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Saving photos and albums that you come across on Facebook can be an easy task if you use a proper Album Downloader software tool. Now you can save photos from Facebook social networking site using the Facebook Album Downloader tool. This tool helps users to save and backup photos found on various social networking sites. Check out this article to find the best Facebook Album Downloader tools that are used for fast download of Facebook albums.

Unfortunately Facebook doest allow to download complete Photo albums. If you go for downloading Facebook photos to computer one by one and let say the album contains 200 photos then imagine How much time it will take to download whole album. So, for saving you time, here some tricks to download Facebook photo albums by one-click. Mar 12, 2018  Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever on your Mac. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you. Features on the Facebook Mac app include:. See what friends are up to. Share updates, photos and video. Get notified when friends comment on your posts. Facebook install free download - Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, MOTU Universal Audio Install, YTD Video Downloader, and many more programs.


Facebook Album & Photo Manager

The Facebook Album & Photo Manager lets you explore, download and backup all Facebook photos and albums. This Facebook Album Downloader chrome extension tool allows users to upload new photos to your albums and download them back to your device.

Facebook Albums Downloader

Facebook Albums Downloader is a handy desktop application which lets you download all albums that you find on Facebook. This is a simple Facebook Album Downloader tool used for saving entire album with ease. Use this application to save photos directly to your computer system.


DownAlbum lets you save photos that you find on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo and Ask.fm sites. This Facebook Album Downloader tool is a chrome add-on which lets you save images almost instantly. Just access the image and use the add-on to save images directly.


FacePaste is a Facebook Album Downloader tool used for saving photo albums that you find on the Facebook social networking site. This add-on also allows users to save videos that are found on Facebook. Option for multiple downloads is also provided by this add-on.

Mac crashing on startup. Luckily, most of these types of problems are easily located and fixed.Occasionally, an app simply just freezes and doesn’t quit or show an error message.Or your Mac becomes totally unresponsive and you probably see what Mac users affectionately call the “spinning beach ball”. When apps crash on your MacBook, it’s often related to corrupt user accounts, memory problems or corrupt preference files following an OS update.

Photo Org for Facebook

Facebook Album Downloader Mac App Free

Photo Org for Facebook helps users to organize their Facebook photos. This Facebook Album Downloader application can be used to download multiple pictures, upload pictures and browse albums that you find on Facebook. Use this app to share photos directly, backup your photos, modify titles and organize your photos.

Album Copier

The Web Album Copier application helps to download all pictures from a web photo album. This Facebook Album Downloader tool can be used for automatic downloading of entire Facebook albums. The latest version of the album copier comes with new updates for improved performance.

Download Photos for Facebook



Facebook Album Downloader for Other Platforms

Search for Bulk Image Downloader, Instagram Downloader Software or Facebook Album Downloader for saving photos that you see on various online sites. Choose the best version of the downloader tool and start saving photo albums with ease.

PhotoGrabber for Windows

PhotoGrabber is the best Facebook Album Downloader tool for Windows. This is a free, simple and secure tool which helps to organize photos with ease. It allows users to download Facebook photos, tagged photos and uploaded albums in high-resolution.

PhotoFetch for Mac

Facebook app download mac

PhotoFetch is the best Facebook Album Downloader tool for all Mac users. This tool helps to download photos from any album that you find on Facebook. Purchase this app for fast download of Facebook photo albums with just a click.

MyAlbum for Android

MyAlbum is a Facebook Album Downloader application which lets you upload and download pictures with ease. Use this app to save an entire Facebook photo album, download all tagged photos and share photos with ease. Option to tag uploaded photos is also provided by this application.

Pick&Zip – Most Popular Facebook Album Downloader

PicknZip website offers Pick&Zip, the most popular Facebook Album Downloader tool used for downloading pictures and videos from Vine and Facebook. This free downloader tool lets you save tagged photos, backup pictures, build your selection and save videos with ease. You can also see Image Downloader Software

How to install Facebook Album Downloader?

Most of the Facebook Album Downloader tools can be downloaded for free online. Since the tools are small in size, the installation process will be completed in no time. Users can run the app to finish the installation instantly. The Facebook Album Downloader tool will offer you options for automatic downloads of photos and videos from Facebook.

The Facebook Album Downloader tools are a must have for saving Facebook photo albums in high-resolution. Automatic download option offered by these tools can come in handy if you need to save multiple photos. Download and install the best tool to start downloading Facebook albums with ease.

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