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10 best free call apps and websites for PC, Mac, and Linux

We all need to make a free phone call sometimes. However, it’s definitely not an easy task. There are a ton of scam websites out there and many more simply don’t work as intended. To be honest, this one was a little difficult to research. However, a good, solid VOIP service or a good phone call website can mitigate the need for an expensive phone plan in some cases. Don’t get us wrong, though, a phone plan is infinitely more stable and consistent than most of the apps and sites on this list. Let’s not delay any further. Here are the best free call apps and websites for PC, Mac, and Linux!

Price: Free
CitrusTel is a website for free phone calls. It boasts partnerships with over 2,000 telecom companies as well as International calling. It's an easy site to use. You simply enter the number and call. Your side of the call takes place on your computer. It worked during our testing. However, it is a website and always felt a little clunky to us. You won't replace your carrier with this one. However, it's good for the occasional phone call in an emergency. There is a premium option with a $0.22-$0.26 per minute rate as well.

This means you actually will own a whole new number altogether, for a fraction of the price. WARNING: Text message apps without a phone number that promise the whole deal for free are not to be trusted, for they are most probably selling that data you have allowed them to log for a profit. The first step to privacy: Text Messaging without Phone. The best feature of an Android phone perhaps is the option it offers its users to use text messaging apps. An Android phone is built with text messaging application but Android does not just stop from there, it gives users a wider range of choices for text messaging, depending on the user’s preferences and needs. TextFree is the free texting and free calling app that gives you free text plus a real US phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have the app. You can text now with features such as free SMS messaging, group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, international texting & calling, voicemail and more—all for free. ☎️ CUSTOM NUMBER SELECTOR Unlike Text Me, Text Now, Text. Jun 28, 2020  Free phone calls home and abroad Unlimited text messages to/from anyone Great call quality, hd voice over cellular data & wifi Walkie talkie mode for instant push to talk Group conference calls up to 8 people Group messaging with up to 100+ people The best free calls & free texting app ever.

Price: Free
Discord is an excellent service for voice calls. This one is a VOIP app. That means it doesn't call landlines or mobile phone numbers. However, anyone with a Discord account can chat. This one is mostly for gamers. However, it's usable by just about everybody. It has native apps for most popular platforms. You can also access Discord through its web app. That makes it basically ubiquitous. Unlike most, there is no fees or charges for this one, ever. The UI and other features are pretty nice as well.
Price: Free

Texting Apps Without Phone Number

FaceTime is an exceptionally popular video chat app on Mac and iOS devices only. It uses your webcam for video. You can also do just voice calls as well. This is another VOIP app. That means it doesn't call landlines or mobile phone numbers. However, everybody with a Mac or an iOS device has this app already. We're not a fan of its lack of cross-platform support. Everything else about it is fine, though. FaceTime is free to use and it's also really easy.
Price: Free
Google Hangouts is an excellent messaging service on computers. It has a web app and that makes it compatible everywhere. Additionally, there is an extension for Google Chrome for additional options. It does, in fact, make calls. You need a Google Voice number first, though. We're not sure what the limit is on phone calls. However, it did call my mobile number just fine without any troubles on both the extension and the website. It's a good, solid option for messaging as well. Google seems to be shifting to Google Allo and Duo instead of this, so use it while you can.
Price: Free / Varies
iEvaphone is another website with free calling. It worked during our testing. However, like CitrusTel, this probably won't replace your phone plan. We simply don't think it's that stable. In any case, it's easy enough to use. You visit the website, enter a phone number, and hit the call button. It supports International calling as well as landlines and mobile phone numbers. This one works through your browser and computer speakers like you would expect. It works on a credit system. You get 10 credits to play with and you can watch video ads for more. It's not perfect, but it'll do in a pinch.
Price: Free
Free Messaging Apps On Mac No Phone Number
Jitsi is something a little different. It's video conferencing software. It's also open source, free, and available for basically every desktop platform as well as mobile platforms. This isn't a good app for calling your mom or ordering a pizza. However, it's a decent free call service for professionals, small business, and stuff like that. It uses WebRTC nad has native apps on many Linux platforms. Slack is another excellent app in this space with a web app and multiple native apps for most desktop systems.
Price: Free / Varies
We can't forget about good old Skype. This is one of the world's most recognizable messaging apps. It also supports voice calls, video calls, and even limited file transfers. It's available on most popular platforms, including several Linux distros, Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Anyone with Skype can video and voice call for free. You can call landlines and mobile phones with a nominal fee. So it's about half of a free call app. However, it's simple and it's recognizable. You can get it in the Microsoft Store directly or download it from Skype's website.
Price: Free
TeamSpeak was the go-to game chat app before Discord. Of course, TeamSpeak is still excellent and it offers free voice chatting with other TeamSpeak users. This one does not call landlines or mobile phone numbers, though. It has native apps for Windows, MacOS, and a few Linux distros. This one also includes plugins, themes, and a bunch of other stuff. This is an excellent voice calling app for gamers. However, those looking to order a pizza or conduct business may want to look elsewhere.
Price: Free / Varies
TextNow is a fairly popular free call app on Android and iOS. There is also a version for Microsoft Windows and, unfortunately, only Microsoft Windows. It boasts free calls and text messages and yes, that includes landlines and mobile phone numbers. That's about all it does. There is a premium option as well that adds more features and more time for your calls and texts. However, it is entirely optional. This one has the potential to replace a phone plan, but only if your usage is very, very light. We hope this gets an app for Mac eventually, or a web app so it's available on more platforms.
Price: Free / Varies
There are a collection of messaging apps with voice calls. Viber and Facebook Messenger are among the most popular. Hangouts technically works this way too, but it can also do landline numbers with a Google Voice number. These services are simple, they work well, and the voice calls are relatively clear. We recommend either Facebook Messenger or Viber, though. Facebook Messenger works with the website without any additional downloads. Viber has native apps for Mac and Windows, but not Linux. From there, you can choose your poison. There are many others, but their voice support isn't necessarily good.

If we missed any great free call apps or websites for PC, Mac, or Linux, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out more DGiT app stuff!

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Free Messaging Apps On Mac No Phone Number Customer Service

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Free Messaging Apps On Mac No Phone Number Free

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