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Published on April 16, 2015 Updated on October 31, 2019

These screens do not always have a good press in the photographer community or with color management specialists. However, they are really very beautiful aesthetically, not to mention that their quality has improved significantly since 2012 ! For example, I noted an average Delta e of only 0.25 (2000 standard) with my i1Display Pro on the last iMac Pro Retina from 2017 ! It is therefore time to learn how to calibrate them.. in order to use them without a second thought..

If you're an amateur photographer, if you like to watch videos on your Mac, or even if you're a gamer, you should consider calibrating your display. You can use OS X's built-in calibration tools. Jun 11, 2018  Apple iMac Display – Out-of-the-box Color Accuracy. First, let’s take a look at a brand new, uncalibrated iMac screen and see how color accurate it is straight out of the factory. This is important to see for those who think that they can safely edit their images without ever doing any kind of display calibration. Can the display on a new 27' iMac be color calibrated using an external color calibration device? More Less Mac Pro, Other OS, MacPro 4,1 (early 2009); 10.11.5. Jan 06, 2020  Dell Color Calibration software for Window or Mac version. Firmware data version M3T102. Firmware update utility for UP2516D and UP2716D. Install Steps. NOTE: You should only have 1 display connected at a time when updating the firmware. If you have multiple displays, update the firmware individually on each display then return to your multiple.

Because of their reflections, which are indeed very annoying in many lighting environments, Mac displays and especially their beautiful iMacs have very bad press. Moreover, they are very limited in their settings : just the brightness.

However, since July 2011 and the release of a new generation of calibration tools, particularly at X-Rite (Colormunki Display and i1Display Pro), it is quite possible to calibrate these screens, and, in my opinion, in a very nice way.

Personally, I would say that their main defect because it will bother everyone remains their reflections (which have been considerably reduced on the 2013 versions) because their second defect - a not very extensive gamut - will not necessarily bother everyone. Indeed, who needs an extended gamut every day ? Not everyone, I assure you. Look at the magnificent images of Vincent Munier to convince yourself !

Display Calibration Software

The specificities of calibrating an iMac or Mac screen

But what makes Mac or iMac displays so difficult to calibrate a priori ? Is it because of their panel ? Of their settings? Of their graphics cards ?

What about the quality of iMac and Apple Display panels ?

There are now three main categories of computer display panel quality : TN, PVA and IPS for short. The better the quality, the easier it is to calibrate it but above all to edit your photos on it and obviously some photo retouching. Why ? Mainly because bad panels are distinguished by their poor viewing angle. With these panels it is indeed impossible to keep the same brightness as soon as you turn or lower your head. However, Apple, for the past two years, has been using the best technology, IPS. Before 2011/2012, iMac screens were complicated to calibrate but things have improved considerably since then.

  • iMacs have been using IPS white LED panels since 2012,
  • Apple Displays use IPS panels but with fluorescent tubes (CCFL).

Almost no settings on iMacs and Mac displays

On the other hand, it is now possible (since July 2011) to correct or even cancel their second major defect : the absence of screen settings except for brightness. However, we had seen on the page dedicated to screen calibration that the brightness was used to adjust the white point and the contrast the black point. This small miracle is still possible thanks to a new function implemented in particular in the X-Rite Colormunki Display and i1Display Pro colorimeters : the ADC function (Automatic Display Control).

My advice !All you have to do is choose the brightness you want (with X-Rite or Datacolor colorimeters) and make sure, on X-Rite models, that the 'Enable ADC function' button is checked. (Fig. below).

According to some sites, you can use the traditional external third-party display

calibration devices that can cost you from several hundred dollars & higher..

• How to Calibrate iMac Apple or Mac Display - Color Management Guide, by A. Frich:

Here's an example ^ of a site that seems to mostly describe benefits of calibration

yet seems to focus on a select few brands. I have no opinion or connection to the

site nor its suggestions; as I happened across it (and read through it) via Search.

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my search parameters:

You could look into known reputable resellers of display calibration hardware devices

and see if they actually have unquestionably honest assessment of specific models.


Some sites where comparison testing quality, results, brand, price, are online. And

even a reseller such as B&H has been known to offer information seemingly neutral.

Display Color Calibration App Mac Download

The devices used to calibrate displays, both internal and external, usually rely on a

maker's software component in addition to native Display settings in the macOS.

Basic calibration technique suggests to use System Preferences> Display settings.

Calibrate your display regularly to ensure accurate color.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Color.
  2. Click Calibrate. Display Calibrator Assistant walks you through calibrating your display,
  3. then it creates a calibrated color profile.

Display Color Calibration Tool


In any event..

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Good luck & happy trails! 🙂

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