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To move pictures and movies from your Nikon D3500 to your computer, you need some type of software to download, view, and manage the files. If you don’t have a favorite photo program for handling these tasks, Nikon offers the following free software solutions:

  • Nikon ViewNX-i: Shown below, the Nikon ViewNX-i program offers basic photo organizing and editing tools. In addition, a tool built into the program, Nikon Transfer, simplifies the job of sending pictures from a memory card or your camera to your computer.

    Your program may not initially look like the one you see above because the screen layout was customized. You can do the same via the options on the View and Window menus after opening the program.

    Two ViewNX-I features you’ll want to check out are as follows:

    • Viewing picture settings (metadata): You can display a panel that shows the settings you used when shooting the picture. The settings are stored as metadata (extra data) in each picture’s file. Although other photo programs can display some metadata, they often can’t show all the detailed information that you can see in ViewNX-i.

      Don’t see the panel? Open the Window menu at the top of the program window and choose Adjustments/Metadata. You may then need to click the triangle labeled Click to hide/display shooting data to expand the panel. One other note: You can toggle between the full list of metadata and a small graphic that contains just the basics. (The graphic looks similar to the Information screen displayed on the camera.) Click the button labeled Click to view minimal shooting data to switch between the two views.

    • Displaying focus points: Click the button labeled Display focus point to display one or more red rectangles on the photo. The rectangle(s) indicate which focus point (or points) the camera used to establish focus, which can be helpful for troubleshooting focus problems. If the focus point is over your subject but the subject is blurry, the cause is likely not due to focusing at all, but to subject or camera movement during a too-long exposure (slow shutter speed). You don’t see the focus point if you used manual focusing, and it also may not appear if you used continuous autofocusing.

Nikon ViewNX-i also contains some photo-editing tools; access them by clicking the Edit tab near the top-left corner of the program window. For more sophisticated editing tools, use Nikon Capture NX-D, described next. You can send the current photo directly to that program from ViewNX-i by clicking the Capture NX-D icon that appears with the other icons along the top of the program window. Or open the File menu and choose Open with Capture NX-D.

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Nikon D750 Review

  • Nikon Capture NX-D: Shown below, this program offers pro-level photo-editing tools, including a good Raw processing tool. You also can view camera metadata in this program. Click the tabs to toggle the panel display between the Information tab, which displays shooting data, and the Editing tabs, which contain editing tools.

Nov 15, 2019  Nikon D3300 Review. Among the most significant video camera announcements at 2014’s Consumer Electronic devices Program might well have actually been the little Nikon D3300 and also it’s retractable 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Virtual Reality II lens. It may not shoot 4K video or provide a bent LCD (those shows are everything about the tech fads) yet it does stand for the future generation of Nikon. Connect your Nikon camera to a compatible smart device. The Wireless Mobile Utility app connects Nikon’s first generations of Wi-Fi ® enabled cameras–whether built-in or using the WU-1a or WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter–to compatible iPhone ®, iPad ®. Nov 16, 2019  Nikon D750 Software For Mac OS: Download: Firmware. This is firmware apply for Nikon D750 Collection (4in1). Nikon recommends downloading and install and also establish and likewise mount in addition to analyzing the f/w upgrade testimonial before. Jul 16, 2018  I recently acquired a D750 and found that the Nikon ViewNX 2 software will not install on my Mac (OS X 10.12). The computer does not have an SD reader, either. Even if I did try to use an external SD reader, I believe I will need the Nikon software, which does not install (hangs on 'Additional Installation' indefinitely).

Like ViewNX-i, Capture NX-D can display the focus point or points used to set focus when you took the picture. Toggle the focus point display on and off by opening the program’s Image menu and then selecting Show Focus Point.

You can download both programs from the Nikon website. Head for the Support section of the website, where you’ll find a link to camera software. Be sure to download the latest versions. You’ll need to use ViewNX-i Version 1.3.0 and NX-D is Version 1.5.0. Older versions of the software lack support for D3500 files. Also make sure that your computer meets the software operating-system requirements. (The program is available for both Windows-based and Mac computers.)

Nikon D750 Firmware Version

Getting help with Nikon software

For years, you could access a built-in user manual via the Help menu found in Nikon’s photo programs. But things work differently now: You can go online and download a copy of the user manual or simply check the online help pages for answers. (You might want to download a copy of the manual so that you don’t need an active Internet connection to get help.)

