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Intelli Innovations has updated their e-mail merge program, IntelliMerge, to version 1.2.5. The new version allows users to easily handle the process of creating and sending a customized document to a large number of people, and adds improved support for both Microsoft Entourage and Outlook Express. According to Intelli Innovations:

Mail Merge Apps For Mac Free

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 1.2.5, a new update to our dynamic e-mail merge software for the Mac. This update adds support for attachments, recipient import from Microsoft Entourage and Outlook Express, and improved HTML support.

IntelliMerge 1.2.5 Release Notes

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Mail Merge On A Mac

  • [New] IntelliMerge now supports file attachments. Use the Attachments button to add and remove them to your message (you can also drag & drop files on the Attachments button or in the selection window).
  • [New] Recipient import has been rewritten from scratch. Now supports first+last name field merging, faster imports, and a built-in Address Book importer for Microsoft Entourage and Outlook Express.
  • [Chg] The equal sign is now converted to quoted-printable format (RFC 2045; MIME Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies). Despite the odd appearance of equal signs when reading the source of the message, this is both the standard and the practice for all commercial e-mail clients.
  • [Chg] Rather than always putting names for the From and To fields in quotes, IntelliMerge now checks for international characters first (after it encodes them) and only puts names with these characters in quotes.
  • [Bug] Inserting tags into HTML messages now works properly when clicking (not dragging) the e-mail address field.
  • [Bug] Saving the same document multiple times no longer causes the file to disappear into oblivion.
  • [Bug] MIME boundaries now correctly signal the end of the final section. This means that HTML messages can now be displayed properly on less forgiving e-mail programs (Outlook Express for Windows, Netscape for Mac/Windows, etc.)
  • [Bug] No longer has trouble importing some kinds of delimited text (thanks to a rewrite of the entire feature).
  • [FYI] If you want to send an HTML message with no text/plain alternative (therefore skipping MIME), you can now paste the HTML into the field for plain text mode. As long as the first line is has the HTML tag, IntelliMerge will figure that out and set the message to send as text/html.

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IntelliMerge is available for US$59.95. You can find more information at the Intelli Innovations Web site.