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Nov 12, 2019  Locking or putting your Mac to sleep from the Apple Menu If you prefer to use the Apple Menu to keyboard combinations, you can choose either the sleep or the lock option from the Apple Menu. You can always find the Apple menu in the upper left of your Mac screen, scrolling down to select either Sleep or Lock Screen. Available on the Mac App Store for 99p here, this little utility will prevent your Mac from going to sleep. Amphetamine A free download from the Mac App Store here, Amphetamine keeps your Mac.

Cell Standby App

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts can go a long way towards improving your productivity since they reduce how much time you spend mousing instead of typing. Once place people donit think about using keyboard shortcuts, however, is shutting down or putting your Mac to sleep. Here are some keyboard shortcuts you can use when itis time to do something that doesnit involve your Mac:

What is a good free recording software for mac. Jun 11, 2020  Part 1: Best free screen recorders for Mac. It is a free and open source screen recorder on Mac that is used to record video and live streaming. One of the best screen recorder for. Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Dec 21, 2018  Another free screen recording software for Mac is Jing by Techsmith that has been very popular on the market for a long time. This program is very simple and easy to use that are the pillars of its popularity. It comes with a movable sun icon that can be placed anywhere on your display, which enables you to easily utilize its function. Mac Screen Recorder Studio contains all of the editing features necessary to contend with the top screen recording software on the market, but its interface is tricky to use and would be best suited to someone with prior video editing experience. Jun 24, 2020  The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software. Camtasia is a tool to record and create professional-looking videos on your Mac device. Use can use this software for making video tutorials, video lessons, YouTube videos, demo videos, and more. Features: You can record webcam and screen, and presentation.

  • Control-Eject This keyboard shortcut opens the Shutdown dialog. From here, you can choose to shutdown, restart, or put your Mac to sleep.

  • The Mac OS X Shutdown dialog offers sleep and restart options, too.
  • Command-Option-Eject Hold these keys down for a few seconds to put your Mac to sleep without opening a confirmation dialog.
  • Command-Option-Control-Eject This fist full of keys gracefully shuts down your Mac while giving you the option to save any open documents.
  • Power button If your Macis power button is in easy reach, press it once to open the Shutdown dialog.

Of course, you can also choose Shutdown, Restart, or Sleep from the Apple menu, but itis always nice to have options.

Put On Standby

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