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You might have to download Huawei Stick mobile partner software for Mac 10.11 El Capitan before you can get your Huawei e303 dongle to work on your Macbook running Mac OS El Capitan. When my Glo bolt e303 modem didn’t work on my Macbook pro, I downloaded the software and since then, I’ve been using the Glo modem to connect to the internet. Jul 14, 2020  Huawei Mobile Connect Driver for Mac software version 4. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Macos – Huawei mobile broadband E data card not working properly – Ask Different. Want to add to the discussion? Mostly I remember it didn’t work when it wasn’t. I have a Huawei WIFI mini 2 (which is different than yours) and I contacted their customer services, they responded very quickly and sent me a new driver by email within 1 day. Now my problem is solved and they told me that they will release new drivers very soon. I am assuming Huawei. Any software in 64-bit compatible in Huawei mobile partner? Oct 11, 2019 7:05 AM. Still not working. I need a mobile partner software for mac os 10.15. The latest software I tried were. Mobile Connection manager Version 8.9 ( (Every button, every action broken under Mojave, no connection) Mobile creation date: 30. 2017 (when I last installed it on Sierra) copyright Huawei v (2014) And the latest download I could now still find in a forum is.

Mobile Partner is a software which provides a graphical interface to the Huawei Usb Modem, you can find all different versions of mobile partner. In this article you can learn how to install Mobile Partner (Mobile Connect) in Mac Os X.

Mobile Partner Software For Mac Os X Download

Mobile partner dashboard for Mac Os X can be downloaded from below link Macos catalina music app no artwork.

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Huawei mobile partner software download
  1. Make Sure you have installed Huawei Mac OS X driver correctly.
  2. Download Mobile Partner from the upper link
  3. Unzip The Package and double click on MOBILE CONNECT.ISO it will start installing the package and you can see the below screen, kindly wait until the process complete
  4. Now you can see the welcome screen, click on Continue
  5. Please Read and Agree the Licence, and click on Continue and the press Agree
  6. Now you will asked to enter the administrator account username and password , then click on Install.
  7. Please wait Until the installation Complete.
  8. Check The Conformation of Successful installation.
Huawei mobile partner for Mac OS 10.X is the user friendly graphical interface for Huawei USB Modem. Mobile partner Huawei for Mac 10.9 drives you to download latest Huawei Mobile partner for Mac 10.X and install it to your iOS. The significant feature is mobile partner 24.010 supports most of the platforms of Mac. So you can download mobile partner with video call facility to your Mac.

Download Mac OS driver

Before download mobile partner 2013 latest version for Mac you need to install drivers for Huawei Mac supports Mac OS 10.X versions. So first you have to download Huawei MacOs X or Huawei MacOs driver.

Download Mobile Partner Huawei for Mavericks

When once you download Dashboard for Mac OS X 10.6 you can download Huawei mobile partner for Mac OS X.
After that extract the zip file and open MOBILE CONNECT .iso image file. And then it starts to install the package.
When you see the welcome screen of the mobile partner click on “Continue” button and in the next dialog box click on “Agree” and “continue”.

Mobile Partner Software Download

After that you will see a dialog box asking for name and password to install mobile partner latest version for Mac Os X 10.6.

Partner Huawei Com

Huawei Mobile Partner Pc

all you have to do is to give the administrator user name and password click OK and proceed as usual. if you have done the proceeding well you will see a dialog box like this.
If you find any issues with that you need to restart the computer to install Huawei mobile partner for Mac OS X 10.9