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Jan 29, 2020  In addition to this, ITL Mac Optimizer, i.e., the best Mac cleaner smartly cleans all the cache and leftover files to free up the space on Mac and make it snappier. Not only this, but ITL Mac Optimizer also scans for malicious websites and prevents them from infecting your system and this what makes it one of the best virus cleaner for Mac. Jun 05, 2010  I was downloaded Photoshop CS5 & deleted Photoshop CS4 (EXTENDED),but I still have leftover files (in my library/system) of Photoshop & a few other apps (like Parallels,VMware,etc.;; I deleted them but there's still files leftover). I deleted the apps with AppCleaner but the files are still there (in folders obviously not like an app or anything). Mar 21, 2013  Light Pillar’s wonderful app Desktop Tidy ($8; available on the App Store; requires OS X 10.8 or later) is a handy utility that cleans up your Mac’s desktop, keeping it free of clutter.

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well, I don't know if this counts as 'real help', but:
most apps put their files in either ~/Library/Preferences/ as a .plist file or in ~/Library/Application Support/APPNAME/
also, some apps put hidden files directly in your user directory (~) which you can see by using (untested, but probably works).
besides that: yes, a lot of apps leave trash behind but no, I doubt it will decrease your computers performance in a way you will ever notice it. hard drives carry hundreds of thousands of files, sometimes millions, you really think the few hundred leftovers make the difference?
or to put it in perspective: windows uses a registry, which is like ONE giant file where programs leave trash behind. it can't get worse than that 😀

How To Clean Mac Files

Sep 23, 2010 1:52 AM