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Jul 03, 2017  If you’re planning on doing a reinstall of Windows but can’t find your product key, you’re in luck because it’s stored in the Windows Registry. It’s just not easy to find, and it’s impossible to read without some help. Luckily, we’re here to help. As you can see in the screenshot above, the product ID is stored in the registry but is in a binary format that can’t be read. Mac product key finder is a freeware tool which helps to find Mac product key, or if you need to make a backup copy for all the software’s installed on your Mac system.This tool once installed and run, it scans your Mac for all installed applications and displays product keys (serial numbers) on a clean interface. You are also given the option to directly take a print out or save it as a. Feb 20, 2014  2) At the time of the install i didn't have a product key yet because i wanted to make sure it all worked. So far everything is working great and i wanted to buy a product key to activate it and have it all legal. But I'm having difficulties finding a place to buy the product key. On the Microsoft store i can only buy windows 8 it seems. Mar 03, 2020  Up to15%cash back  A product activation key is a set of 30 characters divided into five blocks of six characters: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX. The key is provided with the purchase of Parallels Desktop for Mac and is used to activate a Parallels Desktop copy. If you lost your activation key, you retrieve it using the options mentioned below. R ecover Keys is a program that diagnose your system to search and recover or retrieve all genuine and valid product keys which also known as serial numbers for all installed software. Recovery Keys then makes a backup of the list, or users can opt to just viewing the keys, print the list or save to a text file. The software is useful if you have lost or forgotten the serial keys, especially.

We have previously written about a method for recovering the license keys for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office programs using a tool called ProduKey. ProduKey is a great program from Nirsoft that works with Microsoft products and third-party software also.

We have found another free tool, called LicenseCrawler, that recovers license keys by crawling through the registry to find all the license keys and serial numbers for all software installed on your system.

Download LicenseCrawler from

NOTE: We chose to download LicenseCrawler from FreewareFiles. Softonic has an extra download process you must go through to get the file. I also did a VirusTotal check on their website and the setup file and both came up clean for malware/spyware. The program does show some ads in it when you do a search, but you can disable it easily.

You will get a .zip file from FreewareFiles. LicenseCrawler does not need to be installed. Simply, unzip the file you downloaded and double-click the LicenseCrawler.exe file to run LicenseCrawler.

Retrieve activate key from installed software mac pro

The Select your Language dialog box displays. Select the desired language from the drop-down list and click OK. The LicenseCrawler license dialog box displays. Click Accept to continue.

The selected language and the fact that you accepted the license can be saved into a settings file, if you choose to. To do this, click Yes on the Save Settings dialog box.

Search For License Keys

The LicenseCrawler main window displays. You can choose to search your current machine (Localhost) for license keys or other machines in the same network. To search another machine in the network, click the down arrow on the Computer drop-down list.

The Searching for Computer dialog box displays while LicenseCrawler searches for other machines in the network.

If there are no other machines on the network, an error displays. If other machines are found on the network, they are displayed in the Computer drop-down list. Select a machine from the Computer drop-down list.

NOTE: You will need a valid username and password for the remote machine you select in the network and the ability to access the registry.

You can change the registry path by selecting an option from the drop-down list below the Computer drop-down list. We recommend you leave the registry path as the default, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

To start the search for your license keys, click Search.

Some advertising dialog boxes may display before the search begins. Click Disable this Screen. You can select the Close after time-out check box, instead, to have no more ads display after the countdown is finished.

Once the countdown is finished, you can click OK to close the dialog box.

The keys being searched display in the Searching edit box as the search progresses. When the search is finished, the Searching edit box indicates the search is Done. The number of serial numbers displays below the Searching edit box and the license keys and serials numbers are displayed in the large text box.

You can save the license keys and serial numbers to a plain text file or an encrypted text file. To save an encrypted text file, select Save Encrypted from the File menu.

The Save as dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save the file.

