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Jun 11, 2020  1. Appetize is a browser-based iPhone emulator for PC to run iOS apps on Windows and Mac without installing any program. It emulates iPhones ranging from iPhone 4s to iPhone 11 pro, with more being added as they are released.

  1. Mac Software Emulator For Windows 10
  2. Mac Software Emulator For Windows 10
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Choosing to use a Mac doesn’t mean you have to leave behind Windows OS and all of the software. You can set up a dual-boot system to run both in parallel, or use a Windows emulator for Mac. In fact, if you have to deal with various platforms then a Mac would even be a great choice.

Download BlueStacks for Windows and Mac. Enjoy over 1 Million Top Android Games with the best app player for PC. Windows 64 Bit. The installer automatically detects the Operating System your device is running and chooses the right version of BlueStacks. Apr 24, 2016 This is where a Windows emulator for Mac comes in handy, allowing us to seamlessly use windows-only apps on Mac. There are in fact many windows emulator for mac easily available, some are good and some are not as good. The best thing about most virtualization and emulation tools is that software like antivirus or firewall on your mac works fine. Apr 30, 2020  #5 Virtual Box. Virtual Box has been one of the most famous emulators and I not only talking about Windows Emulator but even for Mac Emulator for Windows 10/8/7 and even other OS like Linux and Android. It is open-source, free virtualization software that works great as a Windows emulator on Mac. Even though it is free, it does everything that other paid Windows emulators can and you even.

With powerful hardware, Mac computers can run any operating system flawlessly. Using Mac computers is also the only way to run (legally) Windows, macOS, and Linux. That’s obviously one of the advantages.

For those of you who are looking for an easy way to run Windows on your Mac, just keep reading and I will show you everything you need right below.

macOS does have built-in support for Windows called Boot Camp. This feature let you turn your Mac into a dual-boot system with both macOS and Windows installed on it. But if you just need to get Windows up and use a particular application, using a Windows emulator will be a better solution and save a lot of hassle.

In this article, I’m going to show you the list of best Windows emulators (FREE & PAID) that I have used and had good experiences with. Just scroll down, learn about them and choose a good one for your Mac!

1. Parallels Desktop

Parallels is the virtual machine software that lets you run Windows on your Mac without rebooting and use Windows applications like they are native to Mac or PC. It also supports plenty of other operating systems such as Chromium, Android, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

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Parallels gives you several ways to run Windows. You can clone an existing computer by using the “Transfer Windows from a PC”, or install a fresh version from Microsoft. If you’ve used Boot Camp before, you can reuse this existing Boot Camp installation. Parallels also allows you to purchase and download original Windows ISO file right from within the program.

What I love the most about Parallels is its Coherence, which is a view mode that allows you to run Windows apps on your Mac, as though they were native Mac applications.

Under the Coherence mode, you can run Windows apps directly from the Mac Dock and easily switch between both your Windows and Mac apps without managing two separate desktops or rebooting.

Another key feature of Parallels is the ability to install and let users play Windows games. Note that it’s just a virtual software, so using Parallels would be ideal for playing certain games casually or games that don’t require a lot of powerful processing. If you want to try big games that are graphically intensive, I recommend Boot Camp.

2. VMWare Fusion

VMWare Fusion & Parallels do fundamentally the same thing, but they have some differences in features, performance & user subscriptions.

Parallels calls their windowed mode support “Coherence”, while in VMware Fusion it’s called “Unity”. There are some minor differences between the ways that each program handles these modes, but they work in essentially the same way. They both allow you to run Windows apps on your Mac desktop so you can copy, paste between Windows and Mac apps, move and resize them.

About the performance of these two Windows emulators, TekRevue has benchmarked both of them and VirtualBox – the virtual machine I will show you right below. And according to LifeHacker, Parallels tends to do best in CPU-related tests, while VMware does best in graphic-related tests.

When it comes to the costs, both VMware Fusion & Parallels have the same price tag of $79.99 for an annual license. The difference? Well, Parallels is licensed on a per Mac basis while Fusion is licensed per user. So if you have multiple Macs, VMware Fusion would be the best bet.

3. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is another Windows emulator for Mac but unlike Parallels and VMware, it’s open source software and completely free.

With VirtualBox, the set-up process of virtual machines is more tricky than two commercial competitors above. You’ll need to tweak a bunch of system settings, including how many processor cores & how much memory the virtual machine gets. Then, you’ll need an installation disc, USB drive, or ISO file (you can download to your Mac) to install from.

In terms of features and performance, it’s also not as polished as VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. The windowed mode of VirtualBox named Seamless Mode hasn’t worked with Windows 10 yet. And it has no feature that allows you to open up individual Windows apps from the dock. That means you’ll have to launch the virtual machine manually before using your Windows apps.

However, if you just want a Windows emulator that can run some simple Windows apps on your Mac, a free service like VirtualBox may suit your needs. There are many tutorials on how to set up a virtual machine with VirtualBox out there so I don’t think it’ll be a big hassle. You can give it a try before considering VMware or Parallels.

4. WineBottler

WineBottler is not a virtual machine application but it can provide you with an easy way to wrap a Windows application into something that will run natively on OS X. This is an ideal solution if you just need to run one application and don’t really want to mess with all other stuff.

Once you’ve installed WineBottler, you can choose a program from the list within the app. WineBottler will then automatically download, install, and configure the program for you.

If you can’t find the program you want, you can download the .exe file of the program and open it by right-clicking on it and selecting Open With > Wine. You can then either execute the .exe file directly or choose to create the .app file for Mac and install.

Mac os emulator for windows

Note that WineBottler doesn’t work well with some Windows applications. In this case, it may crash or not run at all.

5. Windows Emulator: CrossOver

CrossOver is another commercial choice for running Windows on Mac. It works just in the same way as WineBottler. It is proprietary software with out-of-the-box support for many commercial Windows applications like MS Office, Adobe Lightroom, DirectX, etc.

You can also use this software to play some popular Windows games such as Counter-Strike, Diablo, StarCraft,… CrossOver will be a better choice than WineBottler for professionals and organizations. Its licenses start at $39.95.

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Are you searching for the best Android emulators for PC? Then this tutorial helps to find the best Android emulator on your PC. This guide provides topmost Android emulators which are listed below. Lots of Android emulators are available in the internet market. So it is very difficult to find the best Android emulator on your PC. Some of the Android emulators are not supporting your PC Windows version and also not work very well on your PC. So we need to find the best Android solution to supporting your PC version.

Some of the android emulators are catching up instantly fast. We provide full information about the best Android emulators on your PC Windows. We listed the top most Android emulators which are mostly downloaded all around the world. These Android emulators are very user-friendly so you can easily download and install on your PC version. Keep reading this complete tutorial and you will find the best android emulators for PC.

Table of Contents

What is an Android emulator?

Android emulators did the gap between mobile apps and PC desktop. If you want to run any Android application on your PC Windows then we need Android emulators. Android applications you can also download android games on your PC with the help of Android emulators. Later take advantage of visualization Technology on the latest Intel and AMD chipset to deliver a smooth running experience. So we find the best Android emulators for PC using this guide. Android emulators help to game players and developers. Using Android emulators install any Android games on PC. So you can play the game on the big screen.

Best Android Emulators for PC

It is also supported on the PC windows version and Mac OS. Android applications are not officially available in the PC version. Most of The Gamers are like to playing Android games on the large screen. In that case, we need Android emulators to install an Android application on your PC.

Keep reading this complete guide and you will find the best Android emulators for PC.

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Top Android emulators for PC:

  • BlueStacks
  • NOX player
  • MEmu player
  • Koplayer
  • Genymotion
  • Android studio
  • Remix OS

Best Android emulators for PC and Mac latest version:


BlueStacks is the most known Android Emulator among Android users. It is very user-friendly and very simple to use. Anyone can download and install BlueStacks on their PC Windows. There is no technical knowledge needed to install BlueStacks Android Emulator. It comes with Google Play Store pre-installed which gives you access it over a million Android apps and games. You can also install the APK file via BlueStacks. It is available on the paid and free version. The free version of BlueStacks his riddled with ads and constantly chance you to install the sponsored app. Get the premium version to purchase BlueStacks Android Emulator from its official website to avoid the ads.


