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  • May 24, 2020  The best part is, it’s totally free for Windows, Mac, and Linux too. This tool can sport more than 500 types of images. This also good best photo management software for mac. FastStone Image Viewer. One of the basic needs for the best Photo management software is.
  • Best Photo Management Software for Mac/Windows. MacX MediaTrans. If you prefer to take photos with iPhone iPad iPod, there is nothing better than photo management software to manage your iOS photos. It serves as the best picture manager both for Mac and Windows (macOS Mojave/Windows 10 incl.), to backup photos with precious memory, transfer photos from iOS to Mac and vice versa, clear.
  • How to Select the Best Photo Management? Best Photo Management Software for Mac Part 3. How to Organize Photos Library on Mac Part 4. How to Select the Best Photo Management? There is a lot of photo management software to choose from, each of the software may have some features and other software may not have it.

Apr 18, 2019  Best Free Photo Management Software Google Photos. Google Photos is a free photo management software included in the Google Suite, making it a good option for those familiar with Google products and services. This photo manager is compatible with both photos and videos, and it automatically uploads to a linked cloud storage.

We all love to capture the moments that take place around us and turn those moments into special ones. With a camera or our smartphone in our hands, we can just go on and on in our pursuit of capturing those beautiful moments which we see around us in abound.

While clicking photos is an easy job and we the expansive digital technology at our disposal; thousands of photos can be stored on a small memory stick. Well, technology has worked wonders for us in recent times.

On a memory card, your memories are not really segregated into folders which helps a person to differentiate the photos which have been taken at different points of time. Once, transferred to our PC’s the photos are usually named in a number format, and it takes an excruciating amount of time to actually segregate the thousands of photos into folders as per one’s needs and convenience.

Manually, it might take a lot of time to organize the photos as per our convenience. We now have software at our disposal that is specially created to organize the otherwise mess which is created by the clutter of photos on our PC’s. These are specifically called as the Photo Management Software which allows one to arrange and segregate the photos which are present on our PC’s and also ensures that these moments are preserved for the times to come.

What is Photo Management Software and the need of using it?

Photo Management Software is special software that allows one to organize the photos as per one’ choice and makes the process of storing our photos convenient and allows one to arrange them in order with ease and simplicity.

They are really easy to use, and it allows people to get rid of the otherwise arduous job of managing the thousands of photos at once, and it would consume a lot of time in the first place, which is not really feasible. This is where Photo Management Software comes to our rescue and makes the process of arranging photos fluid and easier than ever before.

Some of the Software in the market comes at a cost, but most of these are free and can be easily downloaded from the web, which makes it really feasible and allows one to have greater control over the photos that are stored on our PC’s. There is some software which is available for both Windows and Mac, while there are others too which work specifically on one of the platforms mentioned.

Here, we are bringing to you some of the Best Photo Management Software that is available for both Windows and Mac operating system and also allows the user to work with ease and also allows one to find the specific photo at any point of time we want to.

First, let us have a look at some of the best photo management software that is available for Mac users:

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing software in the current scheme of things. The software not only is powerful editing software but it also allows one to organize photos based on different parameters. The software is a boon for professionals who want to get a taste of the best editing and organizing features.

The software comes at a price, but can be used for free for the first month. Lightroom is one of the most preferred software that is used by professionals across the globe and remains a reliable option for many.

2. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 Ultra

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra 9 is the perfect destination that allows you to organize your photos with ease and simplicity on your PC’s. The software also comes with an in-built professional editor.

With a lot of features and optimization options available with the software, it does give you the perfect flexibility that allows you to organize and perfectly segregate your photos as per the need and choice. This is the reason behind it being called as one of the best photo management software that is available for Mac users.

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Photoshop 15 is one of that software that allows you to work magic as you separate and segregate your photos as per your convenience. The software allows one to curate photos with ease.

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The software comes with the “Auto Curate feature” that allows one to segregate the photos on the PC based on various parameters such as image size, quality, etc. The software also allows one to edit multiple images at once with the help of the editor which is inbuilt in the software.

Photo Management Software Mac

4. AfterShot Pro 3

Mac Photo Album Software

AfterShot Pro 3 allows the user to organize all the photos into one place and makes organizing the photos easier than ever before. It allows you to bring your collection of photos into one place.

The software also comes with processing tools that allows one to edit the photos on the go and also gives one the liberty to tinker with various aspects of the image and sort it as per our needs and convenience. It is powerful software that also allows you to work with RAW files.

Mac photo album software

5. Unbound

Unbound is one of the best photo management software that one can find for use on Mac OS. It is one of the most stable software that allows one to create albums with locations with the given time.

Unbound can also be synced to various platforms like Dropbox that allows one to import photos not only from your PC’s but also from various other platforms that are available online.

6. Phase One Capture One

Phase One Capture One allows one to work with photos in the batch and allows you to organize multiple photos at once. The software allows you to work with various file formats is like an all in one software which allows one greater flexibility and choice while sorting multiple photos.

