releasing both buttons.

For earlier iPhone variants as well as all iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod touch models, hold the Top or Side Button, press down the Home button, then release all buttons.

If successful, the screen will flash white, and a small thumbnail of the screenshot will appear in the bottom-left corner. This image will disappear on its own, but it can also be swiped away.

The quickest way to annotate images is to start making changes as soon as the screenshot is taken. Before it disappears, tap the thumbnail to bring up the Markup menu, with the screenshot in the middle of the screen ready for editing.

At the bottom of the screen are the pen, highlighter, pencil, eraser, and Magic Rope selection tool, along with a selection of colors you can use to change the color of items you add to the image.

To the far right is a small plus that can be used to add typed text, saved signatures, assorted shapes, and a magnifier, with the latter able to stylistically zoom in on a specific part of the image. At the bottom left is the undo and redo buttons, allowing for users to go back to previous incarnations of the image to undo mistakes.

Once you have made your changes, you can use the top right Share icon to perform various actions, including sending it to another device with AirDrop and using it with other apps. Tapping Done will bring up options to Delete Screenshot or Save to Photos.

Not-So-Instant Markup

If the thumbnail has disappeared from the screen before you can make changes, it is still possible to make changes to the image, but it takes a few more steps.

By default, the screenshot will be saved if left to disappear. To see it, open the Photos app and scroll down to the most-recent images added to the app, usually at the bottom of the list under Photos, and tap the image in question.

Tap Edit in the top-right to make the screen background go dark and to bring up the Edit menu. Tap the three dots in the circle on the right-hand side of the screen, and select Markup in the pop-up menu.

This Markup menu works in the same way as Instant Markup, just with a darker background. After completing the edits, tap Done in the top right corner to exit Markup, then Done in the Edit Menu to save the finished image.

At this point, you can select the edited image, tap the Share icon in the top right, and select the messaging app or other item you want to use with the image.

Instant Markup is capable of handling multiple screenshots at a time, if they are taken in quick succession. Tap the thumbnail before it disappears to bring up Markup after taking all the shots, and then swipe from the side to navigate between the images.

Owners of the new iPad or iPad Pro users will also be able to take advantage of the Apple Pencil while using Markup, using its pressure sensitivity for thicker lines and tilt sensing for shading with the pencil tool.

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Since the advent of macOS Catalina, Apple users can use their iPad as a second computer screen for their Mac with the feature sidecar. This opens up completely new application areas and makes mobile computing flexible like never before. Anyone on the road with a MacBook and an iPad can use two screens to work productively.

Screen annotation software mac using ipad pro

Combined with Parallels Desktop 15, an iPad becomes a second screen not only for a Mac itself but for all Windows programs running on it. What users need to have to make this happen is a fairly recent Mac along with an equally recent iPad running iOS 13.

An iPad acting as a second screen

With the new feature included in macOS Catalina “Sidecar”, the iPad display can either mirror or extend the Mac desktop. Mirroring helps when a user wants to demonstrate or present something. In all other cases, extending the display is the more suitable option.

Another benefit of Sidecar is that it allows the MacBook Pro Touch Bar to be displayed on the iPad. This helps when operating the MacBook while it is closed (using its mouse and keyboard) if you still want to access the Touch Bar.

Chess Software for MacChessCentral's online chess store has grouped together chess software programs designed for your Mac computer. That said, chess software for Mac ranges from material to chess playing engines like. Best chess learning software for mac pro. The Mac versions will run on any Mac with OS 7.1 or later. Newer Macs with OS X can run older, pre-OS X software in what's called the 'classic' mode - programs open and look just they were designed to do, but have none of the newer OS X features. Please note that if a product is not listed in this category then it will not run on Mac, but is designed only to run with Windows operating system or PCs.

An iPad is quite a small display screen, of course, even when compared to a MacBook’s own display. Sidecar may be best suited to display a single application’s program window in full-screen mode on the iPad. You can simply move your Windows virtual machine (VM) to the iPad and continue to work with your Mac as usual. To do this, hover over the green dot in the screen’s upper-left corner and select “Move to iPad.”

Sidecar offers a further advantage of enabling Apple Pencil to act as a data entry device for Mac devices. And that’s not all—thanks to Parallels Desktop, Windows programs can also make use of the Apple Pencil for accurate line-drawing and handwritten annotation. This allows an iPad to be used not only as a display but also as a drawing tablet for Windows programs such as CorelDRAW or Microsoft Sketchpad. Notes can be added directly to screenshots, making commenting more direct than ever.

Learn more about all the features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition and test them for 14 days for free!

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The next issue of this series about using macOS Catalina in a corporate environment will focus on enhanced graphics performance for macOS and Windows.

Screen annotation software mac using ipad pro

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