To take advantage of these options the first time, you do need to be online. When your Internet browser is up and running, launch the Nikon program whose Help system you want to access. In that program, open the Help menu and then choose Help from menu. Your browser then displays a window that offers two options: Click Go to Help Site to jump to the program’s pages at the Nikon website or click Get PDF Manual to download the instruction manual. The manual is provided in the PDF format (Portable Document Format), so you can read it in Adobe Acrobat (available free from the Adobe website) or any program that can display PDF documents.


Nikon D610 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D610 Software – The Nikon D610 is a full-frame digital SLR camera with a 24.3-megapixel FX structure detector, 39-point AF system, 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion plus a glass prism optical viewfinder with 100% frame coverage. The brand new D610 is equal to the prior D600 version besides three brand new capabilities.

Now it can take a burst string at 6fpsup from the D600’s 5.5fps speed, and it delivers a Quiet Release Burst mode which lowers the noise of this camera’s mirror reunite mechanism while shooting 3fps. Nikon also has chosen the opportunity to enhance the auto balance method, which produces more precise color in artificial light and much more realistic skin tones.

Nikon D750 Software For Mac Download

Nikon D610 Software Review

No EXPEED 4 to the D610 that is only for the Nikon D5300 Right Now. As stated before, this permits a continuous shooting rate of 6fps. But when a Continuous Quiet style is used the maximum speed drops to 3fps and the appeared is dampened. Additionally, sensitivity might be set from the native array of ISO 100-6400 with expansion configurations carrying this to ISO 50-25600. As before, there is a 2,016 RGB detector, which gathers data to notify the Automatic Scene Recognition system that’s utilized by both the Metering and White equilibrium systems to help get proper exposure and color.

Nikon D750 Software For Mac

Ever since that time, the business has also released the Nikon D750, and it will be a step up concerning attributes and contains a flip-out display. We have upgraded our decision to incorporate this camera, which means you’re able to work out which version is ideal for you. See Also Driver Nikon Coolpix P500

I obtained a sample unit that the day that the camera became available and now that I have yet another one in its way for extra testing. I aimed to examine at least two samples of this D610 to be sure the dust problem is fully addressed. Considering that the Nikon D610 is precisely the same camera like the D600 minus the newest camera mechanism as well as also the minor changes mentioned previously, I shall re-post the majority of the info in my current review of this Nikon D600. If you’re here to read about my evaluation of the camera mechanism and whether or not it handles the dust issue, please proceed straight to page two of the review.

Nikon D610 Software Download & Installing

Download Nikon D610 – camera drivers and software for Windows operating systems and Macintosh operating systems. Next, you have to stick to the step-by-step directions for installing applications, to ensure maximum results are attained, for the dangers that occur when installing we aren’t liable because we’ve tried the setup initially and the outcomes are powerful.

Ios app development on mac from unity. Swift 5 on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and 18.04. Unzip the. Download the latest release from. Swift 4.1 on Windows 10 via the unofficialHere’s how you can run Swift code on Linux:.

Directions for installing Software the “ViewNX-i” in Nikon D610 Software for Windows and Macintosh

  1. add or create a folder on your hard drive and name it as you wish.
  2. Click Accept – Download and save the file to the folder created at Step 1.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete this installation process.
Software For Windows (10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista32/XP)318 MB
Software For Mac (OS X 10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7)170 MB

Directions for installing Software the “Capture NX-D” & “ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D” for Windows and Macintosh

how to install on windows

  1. Make a new folder with a proper name onto your computer’s hard disk drive.
  2. Download Software into the folder created in step 1.
  3. Run Software to start this application installer.
  4. Adhere to the onscreen instructions to correctly Finish the installation.

Nikon D750 Manual

how to install on Macintosh

  1. Download Software Camera.
  2. Double-click Software Camera the Icon to mount the disc image tagged, A document titled according to download,
  3. then exit Welcome will be generated within the disc image.
  4. Run Welcome to start this application installer. Adhere to the onscreen instructions to correctly
  5. Finish the installation.
Software For Windows (10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista32/XP)338 MB
Software For Mac (OS X 10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7)125 MB

See Also Nikon D610 Firmware Updates

Software For Windows (10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista32/XP)381 MB
Software For Mac (OS X 10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7)219 MB
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