NOTE: The default folder is the LicenseCrawler folder, where the LicenseCrawler.exe file is located. We recommend you save the file in the LicenseCrawler folder. This allows you to easily backup your license keys and serial numbers to an external drive just by copying the LicenseCrawler folder. Then, you can easily access your license keys and serial numbers once you have reinstalled Windows, if needed.

Enter a name for the file in the File name edit box and click Save.

The Save file encrypted dialog box displays. Enter a password in the edit box and click OK. Note that the password displays in clear text.

You see encrypted text in the license keys file when you open it.

To view your license keys in clear text, open LicenseCrawler, if it is not already open. Select Load from the File menu.

The Open File dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder where you saved the text file. Again, the selected folder defaults to the folder containing the LicenseCrawler.exe file. Select the text file and click Open.

On the File Open dialog box that displays, enter the password you assigned to the encrypted text file in the edit box and click OK. The list of license keys and serial numbers displays in the large text box on the LicenseCrawler main window.

You can change the language used in LicenseCrawler by selecting Language from the Tools menu. If you change the language while in the program, you can resave the settings file so the program opens using the newly selected language next time. To do this, select Save Properties from the File menu.

The Save Settings dialog box displays again. Click Yes to save the new settings.

The settings are saved in the LicenseCrawler.ini file in the same folder as the LicenseCrawler.exe file.

If you open the LicenseCrawler.ini file in a text editor, you will notice that the selected language and the fact that you accepted the license agreement are saved in the file.

You can also run LicenseCrawler on the command line. To view the available commands available for use on the command line, select Help from the Help menu.

A dialog box displays listing the available commands and examples of using LicenseCrawler on the command line with the commands. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box to close it.

To close LicenseCrawler, click Exit.

If you don’t want to encrypt the file you save containing your license keys and serial numbers, you can save it as a plain text file. However, if you chose to save your license keys and serial numbers in a plain, unencrypted text file, we recommend you encrypt the data another way to secure your license keys. Enjoy!

There are many backup software on the market and some of them does a really good job in making sure that there is an exact copy of the important files available at the backup drive. Although backing up of files is important, many people forget to backup the Windows product key or third party software license that is installed on their computer. When their computer crashes and had to reinstall everything from scratch, they had to go through the trouble of searching for the license number to activate the software that they’ve purchased. If the license key are misplaced and forgotten, they’d have to contact the software support team and provide them with proof of purchase so that they can reissue the license.

The problem is software licenses aren’t stored in one standard location where you can just copy the whole folder to backup and then paste it back to reactivate all the software. They are stored all over the place either in a form of an external file or a registry key. Fortunately we found 10 software that can scan your computer and recover the lost or forgotten product key licenses so you can back it up in case you need to reactivate them again. Computer technicians can also use these software to help customers recover their software license numbers from non-bootable drive.

1. LicenseCrawler

LicenseCrawler is a portable license recovery tool that is free for private use. It scans the registry area on local and remote computers located at the same network for available serial numbers for Windows, Office and third party applications. The amount of software license that LicenseCrawler can detect is unknown because there is no such information being published at their website or program. Since it is free, you can run it and cross check if it is able to reveal the license for the shareware installed on your computer. Works on all versions of Windows including both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download LicenseCrawler

2. MSKeyViewer Plus

MSKeyViewer Plus is free and portable. Although the name of this tool sounded like it can only view Microsoft key, but it also support Office and third party applications as well. To view the supported applications, run the program, click the About button and followed by clicking the Supported Products button. The list of supported product seems a bit outdated because this program itself was last updated nearly 2 years ago.

Download MSKeyViewer Plus

3. Product Key Finder

Product Key Finder is free but take note of the adware installation when installing this program. It is a very simple program that claims to support over 200 programs but without a detailed listings. Running the program will instantly list all the license number and allows you to backup to a CSV file by clicking the Save button. Only support 32-bit Windows operating system.

