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Mac temperature monitor is an essential way to keep an eye on the heat of your CPU low and extend the overall work life. A good temperature monitor allows logging of all those times when the processor is beyond the optimum level of temperature and is quite dangerous for the life of Mac.

When tasks, like running a virtual machine, rendering videos, playing games, etc., are being performed over the Mac, CPU is being used at a higher rate. And this is where Mac CPU temperature monitors the process and informs you for further action.

Now there erupts a question, Is Mac’s in-built Activity Monitor good enough for Mac temperature?

Mac OS has an in-built Activity Monitor that shows all the current activities running in the system. It shows all the tasks in detail, and you can even force quit any task from here.

It is good enough to show you the necessary details but might not be best if you want to customize the way you want. Moreover, there are many more things running inside your Mac, but they are not revealed completely with Mac’s own temperature monitor.

If you want to go ahead with more customization, do not want the activity monitor to take over the whole screen or aware of the impact of tasks on Mac’s CPU, you can go for a smart tool that monitors CPU temperature of Mac.

10 Best Mac Temperature Monitor

1. TG Pro

Why wouldn’t you want to know what’s going inside the center of your Mac? Yes, you want it, and TG Pro is your one-stop solution, and it is capable of providing the information of Mac’s health in detail. Interestingly, its clean interface is very appealing while providing all the vitals.

You get to check CPU, GPU, Logic board or hard drive temperatures, battery health, and other hardware details. Though you can manually boost the power of fans, TG Pro is capable of doing so automatically. So keep your Mac clean, cool and use this powerful Mac temperature monitor.


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2. iStats Menus 6

You can’t compare iStats Menus with anyone because of the abundance of features and robust customization options. Interestingly, you do not need to open a separate window to find what is running on the Mac, as it is displayed on the menu bar at the top.

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When you open it for more details, CPU and GPU information are present with individual cores, history graphs, load averages, etc.

Another use of this Mac temperature monitor is real-time listings of hard drive temperature, fans, CPU frequency, voltage, current, and power. Apart from this, you can quickly look at current weather conditions, detailed hourly forecast, wind speed, wind direction, and much more than ever imagined.

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3. Menubar Stats 3

One another advanced system monitor is Menubar Stats 3, which comprises various modules like CPU, Disk, Network, Bluetooth, etc. Now these modules can be seen in the menu bar or notification center, which can be combined in one window or separate windows.

Mac CPU Monitor is a different level experience with Menubar Stats 3 that visually appeals to the user and gives swift access to all the information. You can even drag and drop all the required modules to expand the window. And in case, the window is full, automatic scrolling of the page begins. How cool it is to monitor CPU temperature on Mac!

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Apple Menu Bar Mac

4. Fanny

Monitor how your Mac fans are doing using Fanny, which is indeed an amazing Mac temperature monitor. It is also a free notification widget with a pretty cool and compact design. This keeps a strong eye on CPU/GPU usage and system fans without cluttering the workspace or disturbance.

With Fanny, get quick information on current speed, target speed, minimum speed, maximum speed, number of fans and of course, temperature. All you need to do is open the Notification center, and find the status of fans.

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5. Temp Monitor

All the available sensors in your Mac are displayed well with this cool Mac CPU temperature monitor. It alerts you as the temperature is rising high, and your system is prone to any danger. Moreover, it also has a fan control feature that calms down Mac during the time of overheat.

Whatever it notes down, it displays on the screen through text and icons. Do not worry as this display pops up only when the Temp monitor feels its risky to let Mac run anymore without assistance. You can even view name, description, current value, history graph, and all the available sensors in Mac.

One can view the speed of every fan, control them and later check all the logged in details about all the sensors. For your ease, languages like English, French, German, Spanish and Vietnamese are supported.

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6. XRG

An open-source system monitor for Mac keeps you informed about CPU and GPU activities, memory usage, battery status, network activity, current weather, disk I/O, and even stock market data. Though you may find all the numbers a little cluttery when compared to other clean interfaces, it doesn’t intrude on your other work on Mac.

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7. Monity

Another way to monitor CPU temperature on Mac is downloading Monity, which shows memory, network, disk usage, and battery status at a single glance. You can easily find memory usage, fan speeds, network activity, app usage statistics, and battery status of your Mac. Interestingly, it is a lightweight app and does not mess with your menu bar.

8. SMART Utility

SMART or Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology is a utility application to scan the hardware diagnostics system of hard drives. This tool not only indicates the individual attributes of the information but also uses an integral algorithm to detect the drive’s health.

It displays information in the menu bar, and more details are provided in separate windows. The tool supports scanning at the background, saving drive reports for a later checkup, printing drive reports, etc. Overall, it is another one-stop solution for the Mac temperature monitor.

9. iStatistica

When Mac’s health is presented to you nicely and in a detailed manner, you do not want to go for another Mac temperature monitor. Apart from getting all the statistics, enjoy the notification center widget, dark and light theme while keeping memory, storage and battery life active.

10. coconutBattery

Not precisely Mac temperature monitor, coconutBattery can tell you about current battery health and shows live information. Apart from battery details, it gives you the health of SSD. Now, you can save this status at present and check the changes with time. Comes with WiFi support and iOS advance viewer, coconutBattery is an amazing way to check the health of your Mac.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Normal Mac Temperature?

Normal Mac temperature ranges between 50 degrees to 90 degrees F (10-15 degrees C), according to Apple Support.

Q2. How Do I Monitor On Mac Temperature?

One way to monitor Mac temperature is by looking at Apple’s in-built Activity Monitor. However, if one wishes to expand the possibilities of tools, they can go for third party temperature monitors like iStats, TG Pro, etc.

Q3. How do I check CPU temp on MacBook Pro?

Mac OS has an in-built Activity Monitor that displays the activities running in the Mac and gives the idea of temperature. However, some temperature monitoring apps like iStats Menus 6, Fanny, Temp monitor, etc. are some great apps dedicated to find CPU temperature on MacBook Pro.

Q4. How do I know if my Mac is overheating?

Whenever you are uncomfortable handling the heat of a Macbook and feel that it is making weird noises, it might not be okay. However, if you are using the Mac for a longer duration and it is getting normally hot, it might not be the case of overheating.

Q5. What temperature should my Mac CPU run at?

A normal Mac CPU runs at room temperature i.e. 22-25 degree celsius and may be considered as ideal temperature for Mac. However, you don’t need to worry about temperature rise if it goes 10 degrees above the normal range.


If you are willing to keep your eyes on Macbook for various purposes like temperature, disk usage, and many other internal things, any of the Mac temperature monitor mentioned above are a good source. If you ask us, TG Pro and iStats are pretty much neat and clean with abundant features in them.

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