It also allows one to convert one file format to the other with ease, and it comes with an “auto-sort feature” which organizes the images based on the metadata.

Now, let us look into the best photo management software that is available for Windows users:

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Best Photo Software For Mac

7. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is one of the leading software that allows one to get access to all your image and video files at one place and gives you control over your files with ease. Bridge easily can be called as the best free photo management software on Windows.

The bridge can make the work simplified, and the modern interface perfectly fits the bill and makes it one of the best photo management software that is available for Windows users.

8. On1 Photo Raw

The software can be called a package in the true sense, the software is a combination of a powerful image editing software, and its organization function allows one to help organize the photos with ease.

The software with its powerful features makes it one of the best photo organizing software that is available on the Windows OS.

9. ACDSee

The software is one of the best professional software that is available for organizing the photos and video assets on your PC and across all the leading cloud platforms that are available.

The software bears an uncluttered look and allows one to import features onto the software. The program offers you some great features and options to work with, that makes it one of the best photo organizing software to work with.

10. Nikon View NX-1

Nikon View NX-1 is that perfect image-browsing software that packs a punch and allows one to arrange the still images and video assets with ease and makes it a simple experience to browse through the same.

The software comes with its trademark “Photo-tray function” that lets you store your files temporarily from an array of platforms. The software also allows you to make certain image adjustments that would enhance the overall output of the same.

11. Smart Pix Manager

SmartPix Manager 12 is powerful software that can be called as one of the best photo management software that is available for Windows users. The program is known to offer one of the best file organization systems amongst the photo organizing software available on Windows.

The program in addition to offering to organize image and video files, it can also be used to organize the documents on your PC’s. With a smart way to catalog the images, the software offers you many options to work with and give a final touch to your image.

12. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is one of the most stable photo management software that is available for use on Windows. It is one of the easiest software to work with that allows one to work with an array of features which is present at the disposal of the user.

Free Photo Editing For Mac

The software comes with advanced batch processing software and also allows the users to work with various sizes starting from thumbnails to large sizes which are available as presets on the software. The software with its old-school interface is one of the best free photo organizing software that is available for Windows.

Wrapping it up!!

We all capture moments, be it some funny or the serious one. There might be thousands of moments that we might have captured and are present on our device. While capturing it seems to be easy, organizing the moments can be a really grueling task at hand, which actually consumes a lot of time too.

With the advent of technology, we have special software which is created for the very purpose of Photo Management that enables one to manage the photos as per one’s need and convenience while putting in the minimum effort and can be done with ease.

Sep 24, 2018 — Managing a huge gallery and organizing photos is a tricky business, even if you’re generally tidy, so it’s always a good idea to use some help. Especially when there’s software out there designed specifically to deal with an overload of pictures.

The only trouble with professional photo organizing software is that, much like any photo equipment, it’s painfully expensive. In this article we’ll suggest tools that tame your giant photo gallery without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Best photo organizing software for Mac, as of 2018

Gemini 2: The duplicate photo finder

The first thing you need to do to organize photos is remove the extras. There’s a high chance you’ve got plenty of duplicates and similar images — 15 shots from slightly different angles, for instance. You usually only use one of those, so there’s really no point in keeping them all.

The easiest way to get rid of those files is to get a duplicate photo finder, such as Gemini 2. It can scan your whole gallery, locate duplicates and point out similars. It usually takes a few minutes to clean your whole photo collection, so download Gemini and give it a quick test drive.

Photos: Mac’s native photo organizer app

Here’s the biggest secret to good photo organization: master Photos. You might be thinking: seriously, a native Apple app is any good? And you’d be surprised how much it is.

Since macOS Sierra, Photos has been getting makeovers and new features. In macOS Mojave, the app lets you organize content just by dragging-and-dropping it, and with Smart Albums, you can instantly group photos by date, camera, and even the person in them. At this point, it’s just a really good piece of photo management software.

Mylio: A free photo manager app

If you’ve been meaning to consolidate your photos in one place for years, Mylio will help you do just that. When you first start using the app, it offers to look for your photos on the current device, on an external drive, and even on your Facebook.

Once all the photos you’ve taken in your lifetime are imported, Mylio organizes into a variety of views. The coolest one is Calendar, showing you photo collections on an actual calendar. That way, you’ll quickly find the photos from your son’s first birthday, even if you forgot how you named the folder. Plus, Mylio offers a free mobile app, so you can access your photo library wherever you are.

Final word on photo management on Mac

There are basically two things you need to remember to bring order into your photographing life:

  1. Before you get to organization and management, be sure to unclutter your photo library. The easiest way to do it is with a duplicate finder, such as Gemini 2. Otherwise you'll be rummaging around in thousands of photos you don't even need.
  2. Photos, the native Apple photo manager can accomplish everything you need to make organizing photos into groups and categories easy.
  3. Third-party tools can provide you with added functionality that’s missing in native macOS tools, like calendar view or managing photos right in the Finder.

Now that you know all the secrets to photo organization, Mac photography shouldn’t be that hard or that expensive. Not when you’ve got the right tricks up your sleeve.

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