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  1. Macbook Pro Mail Settings

Jun 26, 2019  To reset the Mail app so it starts syncing your mail again, go to Settings System Apps & features. Now, scroll down until your find Mail and Calendar. Click on it and then Advanced Options. Dec 12, 2013  To restore your email from Mozy to Apple’s Mail application: Restore the entire /Library/Mail folder to your Desktop. Go to File Import Mailboxes. Choose mbox files and click Continue. Navigate to your restored /Library/Mail folder and click Choose, then Import. Mail should then import the mbox files stored in the Mailboxes folder.

Windows 10 includes the Mail app as one of its default built-in apps, and it’s a really good app if you’re looking for a simple email client. The app comes with all the basic features you need, including support for Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, POP and IMAP accounts.

However, there will be times when you may come across some issues, such as emails not syncing, problems opening the app, adding new email accounts, and certain settings not working. While the problem usually can be traced to a misconfiguration of an account, it could also be an issue with the Mail app itself.

If you’re having syncing and other issues with the built-in Mail app, you could use PowerShell to uninstall and reinstall the email app using the Store, but this could be a tedious process for everyday users. Thankfully, Windows 10 now includes a reset option to fix any issues with the app without needing to reinstall them.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to reset the Mail app on Windows 10 to fix any issues.

How to reset Windows 10’s Mail and Calendar app

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Devices.

  3. Click on Apps & features. Samsung galaxy tab mac software.

  4. Select Mail and Calendar, and click the Advanced options link.

  5. Click the Reset button.

  6. Click the Reset button again to confirm and complete the task.


Macbook Pro Mail Settings

Once you completed the steps, the reset process will permanently delete the app’s data and preferences for the Mail and Calendar app, which hopefully will fix issues when the app is not working, crashing, not opening, or when it won’t sync your emails.