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Jan 10, 2019  Here’s how to develop an iOS app without a Mac. Then, click the settings (gear) icon next to your app. Scroll down and click on “Build”.Make sure Mode is set to Debug, and select iOS under. The Best Value Mac to Develop an App If your budget is not as big as you wish, you, probably, would not afford the Mac Pro. But you can try iMac or Mac mini as your main development tool. Also, it is possible to attach a wider screen to any of those.

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Use your current Mac computer to develop apps for Windows.

Run Windows on your Mac and use Visual Studio

Are you ready to start developing Universal Windows apps, but you don't have a PC handy? That's okay — you can use your Mac! With popular third-party solutions like Apple Boot Camp, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, and Parallels Desktop, you can install Windows 10 and Microsoft Visual Studio on your Apple computer.

Note You will need a Windows 10 bootable image on disk or USB flash drive. If you are a MSDN Subscriber, you can download the install image from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads center. If you aren't a subscriber, the installer can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. You can also download it from this location, which is useful if you are already running Windows and wish to upgrade.

Once you have Windows running, you can then install the latest release of Visual Studio from Developer downloads for Windows 10 and start writing apps!

Note If you plan to use the Visual Studio device emulators, you must install a 64-bit (x64) version of Windows 10 Pro or better. Unfortunately, some older Macs cannot run 64-bit Windows. Please check with Apple if your hardware is compatible on thisApple support page.

Apple Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Assistant app is pre-installed on every recent Mac, and launching it will walk you through the process of installing Windows 10. All you need is a copy of Windows (from the sources listed above) and at least 30 Gb of free disk space. Once installed, you can choose to boot into Mac OSX or Windows 10. For more info, see Apple's Boot Camp instructions page.

Parallels Desktop

Using Parallels Desktop 11, you can run Windows apps side-by-side with existing Mac applications, including Visual Studio and Cortana. A pro version is available that includes extra features for developers, including improved debugging, and support for Docker and Jenkins. For more info, and a free trial version, see Parallels Desktop.

VMWare Fusion

Fusion 8 from VMWare will let you run Visual Studio right on your Mac desktop. A pro version is available to offer developers some more advanced features such as vSphere support. For more info, and a free trial version, see VMware Fusion.

Oracle VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a free application for running virtual machines on your computer, and it supports running Windows on Mac. It is a no-frills option, but the price is appealing. For more info, see VirtualBox.

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Ever found yourself in a situation where you loved software, only to know that it is compatible with Mac machines? Agreed, it is an anomaly as the number of Windows compatible software is vast. But at times, you might find yourself in such a situation or may come across with certain apps that work better on macOS.

If you are stuck in such a situation, here we will state ways for you to run Mac apps on your Windows 10 device. Surprised! Don’t be, just remember nothing is impossible.

Ways to run Mac Apps on Windows 10

Run Mac Apps On Windows

Step 1: Make a Virtual Machine with macOS on it

This is the simplest way to get Mac on Windows and run Mac apps. To learn how to run Mac on Windows check out my tutorial on How to Install macOS Mojave on Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine?

The step by step guide will make you learn how to get macOS virtual machine and how to install it on Windows 10.

Once you have the virtual machine up and running with macOS on it, come back here to learn ways to install and run Mac apps on Windows.

Step 2: Use your Apple Account

From this step onwards everything will work in a similar manner as it works on actual macOS. You’ll need to login into your Apple account to access App Store. If you don’t have one you’ll need to create an Apple account.

To create an Apple account on a web browser, follow the steps below:

1. Head to Apple ID account page, fill in all the particulars given in the form to create your AppleID. Remember provided email address will be your new AppleID.

2. Next select security questions, if you want to receive updated checkbox to subscribe.
3. Click Continue.

These simple steps will help you create an Apple ID.

Once done login to your Apple account to start downloading apps from App Store. To access App Store click on App Store icon present in the dock. Log in to your Apple account > look for the app you wish to download > click on Get > Install.

This will install the apps on your macOS virtual machine installed on Windows 10.

Using these simple steps you can use macOS on Windows 10 with the help of a virtual machine.

This might hit you with questions like what about the current session? Will you able to resume it from where you left or not?

To resume working from where you left you would need to shut down virtual machine in a sequence for this click on Apple logo > Shut Down. This will help you resume working.

However, if you want to extra cautious you can take a snapshot, to save the current state of the virtual machine.

To take a snapshot on VMware click on VM > Snapshot > Take Snapshot.

Next, give a name to the snapshot and hit Take Snapshot.

This way you’ll be able to save your current session.

Using these simple steps you can easily run Mac Apps on your Windows machine. However, you must never forget since you are using a Virtual machine they might not work as on actual macOS. This is simply due to a virtual machine sharing the host machine’s system resource. In addition to this, a piece of advice avoid updating your macOS Virtual Machine as the patch that makes the macOS virtual machine run is compatible with a specific version and may not work with the updates.

Of course, you can give it try, but keep in mind you can lose everything on the virtual machine in this process. You can also reach us on Facebook, Flipboard and Pinterest

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