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  • AutoCAD ® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. Draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects Automate tasks such as comparing drawings, adding blocks, creating schedules, and more.
  • With an engineering drawing software at your disposal to make things so much simpler and easier for you, it would simply be a waste of time and effort to do everything manually. While it doesn’t do all your job for you (ironically if it did, it means you’re out of a job), having a software like this can make things a lot easier for you by a.
  • Engineering Professional - You will look like the ultimate engineering professional thanks to this app. It covers formulas for chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical engineering. Engineering students, this is a particularly good reference tool to use to impress your tutors.
  • Oct 12, 2019  Engineering Drawing App for Civil,Mechanical,Electrical Engineers Professionals.All the students and professional of Civi,Mechanical,Electrical can use this app to learn the drawings of.

It’s not so easy being an engineer. Think of all that careful planning you have to do everyday of your job—even the tiniest of miscalculations can cost quite a hefty sum to fix. That’s why most engineers use blueprints to make and erase any potential mistakes they make. Even then, these blueprints can be really hard to make.


Thankfully, for all you engineers out there, there’s a very convenient Drawing Softwarecalled an engineering drawing software that assists you guys in drawing projects. On this list are 11 of the best engineering drawing software. Thank us later!

Sep 07, 2019 Another, one of the best free drawing app available for Mac is “Autodesk Sketchbook“. As of the name, the company did maintain it since the software by far has been one of the best drawings software available for Mac and that too for quite a long time and it still remains the same.


Mechanical Drawing Software

AutoCAD Mechanical



PCB Artist

A New Kind of Software For Engineering

Even the smartest of engineers would need a little help in finishing their projects.

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Engineering drawing software takes a huge burden off their backs by helping them draw all they need to complete certain projects. It can help save time and effort, as well as funds for a project, to have this software at your disposal.

This can also be used to correct errors and mistakes in blueprint by providing a digital view of everything you’re placed on the project papers and allowing you to make adjustments and modification before they become a problem.

Just think of all the help you’ll get with an engineering drawing software with its extensive features.

  • Designing and testing electromagnetic circuiting
  • Analyzing current flow by studying already working principles
  • Saving circuits as image for study or printing them
  • Supports a multitude of image formats such as: GIF, BMP, JPEG, and PNG
  • Used elements are listed to define their configuration
  • …and so much more.

Speaking of drawings, if you want to view something in 3D format for something other than engineering, anIsometric Drawing Softwareis what you need to help you display those drawings in 3D format specifically.

Electrical Control Techniques Simulator


Draft It V4

SketchUp For Mac

LISCAD For Windows

AutoCAD 360 For Android

KiCad EDA – Most Popular Software

A Faster Alternative

If you’re still not convinced that this can be a big convenience for engineering projects, just think of the all the work you have to spend drawing and making necessary arrangements yourself. Why do you even need to bother? With an engineering drawing software at your disposal to make things so much simpler and easier for you, it would simply be a waste of time and effort to do everything manually.

While it doesn’t do all your job for you (ironically if it did, it means you’re out of a job), having a software like this can make things a lot easier for you by a large margin.

  • It has all the tools and makes calculations so you don’t need to look at your college books to remember everything if you’ve forgotten a few theories.
  • Neither do you have to measure anything with a ruler every four seconds.

Speaking of drawing, ever wanted to make drawings that aren’t for engineering purposes? Well, you might be interested in 2D Modeling Softwarewhich has a ton of features to help you make 2D models.

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A wide range of drawing apps is available for the artists that it becomes paramount to select the right one. Well, let us make your choice easier by offering a list of top 5 best drawing apps for Mac for 2019. In the list below, you will find the paid and free drawing apps. Select the one that suits your drawing needs.

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Best Drawing Apps for Mac

AutoDesk Sketchbook

It is considered the best drawing app for the Mac users. The app is free and easy to use. It comes with all tools required for a designer, illustrator or animator. The latest tools in AutoDesk Sketchbook help improve your drawing skills. The app includes the best Drawing Engine that handles a 100-megapixel canvas. However, you can zoom in and out for a convenient view. The Paper to Digital feature allows you to import the photos, edit them with the real-like ink and coloring. After some perfection, you would be able to impress the world with your skills of creativity. When you launch the app, a blank digital canvas appears where you can show your creative skills by using more than 140 brushes, modes, and unlimited layers. The guide for the newbie is also included in the app to help you begin with the app.


  • Powerful drawing engine
  • Best app for designers, illustrators, and animators
  • Contains more than 140 designer brushes
  • All drawing tools are included
  • A free and easy-to-use app
  • Minimalistic User Interface


  • None

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is indeed a very powerful drawing tool used by millions of designers and artists across the world. The neat user interface allows you to create beautiful images by using a wide range of intuitive tools and easy templates. Even the newbie will find it a smooth and easy app to draw and illustrate in Adobe Photoshop. A wide array of cool effects, extraordinary colors, adjust, crop, remove objects, remove red-eye, retouch and repair features allow you to give an entirely new look to your images.


  • Fast import feature
  • Unlimited brushes to draw digital drawing
  • Neat user interface
  • Interesting digital features
  • Easy to use
  • User guide included


  • Paid tool


Another best drawing app for Mac users is Krita. It is a free and open source app but offers a full range of professional drawing tools. When you open, the empty canvas allows you to import your desired images to edit them and to create concept art, illustrations or comics. The brush stabilizers and popup pallets are distinguished features of Krita. From simple to digital drawing, everything seems easier to illustrate in Krita. The texture and matte painters will love using it. The intuitive user interface allows you to work swiftly. You can also create shortcuts to use the most common drawing tools. So, you can work speedily.


  • Dynamic Brush Tool
  • Pop-up Palette
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Free app
  • Easy to use
  • Best for illustrators and animators
  • More than 9 unique brush engines


  • Behaves awkwardly sometimes and closes automatically


Inscape is another open-source drawing app with a wide range of drawing tools. The calligraphy tool allows you to give calligraphic strokes to the images. The pen tool creates Bezier curves and lines. Shape, Ellipses, Stars, Spirals and many other tools are included in InkSpace to make it unparalleled. A wide range of transformations, Z-order operations, Layers, and alignment tools are a part of Inkscape. It supports the text including multi-line text, Kerning, Text-in Shapes and everything related to reshaping the text. So, the creation of banners, logos, webpage, images, and illustrations becomes easier with Inkscape.


  • Best for illustrators and animators
  • Text support tool included
  • Object Creation tool
  • Object manipulation tool
  • Free app
  • Easy to Use

Best Drawing Apps For Computer


  • None


FireAlpaca is an amazing drawing app for the users. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. FireAlpaca is available in 10 languages. The drawing tools are simple to draw illustrations to amaze the world. The watercolor feature gives the real-like watercolor strokes to the illustration. It is very simple to use the tool. Being a free app, the performance is outstanding. It works faster. The built-in comic templates allow you to illustrate the concentration line as you like. The 3D Perspective feature enables you to convert your images into 3D Objects. The brush comes with a variety of effects to create an original impression.


  • Available in 10 languages
  • Free and easy app
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Comic Templates
  • 3D Perspective
  • Original Brush touch with many effects


Drawing App For Mac Free

  • A limited number of drawing tools
  • No digital tools