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  • Thank you, The Power BI team 2. Regarding the multi select: The user can do multi select in the app. By default it is disabled, he/she needs to go to the options menu and disable “single selection” mode. After disabling this it will do multi select by default (without holding the “ctrl” key) and allow the user to multi select in the app.
  • Jan 15, 2019  Want to run Power BI on a mac? We look at what your options are to get Power BI Desktop running on your mac. You have a few choices. Ideas: Power BI Designer for Mac https://ideas.powerbi.com.

Microsoft's update last month for Power BI Desktop brought new default themes, performance improvements for multi-dimensional and DirectQuery models, and plenty more. Later in the same month, the tech giant released a new version for Power BI on-premises data gateway, bringing it more in line with the changes introduced to the desktop version.

With the Power BI Desktop you can visually explore your data through a free-form drag-and-drop canvas, a broad range of modern data visualizations, and an easy-to-use report authoring experience. Advanced download options. Microsoft Power BI Mobile. Access your data anywhere, anytime. These native apps provide live, interactive.

Now, Microsoft has unveiled a feature summary for the October update to Power BI Desktop. The highlights this month include automatic page refreshing for DirectQuery, a complete Q&A revamp, general availability for some new connectors, and the introduction of Query Diagnostics. There are also a bunch of other updates having to do with new visuals, a new file format, and performance improvements.

The complete list of new features below offers an overview of all that is new this month:

  • Reporting
    • Automatic page refresh for DirectQuery (preview)
  • Analytics
    • The new Q&A visual
    • Improved user experience for Q&A
      • Improved drop-down control
      • Red/Blue underlines
      • Improved visual results
    • Natural Language improvements for Q&A
      • Integration with office/Bing thesaurus
      • Support for measure tables & better handling of table names and ambiguity
      • Row label and synonyms support inside Modelling pane
    • Q&A tooling (Preview)
      • Review questions
      • Teach Q&A
      • Review all changes made
    • Support for SSAS and Azure AS including RLS
  • Visualizations
    • PowerApps visual is now included by default
    • New xViz visuals
      • Hierarchical Variance Table
      • Linear Gauge
      • Tag Cloud
  • Data connectivity
    • Sagra Emigo connector generally available
    • Azure Cost Management connector updated
    • New Workplace Analytics connector
  • Data Preparation
    • Query diagnostics
    • Data profiling enhancements
  • Template Apps
    • Project Web App
  • Other
    • New file format: .pbids
    • Performance improvements for modeling operations

For those interested in checking out some of the major new features in a bit more detail, the video below has been provided:

Microsoft has also continued its tradition of recommending recently released template apps, a process that began with the August update for the desktop variant of the service. Last month, the featured one was 'Google Analytics report'. This month, the Power BI team has highlighted Microsoft's own 'Project Web App' which focuses on the visualization of reports. Built using the Project Web App data connector, the report model particularly targets project, portfolio, and resource managers. It contains 13 report pages for this purpose, supporting various management needs. You can download the template app here, and install it directly in the Power BI service, setting its parameters to your PWA website URL.

As far as performance improvements to Power BI Desktop are concerned, the Analysis Service engine has been enhanced to speed up modeling operations - which include the adding of measures, creating of relationship operations, and more -, as long as certain conditions are met. Up to 20x performance improvements have been noted during testing, though of course, the actual improvements may significantly vary based on the type of model and operations being performed.

You can download the latest version of Power BI Desktop here, and vote for more features you would like to see for the desktop variant of the data analytics service here.


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Power Bi For Mac

Power Bi Desktop App For Mac

Power BI Premium provides dedicated capacity to deliver more consistent performance. It also supports larger data volumes in Power BI. For individual users, Premium enables widespread distribution of content by Pro users and it doesn't require per-user Pro licenses for recipients viewing the content. This means that consumers can collaborate with colleagues and view and interact with dashboards, reports, and apps that have been shared with them.

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Does Power BI support mobile devices?

Yes. Power BI has native apps for Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, and Windows 10 devices. Download one of the Power BI mobile apps from its respective store:

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How do I undo in Power BI?

Like many other Microsoft services and software, Power BI provides an easy way to undo your last command.

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