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Load map data from your handheld device, or import maps you've downloaded or purchased on DVD or microSD™ card. Consider our TOPO series maps, which offer detail on a scale of either 1:100,000 or 1:24,000. Geotag Photos. BaseCamp software lets you geotag photos, associating them with specific waypoints. GPS Mapping Software: GPS Navigation Software: This is the official web site for the OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software which runs on your PC or laptop and will work with Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for the upload/download of waypoints, routes and tracks and most brand of GPS receivers for real time tracking and navigation (Moving Map).

When you are trying to produce a map for a presentation or analysis it might be a complicated procedure. But with the help of a GIS mapping software, free download, you will be able to easily produce maps. GIS mapping software free. download full version is available for users who are looking to many features but for general use a GIS mapping software open source or GIS mapping software free can be used as it is free.


Map Express

It allows the users to perform advanced thematic mapping and visualizing in 3D and tubular. Spatial and attribute querying are possible for creating the maps and later can be analyzed, published or printed. After loading the map of the software, it can be zoomed in or out, panned and multiple overlays can be viewed. It is compatible with Windows platform.


This is an open source GIS software that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Users will be able to download the software onto their systems and use it for creating, editing and visualizing geospatial information. After creating these maps it can be analyzed and used for other purposes.


This open source software is very user-friendly and interoperable as it supports a variety of formats like vector, raster files, remote services and databases to form the maps. Many tools analyze and manage the information that is available. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms and it very easy to install and use.


Next GIS for Android

This Android app will allow the user to create, edit and then export geodata either online or offline. It works in Android 2.2 and up and will enable the users to navigate the map by zooming in and out and panning. The visibility and layer orders can be changed and multi-layer maps can be viewed. Vector data can be edited and data such as coordinates, elevation and speed can be shown. Tracks on the map can be recorded.

Cartographica GIS for Mac

Gps Mapping Software For Mac

Online mapping can be integrated into this Mac software and manual editing and geo-referencing can be done. Geocoding on the data is done automatically and when the maps are created and edited it can be analyzed using sophisticated tools. Formats such as raster files can be imported and exported. It allows the users to view the maps on enhanced layouts and discover new information about the data.

Gps Mapping Software For Mac Download

Whitebox Geospatial for Windows

This open source software is compatible on Windows platforms and can be used for analyzing geospatial data and visualizing it. Advanced analysis of the maps can be done for the purpose of environmental research and geomatics studies.

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ArcGIS Maps – Most Popular Software

These users can analyze the map inside Excel by using this popular software. The work that is done on this software can be sync and share and also used for making presentations. Once the data is loaded into the software a map style is chosen and new patterns can be viewed. You can also see Navigation Software

What is GIS Mapping Software?

Gps Mapping Software For Pc

When you have certain geospatial data, it will be better to view it on a map to get a better understanding of details such as road data, boundaries, layers, etc. It will be easy to analyze and use for presentations. A GIS mapping software free helps the user to produce maps from geographical information and edit the data. You can also see Wind Analysis Software

The features are stored in the GIS in the form of points, lines, and boundaries. Logos 8 for mac. So when the data is loaded onto a GIS mapping software open source it will be able to provide a pictorial representation of the data on a map that can be viewed by panning and zooming.

GIS mapping software, free download will allow the users to view the multiple layers in the map and store aerial photos and scanned maps as raster images. GIS mapping software free. download full version will show the entire street that runs across a territory and interprets data in order to understand patterns, relationships, and trends.

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