Download Product Key Finder

4. Softkey Revealer

Softkey Revealer is free and portable program that is able to support retrieving licenses from a huge list of software which can be found on this page. Other than just depending on the signature that they created, it also seems to list keys with the value username, password, user and etc. The program is very small in size at only 200KB in size and even comes with additional tools to decrypt Adobe encrypted key, removing content advisor password and changing the current Windows key.

Download Softkey Revealer

5. Keyfinder Thing

Keyfinder Thing is probably one of the most popular free tool to help you recover product keys from your computer. It supports a total of 90 software titles which can be viewed from the View > Software List. You can save the results from the File menu. Take note of the installation of adware during setup.

Download Keyfinder Thing

6. Magic Keyfinder 2012

Magic Keyfinder 2012 is actually a shareware but the you can use it for free with a huge limitation where only the first 10 digits of the supported product keys are displayed. The actual amount of supported software are unknown. Other than using their database signature, you can also use the deep scan where it detects a certain keywords and determine that it is a possible license key. During testing, only 5 digits from our Windows 7 product keys are being displayed.

Download Magic Keyfinder 2012

7. Product Key Viewer

Product Key Viewer is a shareware that supports retrieving license key over 1000 applications from your computer. Only the Pro and Tech version will report activation keys for third party applications. The Lite version will only locate the Windows and Office product keys. You can test Product Key Viewer to identify what software is being identified on your computer for free except the data are being partially hidden.

Download Product Key Viewer

8. Product Key Finder by Top Password

The name of this software is exactly the same as the one listed under number 3 except this is a shareware that cost $17.95 and developed under a different company called Top Password. The amount of supported software is unknown but the official webpage did mention Windows, Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Visual Studio, VMWare, Adobe and many other products. The results are displayed instantly upon scanning. It supports scanning the current system, remote system or even on non-booting systems. Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Download Product Key Finder by Top Password

9. Product Key Explorer

Product Key Explorer is a shareware that cost $29.50 that supports more than 4000 software and games as well. You can view the complete list of supported products at this page. You can scan both local and remote computers with the built-in option to use a different login credentials. The results can be saved to an external file or a registry file.

Retrieve Activate Key From Installed Software Mac Download

Download Product Key Explorer

10. Recover Keys

Recover Keys is developed by the same company as KeyFinder Thing except that this is their shareware version that supports over 3000 software titles including games. It cost $24.95 to unlock the program or else it will only show the first 4 characters of the license number. It also comes with advanced features to scan multiple computers through IP range or manually selecting the computers that is available on the network.

Download Recover Keys

Editor’s Note: After testing the 10 product key recovery software above, the software that stood out in the tests are LicenseCrawler and Recover Keys. Both of this tool managed to retrieve additional licenses that weren’t detected on the other 8. Although some of the software claims to support recovering license keys from more than a few thousands software, it is possible that the software installed on your computer is not in the list. You can definitely make a request by contact them to include it in their database.

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Belarc Advisor – try this software ,it is absolutely free and you can easly get your system details including windows key !!!!!!!!

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“Editor’s Note: After testing the 10 product key recovery software above, the software that stood out in the tests are LicenseCrawler and Recover Key”

I tried those two programs.
The presentation of the results is 10 times better in ‘Recover Key’, so I purchased that.
(BitsDuJour is selling it at 40% off for the next 2 hours)


Dear sir, I have forgotten my software’s last 5digit Serial number. How could i recover those 5 digit serial right now i have the remaining serial number. Software Name is Vakia from ICS products Salem
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SterJo Key Finder is better and it reveals lots of keys. Also its free unlike some of those mention here.
Here is the link of the website:


Tax software form 1041 for mac. thanks!!

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Retrieve Activate Key From Installed Software Mac 2017


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Retrieve Activate Key From Installed Software Mac Free

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This tool is pretty handy if one needed to reformat their PCs incase of things might go wrong. Anyway, good post. Keep it up! Regards.


While this is a useful utility, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft’s take on it is.


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