BlueStacks supports keyboard mapping. It has an inbuilt Google Play Store. So you can easily access the Google Play Store with the help of a Gmail account and download Android applications. Support all Windows versions. So you can download it and install on your PC Windows. If you want to remove ads on BlueStacks then you need to purchase the paid version with $24.

Nox App player:

It is specially designed for Android Gamers. It is the best Android Emulator which helps to install high graphics Android games on your PC like pubg and justice League. You can also download the Android application on APK format and install it on your PC using NOX player. The best feature is not playing is that absolutely free to download and no sponsored ads. So you can easily download it from the official website and install it on your PC.

Nox player also allows you to map keyboards mouse and gamepad. You can easily customize your keyboard keys and mapping shortcuts. You can also use all the features of the NOX player. It comes with inbuilt support for Google Play Store also you can just drive the APK file today Nox app player to install Android application. Change the number of CPU cores and FPS. Specify the CPU and RAM usage in the settings option to get the best gaming result. So Nox app player is the best choice for who wants to install high graphics android games on PC. The only problem in the NOX App player is lots of loads only the system. The installation process of the Nox App player takes a few minutes to complete based on your system configuration.

MEmu: Best Android Emulators for PC:

It is a new Android Emulator launched in 2015. It is also focused on gaming purposes. MEmu player is the best alternative for BlueStacks and NOX app player.

MEmu Player

The latest version of MEmu Android Emulator support for both AMD and Nvidia chips. It is the Best feature in Memu Android Emulator. It also supports different Android versions like Jelly Bean, KitKat, and lollipop. While installing high graphics Android games using Memu Android Emulator, the gaming graphics performance little poor. MEmu player is currently based on the Android Lollipop version. It is the best choice for installing Android games like Pokemon go. It is completely free to download. There is no need to pay for download the Android Emulator. You can easily download it from the official website and installed it on your PC. Also, support key mapping. So using this emulator you can install low graphics Android games on your PC Windows.


Most of Android emulators for only focused on gaming purpose. It is completely free to download but it has few ads. KOPlayer is very easy to install and also supports key mapping. It is very user-friendly so anyone can easily download and install KOPlayer on PC Windows.

The only problem in KOPlayer is that it sometimes freezes when you install an Android application. And also it is very difficult to uninstall Android Emulator. Apart from this problem, it is very easy to install lightweight software. So you can download and install KOPlayer on your PC.


It is not a casual Android emulator, it is only talking it on Android developers. If you want to test Android apps of a variety of visual devices with different versions of Android then you can use this Android Emulator. Most of the developers are wants to test the Android apps and simulating a variety of android supporting device. In that case, is the best choice for Android developers who want to test Android apps.

It is a developer-friendly emulator and you can easily download and install it on your PC. It is also available both free and paid versions. If you are a beginner then you can use the trial version of Genymotion. The professional developers using the paid version of Genymotion Android Emulator. You need to pay $136 per year for the Genymotion premium version. It supports Mac OS and Linux and also runs Android version 4.1 to 8.0.

Mac Software Emulator For Windows 10

Android studio:

Android Studio

Mac Software Emulator For Windows 10

It is also focused on developer development IDE from Google itself. Android studio Comes with lots of tools and plugins to help developers build their apps. Using this Android Emulator you can also test apps from different devices. It is a great alternative to the Genymotion default emulator. Android Studio is only focused on development purposes. It is not for general usage and playing heavy games. It is a very favorite emulator for developers. Android Studio is also completely free to download. It is the best alternative emulator for Genymotion.

Remix OS:

It is nothing like other Android emulators out there. The remix is an entire Android OS that you can boot into. It is a Virtualisation Technology product a Company formed by Google former employees. You can save Remix OS on your USB device and boot from there to any computer. It is a good productivity app but it does not support a good graphics game. The remix OS player is a free Android Emulator for Windows-based Android 6.0 Marshmallow but it does not support AMD chipset.

Windows Emulator For Mac

These are the best Android emulators for PC. Based on your recruitment you can download the best Android Emulator from this list. If you have any doubts about this article just feel free to ask us.