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Find where you want to go

Maps can show you the exact location of the restaurant, park, business, or vista point you want to visit.

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Let Maps be your guide

  • Powerful in-app (offline) route editor. Our in-app route editor was built upon more than a decade of experience in the route-editing industry. Enjoy working with tools optimized for your mobile device. Premium map and routing. Confidently travel to every corner of the world with our maps. Download maps without restraint: ranging from your local.
  • The following are available after in-app purchase. Add more than 5 places per route, weather and elevation charts/custom routes, voice navigation, iCloud sync, export, layovers, advanced route search.

My Route App For Mac Windows 10

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See your route with every street name, turn, and landmark along the way. Maps can show you the fastest way to get where you’re going, along with time and mileage estimates.

Find out the current traffic conditions and arrive on time

You can show traffic conditions in Maps so that you can plan the best route and leave enough travel time.

To browse the Maps User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

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Maps User Guide

My Route App For Mac Download

You can save routes and locations so you can refer to them later.

My route app for mac free

Save directions

My Route App For Mac Computer

  1. In the Maps app on your Mac, click Directions (or use the Touch Bar), then enter a starting and ending location.

  2. Choose Edit > Add to Favorites.

Save a location

  1. In the Maps app on your Mac, scroll the map until you see the pin that marks the location you want to save.

  2. Click the location’s pin, then click the Info button (or use the Touch Bar).

    If the location doesn’t have a pin, choose Edit > Drop Pin, then click the Info button .

  3. Click the Favorites button.

    You may have to scroll to the bottom of the window to see this option.

Show favorite locations on the map

My Route App For Mac Free

  1. In the Maps app on your Mac, click in the search field, then click Favorites.

  2. Click Favorites in the sidebar.

    To show a favorite location on the map, click the location in the sidebar to drop a pin. To get directions to that location, click the pin, click the Info button , then click Directions in the top-left corner of the Info window. You can also use the Touch Bar to get directions to a location.

Delete a favorite location

  1. In the Maps app on your Mac, click in the search field, click Favorites, then click Favorites in the sidebar.

  2. Click Edit, then click next to the favorite you want to remove.

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