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Are you tired of using Spotify music in Serato DJ software? I heard lots of people have encountered the problem and viewed many ideas on suggest connecting Spotify and Serato program. There are millions of tracks and episodes on Spotify. With Spotify, it is perfect for DJ to mix a tune and play the unique music for audience. But did you know there was way of getting your playlists from Spotify? You'll learn how to add Spotify music to Serato DJ in this post.

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'I have been working in DJ and always want to bring good music experience for audiences. I love Spotify and find amazing music all the time. It is a pity that I don't how to make my Spotify playlist display on Serato. I wonder how to link Spotify to Serato and then play Spotify music on Serato DJ. Wait for your help.' – DJ Grunt

'How Can I achieve my Spotify playlist on my Serato DJ software? I can do this with iTunes music and also find Serato DJ lets SoundCloud and TIDAL music from right inside the software – but did you know there was a way of getting your playlists from Spotify?' – DJ Louis

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Part 2. Convert Spotify Music to Serato DJ Supported File
Part 3. Add the Converted Spotify Music to Serato DJ Software

Know More About Serato DJ Software

Serato DJ software is the intuitive beat making software for DJs and producers. It is designed to be intuitive, reliable and feature rich which is the most popular DJ software globally from the unknown to the greatest and from bedroom studio to festival stages. Serato is committed to delivering the best possible experience for creating, playing and sharing music wherever you are.

The DJ software which has a partnership with Spotify could works well with Spotify, while the service is not available for Serato DJ. As far as we know, Serato DJ supports SoundCloud and TIDAL music streaming but does not supports Spotify till now. It seems that there is little chance of using Spotify music in Serato DJ program. You are able to transfer Spotify playlist to Serato DJ for mixing a unique tune with the help of the third-party tool.

As all Spotify music is the streamed content which are protected by the digital rights management. So those tracks protected by DRM are not compatible with Serato DJ program. However, the coming of TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify successfully resolves the problem. The program enables you to download and convert all songs, playlists, albums, and artists from Spotify to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B losslessly.

Serato DJ software supports the following file types:



How to Convert Spotify Music to Serato DJ Supported File

TunesKit Spotify Music Converter is perfect for the downloading and conversion of Spotify music. Just download and install Spotify Music Converter on your personal computer to mix your personal DJ music. Here we'll precisely show the guidance on how to download and convert Spotify music to Serato DJ program.

Best Free Dj Software Spotify

Step 1Import tracks or playlists from Spotify to Spotify Music Converter

Spotify will be automatically started as soon as Spotify Music Converter is launched. Search for tracks or playlists which you want on Spotify and then directly drag and drop them to Spotify Music Converter. Or copy the embed link of tracks and playlists on Spotify and paste it to the search box on the main screen of Spotify Music Converter.

Step 2Set the output Spotify music as Serato DJ supported format file

After dragging and dropping tracks or playlists to Spotify Music Converter, click the 'Menu' button and choose the 'Preference' option. There are all sorts of settings like the audio format, bit rate, sample rate, channel and more. All of them can be configured according to the supported condition of Serato DJ program.

Step 3Click the 'Convert' button to begin to download Spotify music

Free Spotify Dj Software Mac

After all is done, click the 'Convert' button to start downloading Spotify music to your personal computer. Once the conversion is completed, all DRM protection from Spotify has been throwed away, and you could achieve the converted Spotify music. And you can import them to Serato DJ software for creating.

How to Transfer the Converted Spotify Music to Serato DJ

Now, you could view the converted Spotify music on your personal computer and choose to convert some of them to Serato DJ software. If you are the newbie at this, you can follow the below detailed tutorial.

Step 1. Launch Serato DJ software on your computer and choose the 'Files' option to open the file panel. Then all location of local drive or external drive on your computer will be displayed on the left panel, and you can choose one to locate the folder you store the converted Spotify music.

Step 2. Drag and drop the folder or files you want to upload to Serato DJ program. Wait a few minutes and all converted Spotify music are added to the purple 'All…' icon on Serato DJ software. You can begin to create your pleased tune or mix them with other tunes you have on Serato DJ program.

Adam Gorden is an experienced writer of TunesKit who is obsessed about tech, movie and software.

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Virtual DJ software let your PC work as a virtual DJ music player, as a Disc Jockey, you can let multiple music connected without interruption, and add special sound to the original music to make them more dynamic and excited. With more than hundred million downloads, VirtualDJ is by far the most used DJ software on the planet. VirtualDJ supports more DJ controllers and hardware than any other software. With plug & play support for over 300+ controllers, the choice of gear is all yours.

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You will always have access to the best versions and remixes intended specifically for DJ's, to karaoke and music videos, or to broader generalist catalogs like Deezer and SoundCloud. However, Spotify is not available on Virtual DJ. But there is still a way to import Spotify songs to Virtual DJ, all you need to do is download Spotify music to mp3 on your computer. Songs you downloaded with Premium account can't be transfered to Virtual DJ since the songs are DRM protected.

No matter you are using free or premium plan of Spotify, Ondesoft Spotify Converter will help you download Spotify music to 4 common formats: MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC. It can remove the DRM protection from Spotify songs completely and convert Spotify songs to Traktor supported audio formats including MP3 and WAV with 100% original quality. With Ondesoft Spotify Converter, you will be able to add Spotify music to Virtual DJ and edit your tunes at ease. Next, we will guide you how to convert Spotify music to MP3 or WAV format and add the converted Spotify music to Virtual DJ.

Step 1 Import Spotify music

Download and install Ondesoft Spotify Converter on your computer. Once you launch Ondesoft Spotify Converter, Spotify app will be launched automatically. You can add Spotify tracks, playlists or albums to Ondesoft Spotify Converter by drag and drop. Or right click on a song or playlist, and choose “Share” > “Copy Song/Playlist link”, paste the link to the search box, then click the “+” button. Click the Add button on the bottom right corner to import songs.

All songs in the playlist or albums will be checked by default. You are free to uncheck the tracks you don't want to convert. Then click Add to import all checked songs.

Step 2 Choose the output format

Click the Options button on the top to change the output format, samplerate, bitrate, etc. You can also skip this step.

Step 3 Convert Spotify music

Click the Convert button to download Spotify songs to the format you choose.

After conversion, click below folder icon, and you will find all converted Spotify songs.

Step 4 Import Spotify music to Virtual DJ

Use the VirtualDJ browser to browse to the drive(s) and/or folder(s) where the music is located, right-click on the folder and choose Add to search DB. You can also add music folders as favourites, so that you can access them more quickly and easier. To do this, browse to the appropriate folder, then click on the yellow favourite folder icon near the top of the folder list.

Video Tutorial: Convert Spotify to MP3 with Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter

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