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Download disk manager for free. System Utilities downloads - Disk-Manager by Lex Lechz and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

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Your MacBook Pro computer comes with the default 1 partition. Creating additional partitions is a important one to manage your files. You can create, edit, merge or delete additional partitions with Disk utility.
Some 3rd party apps also help you to create and manage mac partitions.
Stellar Partition Manager for Mac ($39)
Full versions version software offer tools to create, delete, format, hide/show, resize mac hard drive partitions.
Its also offer demo version. But this version only allows you to hide, reveal, delete and format a Mac partition.
iPartition ($50)
Its natively support NTFS, FAT, HFS+ and HFS file systems. Make repartition without reformatting using simple tools.
GParted – GNOME Partition Editor (Free)
Free partition editor to mange your Mac partitions. Resize, copy, move partitions without data loss. Create additional space for new operating systems.
Partition Magic Mac Tool
Create, resize, or merge partitions using Partition magic mac tool. Its also allow user to create partition of external USB drives.
Camptune ($19.95)
Rearrange space between HFS and NTFS volumes. Its also support fusion drive/file vault.
Another software to create disk partition. Its have additional tools to repair Mac drive.
If you knew any other partition software, do let us via comment.

Google drawing software for mac. by Shirly Chen, updated on 2017-02-07 to Mac Data Wipe

Formatting is a prior method to delete all data from local/external hard drive or fix disk error. For Windows users, it is very easy to format a hard drive using built-in quick format feature. However, when a Mac user right-clicks a hard drive on Mac, he can’t see the quick format option. Especially for the new Mac users, it seems difficult to find a solution to format local hard drive or external hard drive under Mac OS. In this article, we will introduce some Mac disk formatting software tools to help Mac users easily and securely format hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card or other device under Mac OS.

Three Useful Disk Formatting Software for Mac


1. Super Eraser for Mac - best Mac Disk Format Software

Super Eraser for Mac is a very powerful tool to permanently erase data from Mac hard drive or storage media. It can easily format hard drives, storage devices and permanently erase all the data on the targeted media. It also can format SSD hard drive and erase data under Mac OS. Free download the best Mac disk formatting software - Super Eraser for Mac.

This mode ‘Wipe Hard Drive’ will help you format a selected hard drive/device and erase all data from it. You just need to select the hard drive you want to format, and then click on 'Wipe Now' button. Then Super Eraser for Mac will help you format and erase the selected hard drive/device. Please note that all the existing data and history data on the selected hard drive will be permanently removed, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software or manual data recovery service.

This Mac hard drive formatting tool also can erase free disk space to permanently erase deleted/lost data on the hard drive. This option is used for erasing deleted files and formatted files on your Mac, without affecting the existing data.

If you are going to sell, donate your Mac/device or just want to completely remove unwanted files and fix disk errors, Super Eraser for Mac is the best Mac disk formatting tool for you. It can help you regain a brand new disk.

Note: formatted data will be permanently lost, can’t be recovered by any software or method.

2. Mac Disk Utility

Note: formatted data can be recovered by data recovery software.

Disk Utility is a built-in app in macOS. When you open this app, it will show all the hard drives and devices on your Mac. You can use the erase function to format a hard drive or device. However, when the hard drive has been erased by Disk Utility, most of the formatted data can be recovered by data recovery software.

3. Start Menu for Mac

Note: formatted data can be recovered by data recovery software.

Start Menu for Mac is an all-in-one Mac manager. It offers a feature – format. You can run it on your Mac, and use it to format external hard drive or device on your Mac. It is the fastest way to format an external hard drive/device under Mac OS.


4. MacClean360

MacClean360 is one of the best disk cleaning and management software for Mac OS. It offers more than 9 tools to help you optimize and manage your Mac computer. The Disk Manager tool is able to list all hard drives and external devices on your Mac. Then you can choose one of the hard drive and format it by click on 'Format' button.

Free Disk Management Software Mac Pro

The 4 disk formatting software for Mac above can help you easily format hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, and other storage media under Mac OS. However, when you format your hard drive with Super Eraser for Mac, all your data will be permanently lost. So please back up your important files before you run Super Eraser for Mac to format your hard drive or other device under Mac OS.

FREE download DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac to help you format hard drive, external hard drive or storage media on Mac.

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Permanently and securely erase data from hard drive or external storage device under Mac OS with certified data erasure methods.

Free Disk Management Software Mac Download

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