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I love creating video training tutorials for my clients. I find them to be very effective at demonstrating features or functionality quickly and effortlessly. If you own a Mac, did you know that you too can create these video without any additional software? Enter QuickTime Player.


Mar 16, 2016  Free Screencast Software Built Right Into Mac OS X. By Kyle Schebor March 16, 2016 2 Comments. I love creating video training tutorials for my clients. I find them to be very effective at demonstrating features or functionality quickly and effortlessly. If you own a Mac, did you know that you too can create these video without any additional. Joyoshare Screen Recorder is a tool with enough power to make screencasts on both Windows and Mac. With advanced capturing technology, it's dedicated to producing high-quality video and audio recordings. What's better, this multifunctional screencast software enables you to schedule recordings, show keystrokes, customize shortcuts, highlight cursors, specify watermark, etc. Jun 01, 2020  If you're using macOS Mojave or later, press Shift-Command (⌘)-5 on your keyboard to see onscreen controls for recording the entire screen, recording a selected portion of the screen, or capturing a still imageof your screen. You can also record the screen with QuickTime Player instead. Record the entire screen Click in the onscreen controls. Jing (Windows/Mac) Pros: Simple and easy to use. Fast uploading and easy sharing. Cons: Free version only allow maximum of 5-min recording and no webcam recording. No editing, no annotations/callouts; Price: Free or $15 per year for Pro edition. Screencast tool for in-game or high frame rate (fps) recording: 1. Camstudio (Windows) with lossless.

QuickTime Player is used primarily for video playback but, hidden behind a simple menu, you can also record video. This feature is one that I find many people do not know about. So, I’m here today to show you exactly how you too can create simple video tutorials, or screencasts, for free!

Pickit 4 software. Here is the list of software I'll cover below. Note: PICkit 2 software below is written to run in Windows only but there are some versions written for Linux and Mac but I haven't used them and they aren't as well documented so I'll stick with Windows only. PICKit 2 GUI - Windows GUI that controls the PICkit 2. PICkit 2 Command Line - This is an alternative to the GUI.

High Fps Screencasting Software Mac

Getting Started

Fire up QuickTime Player and go to File > New Screen Recording

Yes. It’s that simple.

Now, click the record button and drag the boundaries you’d like to set for your screencast.

Click the ‘Start Recording’ button to begin recording your screen.

Want to record your voice as a part of the screencast? No problem! Just select the dropdown arrow next to the record button to select your audio input device.

Now that you’ve recorded your video, let’s get it hosted on a video streaming service.

From you recorded video window, select the Share dropdown and choose Vimeo or YouTube. *Note you will need to linked your Vimeo or YouTube account to your Mac in order to upload directly to your online space.

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Do you have any other free recording screencast tools that you like? Let me know in the comments.

Screencasting software is often used for various demonstration purposes with your screen recordings and to create amazing tutorial videos. Screen recording tools are very helpful for sharing content with others and streaming live. Most of the free screencasting software runs perfectly on any platform regardless of the operating system you are using.

There are several free screen recording software that works perfectly in Mac or Windows operating system. The screencasting software is mostly free but if you need proper screencasting software with a multitude of different extraordinary features then you should go for the premium best screen recording software. Hp photosmart d110 install.

Free Screencasting Software

Here are few of the best screencasting software for you to check out.


If you are using Windows operating system then it is one of the best screen recording software that you should look out for. CamStudio, as it is most popularly called, is free open source software that helps you to create AVI video files of all the activities on your monitor screen.

CamStudio is so easy to use that you can learn it in a few moments even without having any prior knowledge of using any screencasting software. The website of this popular software claims that the size of the videos that you will create by using CamStudio will be much lesser than the ones created with any other screen recording software and will also be much better in quality.

Note: You can try these top screen recording software for free.


It is a popular web-based screencasting software. Although it has a desktop app its web version is far better than the desktop application. Screencast-o-Matic is one of the most popular screen recording tools that you can get for your windows operating system without having to pay anything.

It is completely free to use and quickly broadcasts whatever there is on your desktop screen or whatever your computer can see through the webcams. Screencast-o-Matic offers several features but it works far better in the premium mode than the free one.


Jing is a free screencasting tool that can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, this software is completely free to use. Jing offers you all kinds of features that you want from at a screencasting application although there are certain limitations to those features.

Jing allows you to record any specific part of the screen but the recording time limit is only 5 minutes. With Jing, you will also be able to share videos on any website including sites like YouTube or Vimeo and you will even be able to share your videos through email. The free version comes with a watermark on the videos; you will have to upgrade to the paid version to get rid of the watermark.

You can also do screen captures using Jing with features like text, annotations, etc.

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Nimbus Plugin

If you are looking for a lightweight way to manage a screen recorder, then the Nimbus chrome & firefox plugin is for you. You just need to install this plugin from the for your web browser

Nimbus offers the following features.

  1. Screen captures with scroll
  2. Screen recording
  3. Webcam recording

Quicktime Player

The version of the Quicktime player which is usable only in Mac OS offers some easy-to-use screen recording features. Although the screencasting features are highly limited but it provides almost all the features that you require to create a screencasting video. Moreover, it is completely free as you do not need to pay anything for it.

This screencasting software records the videos in H.264 format so that the videos are easy to upload and can be shared on different websites easily.

Quicktime is the best screencast software for mac which comes with the system by default.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a popular screen recording tool for the Windows operating system users. It provides you with efficient screen capturing and screen recording features for free. With Icecream recorder, you can easily capture screenshots of specific parts of your desktop screen or you can make an excellent screencasting video.

Icecream recorder is completely free and you can use it on any Windows version with the same efficiency. It has great features and it allows you to record anything that is on your desktop; even you can record videos when you are playing games or having face time on Skype.

Ezvid Easy Screen Recorder

It is a popular screen recording tool that comes with a multitude of features and is perfect for the Windows operating system users. Ezvid is a free source web-based screencasting tool and it is also one of the easiest screencasting software that you can use to make your tutorial videos or the demonstrations.

Screencasting Software Windows

Ezvid has an inbuilt video recorder, voice recorder, face camera, voice synthesis and cutting-edge features which make it one of the best free screencasting software for the Windows operating system.

iSpring Free Cam

iSpring is a famous screen recording tool for the Mac OS which has a cushy user interface and all the features that are necessary including 1080p HD recording.

Moreover, it is completely free to use and you can simply download it from your Apple app store. iSpring provides various features such as video trimming, noise removal, user narration and lots of other interesting features which make it one of the top free screencasting apps for the Mac OS.

High Fps Screencasting Software Mac Free


ShareX is a screen capturing software and it gives the widest range of most interesting features for uploading screencast videos to different websites and social networking sites. Although it is very good at uploading videos it does not provide any editing feature. ShareX is ideal for windows OS users and it is also completely free to use.


Monosnap is a screen capturing and screen recording software which is suitable for use in both Windows and Mac OS. It is a free source screencasting tool that you can use with relative ease. Although it does not allow any specific resolution for the screencast video recording it does not allow full-screen recording.

Moreover, mon snap does not provide any editing features for the recorded videos although you can still draw some lines on the video you have recorded.

If you are a blogger, vlogger or website owner, screencasting makes it easy for us to make professional tutorial videos and demonstrations. There are several screencasting software tools available in the market of which some are free and the rest are paid. Use the paid screencasting software for better features and reliability than the free ones.