Polar Protrainer 5 Software For Mac

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Polar Protrainer Heart Rate Monitor user reviews: 3.2 out of 5 - 14 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.com. Polar ProTrainer is a program to keep track of your training and heart rate. It´s purpose is to serve as a planning tool that can later transfer its parameters to any Polar series wrist unit, a device that can read your heart frequency, control your training time and more.

Nov 06, 2012  After using Polar for heart rate training for so many years and loving their Polar ProTrainer 5.0 software and watching them do a nose-dive into Nokia-no-man’s-land, I have given up on Polar and now have been using the web interface and connectivity of my Garmin devices and Garmin Connect (4 of 10 especially since the new modern interface.

Applies to: Polar ProTrainer 5™

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Polar ProTrainer 5 is a stand-alone training analysis software for Windows PC. You use it with your Polar heart rate monitor. ProTrainer 5 allows you to plan and store your training, review and analyse your results, create reports, and get performance details. The features available in the software depend on your Polar heart rate monitor.
Minimum System requirements for Polar ProTrainer 5 and Polar ProTrainer 5 Equine edition

  • Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (can be installed also on Windows 10, however, full support is not provided)
  • IrDA supported internal or external IR port
  • 50 MB hard-disk space

Size: 27,8 Mt

Polar Protrainer 5 Equine edition

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Size: 24,4 Mt

Polar Protrainer 5 Download

Polar ProTrainer 5 is not supported e.g. for Mac or Linux.

Polar heart rate monitors you can use with ProTrainer 5

  • Polar CS600X
  • Polar RS800CX

The software also works with these old products, which Polar Service no longer supports:

  • Polar CS400
  • Polar CS600
  • Polar RS800
  • Polar AXN500
  • Polar AXN700
  • Polar RS400
  • Polar S410
  • Polar S510 / S520
  • Polar S610 / S610i
  • Polar S710 / S710i / S720i
  • Polar S625X
  • Polar S725 / S725X
  • Polar S810 / S810i
  • Polar Team System​
Polar Protrainer 5 Software For Mac
Founded in 1995, Polar is a software engineering company that has since developed and marketed wide scope of quality software products. Today, Polar's core business is service support software. For the past 4 years, Polar has focused to service support applications resulting in companyâ??s new flagship product--Polar Service Desk. The software is intended to help middle and large-sized organizations in establishing, automating and managing ITIL compliant customer care centers in order to provide efficient IT support to their employees and customers.

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  • Add a spelling checker to all your applications.
  • Enable data encryption functionality in your applications.
  • Manage and organize your support departments with various features.
  • Compress and decompress your files with customizable source codes.
  • web-based help desk for small businesses
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