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If you are a project manager at a construction site then you will require smart planning and constant tracking of the progress. All the important information should be conveyed to the right people at the right time. You will be able to use certain Construction Management Software for this purpose. These Construction CRM Software are easy to use and you can use Construction Estimating Software for doing all the estimation.



This premium software from SmartDraw, LLC is a very good construction management software and has many features like automatic formatting, sharing the project, different views, accountability and interactive smart visuals.

If you want to install a construction scheduling software, you will be able to use certain file transfer software. These software will be designed in such a way that it can be used only on one particular operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux or Android and not on anything else. Construction job scheduling software supports management of labor, resource, material and equipment schedules. These programs allow a user to define phases and tasks, and then match them with the labor, materials and resources required to complete each task and phase.


This premium software from VirtualBoss, Inc. will be able to make planning easier. You will be able to get the entire project organized and it is very easy to use and learn.


This premium software created by BuildIT Systems Corp. can be used for scheduling multiple jobs, tracking job information like files, notes, etc., creating construction documents and using schedule templates.


This premium software from Elecosoft UK Ltd can be used very easily for scheduling and 4D planning. You will be able to work collaboratively using real-time data and updating can be done on mobile devices.

Synchro Scheduler

This premium software is a 2D Gantt chart program that can be used for project planning and scheduling using an advanced CPM module. It can be synced with Microsoft Project and P6.

Field Aware

This premium software from FieldAware © 2016 can be used for scheduling, dispatching, work order management and mobile tracking. All the details will be available in one system.

Visual Planning




Construction Scheduling Software

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Free construction scheduling software for mac

Other Construction Scheduling Software For Different Platforms

If you want to install a construction scheduling software, you will be able to use certain file transfer software. These software will be designed in such a way that it can be used only on one particular operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux or Android and not on anything else.

Projectmates for Windows

Scheduling Program For Mac

This premium software from Systemates, Inc. is compatible with the Windows platform and can be used for creating multiple schedules and task management. Access to the software can be controlled.

PrioSoft for Mac

This premium software from PrioSoft Construction Software will be able to calculate the imperial or metric, manage projects from initial contact, control cash flow and get accurate estimates for different projects.

Contractor for Android

This free Android app from Jobcrafts can be used for managing the jobs and using different CRM features. You will be able to add custom fields and enter extensive job descriptions.

Fieldwire – Most Popular Software

This premium software from Fieldwire is a very popular construction scheduling software that will focus on the daily execution of the project plan for bringing speed along with structure to the team.

How to install Construction Scheduling Software?

If you want to install a construction scheduling software, then you should choose the one that you want by reading the reviews. Most of the scheduling software are premium versions so you should install the trial version first. This will help you in identifying the different features so that you can be familiar with all that. After that, you can contact the manufacturer and get the premium version. The links can be used for downloading the software and the file has to be unzipped. You can then run the installation file by following the instructions that are prompted.

If you use a scheduling software, you will be able to create a timeline based on all the information that is available to the project tasks. You can assign tasks to any individual and track the progress. Any scheduling conflicts can be noticed immediately. The schedules that are created can be viewed on Gantt charts and calendars.


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Me: I’m reviewing your software. Do you have a Mac version?

Them: Yes! :links to Windows download:

Them: Have you heard of Parallels?

Top 20 mac apps 2015. What I love most about this app is that the website gives you ample tutorial videos to get you started. The app lives in your menu bar and allows you to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s hiding everything on your desktop. If by any chance you were looking for a free video editing software, look no further and download Lightworks.Install: 25. HiddenMeHiddenMe is a small menu bar app which comes in very handy at times when you want to show a clean desktop without having to organize your stuff.


— Rachel Burger (@RaylieBurger) June 21, 2016

If you work for a large construction company and want the security of an on-premise solution and the computing power of a Mac, finding the right construction management software can be nothing short of a nightmare. A Google search can reveal plenty of cloud-based and Windows solutions, but the Mac options tend to hide out where construction managers can’t find them.

After several hours of investigation, demoing, and phone conversations, I’ve narrowed down the list of 50+ on-premise construction software options for Mac to just four outstanding products. All the products listed below provide construction-specific project management features and cover a range of potential clients, from individual users to enterprise construction companies. These options are sorted in alphabetical order.

1. BuilderTek Desktop

Best for: Individuals or small remodeling companies.

Stand out features: Comes pre-loaded with scheduling, cost management, and document control features. Also offers subcontractor management, checklists, project management, and helpful hints for the DIYer.

Ease of use: Easy.

Notable review: Currently unreviewed.

Concerns: This company is not currently being supported; best for one-off use.

Price: $99.99 for a single-use license.

2. BrickControl

Best for: SMB and large construction companies.

Stand out features: Offers multiple languages and different currency settings.Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Financials. Offers centralized data that updates as you work through the project (ex: cost estimation, progress, receipts, and documents). Has a price database for commonly-used materials. Gantt charts, project certification, invoices, reporting, time sheets, and more.

Ease of use: Advanced.

Notable review: “For us it was also important to work with a Mac with BrickControl. All our computers are Mac and before we had to virtualize Windows to use older applications not using all the power of our teams. BrickControl has solved our problem.” — Vicente Tur, Director, EIX114

Concerns: Staff will require extensive training to learn how to use the software.

Price: Scales up from $1,232 for the first user plus $601 for each additional user (recommended for rehabilitation, reform organizations, architects, engineers, and project managers). Business and enterprise costs are substantially more expensive.

3. FastTrack Schedule 10

Best for: SMB.

Stand out features: Outstanding templates, analyze budgets and project progression in granular detail, easy to pick up if familiar with iWork suite, drag and drop, effort-driven scheduling, and a gorgeous UI.

Ease of use: Intermediate.

Shift Scheduling Software Mac

Notable review: “[FastTrack Schedule 10] sports the familiar Mac look and feel with easy-to-identify icons for layouts, filters, sorting, and more— all with a text label that matches what you see in iPhoto, et al.” — John Brandon, Macworld

Concerns: Multiple project managers cannot access and edit a project while another manager is logged in.

Price: $349 per license

4. PM Vitals

Best for: Enterprise construction companies.

Stand out features: End-to-end change management, RFI management and reporting, bid management, daily logs, takeoffs, Gantt charts, and document management.

Ease of use: Intermediate.

Notable review: “The software is very user friendly. It does not take a lot of time to get used to the setup and get familiar with the functionality. Though I have not had any direct dealings with the vendor, I do know/have heard they are very helpful and have been great to work along with in customizing this tool for our personal needs.” — Joel Drabicki, Capterra

Concerns: No ability to add custom formulas and text formatting.

Price: Available upon request.


Finding an Apple-compatible, installed construction project management suite can be a real challenge. I’m sure that there are a bunch I missed. What would you recommend? Do you have any experience with the options listed above? Let me know in the comments.

Project Scheduling Software For Mac

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