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Once in awhile I get these recovered photobooth folders in my trash bin, I usually choose to emtpy the trash when I see this but I don't understand what's causing this to happen.
Right now there are two folders in my trash bin, one called Recovered Files and Recovered files#1
In Recovered Files lies a bunch of folders that start with while in Recovered Fiels#1 is just a folder called plugtmp with some document in it called simply 'S'.
I'm assuming these are unimportant and I can just delete them but I'd like to know if I'm wrong before I do.

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  1. Dec 07, 2014  With this step complete, your last step is to restore your old Mail preferences file, which contains the information about the accounts and mailboxes you had configured when the backup of your Mail folder was created. Restoring this file will ensure Mail will find all of the messages you recovered, and not overlook any mailboxes.
  2. Mar 18, 2020  Hi Forum, I'm finding more and more folders called 'Recovered Messages' in Mail on my Macs with macOS 10.14. Some of these folders have hundreds of mails in them. All of these mails are mails that I have deleted at one point before (meaning that they are being 'recovered' from the Trash.
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The message store location depending on Mac Mail application version and edition. How to Find and Open the Folder Where Mac Mail Stores Emails Do the following to find and open the folder where Mac OS X Mail v2, v3, v4 and above keeps your messages: Open a new Finder window.