Nox App Player Mac Review

Nox App Player Mac Review Average ratng: 3,6/5 1897 reviews

Name: Nox Player

Nox App Player Mac Review

Jul 12, 2017  Download the Nox App Player app and install it on your PC. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once the software is up and running on your computer, you’ll be able to start searching.

Description: Nox player for PC is an android emulator. Emulators are useful for the Installation of and running android apps on PC. The software is built by Nox digital entertainment company. Which has been rated as the best by most users? The software runs games without crashes, bugs or viruses. The app is compatible with over 90% of the games available.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Application Category: Utility

Author: Bignox

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Nox Player is one of the best emulator for pc or Mac. Plays over 90 percent of games and apps will run without lag.


It is known to be ahead of the competition in terms of usability, interface, and speed.


There is fear of crypto miner, malware, viruses and bugs associated with the app from some users. You may not necessarily count on personal data protection.

Features of the NOX Player


Just like you have the volume control on your phone this the app allows to add or reduce the volume of your app or games. It has two icons. One for adding volume and the other for reducing.

Print Screen

You may print your screen by using the PrtScn button. You may expand the menu bar by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of the displayed menu.

Cleanup feature

The feature allows you to create more space by closing background processes.


This is used if you wish to specify where cracked hashes are written to. This is to ensure recovered hashes do not flood command prompt.

Customization of settings

You can tailor-make performance settings from the system setting icon, advanced settings This app is praised for speed in comparison with the rest in the market. You can control the speed assign memory, graphics cores and ram as you may want depending on what you want to do with the app.

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Macro Recorder

When you click on record, you are able to record mouse clicks, keyboard clicks, and slides. It also saves the script automatically to your current list.

Expandable screen

You may choose to use full screen by clicking on the right-hand top corner icon and get it back by pressing the escape key on your keyboard.


You can change the theme by clicking on the icon with the shape of a t-shirt on top of the screen.

How to install and use in pc

You may download Nox player or PC developer’s website for the latest version. You can either download an app for windows or mac. You can also download from other websites that include or, you will get a general description of the app and technical requirements.

  • Click on the download button go to set up file.
  • Click on save the file. You will get a Nox set up button saved on your computer.
  • Click on it to allow it to make changes to your computer.
  • It may prompt you to enable Virtualization technology then waits for a few minutes.

How to use Nox Player for Pc

Once you have the app you have all the basic tools of android and ready to ply your games. You may search for your choice of movie or software from Google where you can choose and download it to your pc.

The menu is on the right-hand side. By placing your mouse over the icons you will get information about each. You can choose to use it on a full screen. There are a lot of options that include a screenshot, record, adjust the light.

Cautions and recommendations


You can use a keyboard, mouse or joystick to play your games. The app rates highly on performance. You can adjust your volume


Like any other app takes the necessary measures on security. While the developers and some users give it a clean bill of health, others have detected and malware that comes with the software. It is also argued that it a Chinese software and there is no such law on the use or sale of personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the minimum requirements?

To download Nox Player for PC. You should at least 2GB Ram, 2.2GHz processor, and 1GB graphic cards are recommended.


What is new in Nox

There have been changes in interface settings, the new version has an Optimized multi-instance manager, macro recorder. Improved compatibility and performance. It also has a new interface button and an independent back up button. The interface adjustment and new features that include emulator window features.

How does Nox player make money?

They make money on referrals for the installation of software and games. Since they are based in China where there are no strong data laws they may collect peoples data that they sell to advertisers who in turn target you with adverts that suit your taste

Nox App Player Download For Mac

What help options are available?

When you run into system problem you may troubleshoot by checking the memory, virtualization technology, whether the Nox version is the latest, android version. You can get help from the company website. In case you cannot solve through the manuals you may email [email protected]

How do you uninstall Nox?

From windows go to control panel, program, and features and uninstall just like any other software. Please note when you just delete the program folders since the registry keys will be left. Earlier versions had an install feature on the app which is no longer there.

Popular alternatives of Nox Player

Blue stack

Blue stack is the main alternative and competitor to Nox emulator and allows the use of keyboard, gamepad. You can use it for free with ads or pay some money to play without ads.


This android emulator that comes with antivirus and malware software? It is best run with 3GB of RAM. In addition, it has free packages for individuals but for companies, they have sale packages. It also allows the use of a smartphone as a controller.

KO player

The main focus of this emulator is gaming and has the capacity to record games played. One can use a keyboard and mouse to control.

Menu play

Is a freeware with Compatible with android 5.1 and can use keyboard, mouse or gamepad. You can play multiple apps simultaneously

You wave

This is not a free software but you allowed 10 day period to try before purchasing. This Like Nox player for Pc where you can run app stores and android apps on PC. It was designed to run android apps. You may choose the payment options and pay through Google wallet.

Download Nox Player App

Droid 4X

Is yet another emulator that flips easily between android OS and windows? It is possible to remotely control Droid 4X remotely from your smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not provided in most regions. The emulator may be locked by sleep mode on windows 10 and you have to restart.

Nox App Player For Mac Review


Nox App Player Mac Reviews

For those who prefer the convenience of using phone apps on pc or playing games more comfortably, Nox player for PC will work for you very well. With the promise of speed, good interface and less strain on your battery you will enjoy your view. The main concern on the app is data security.