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One of the most common uses for an Android phone is timemanagement. There’s no more convenient place to keep your calendar than on yourphone. It’s where you can quickly glance at your daily agenda, add a reminderso you don’t forget a meeting, or plan out your weekly and monthly goals.

Unfortunately, not all calendar apps offer the features youneed for a truly productive live. Some lack task management. Others lack anintuitive interface. Still others make you waste more time entering events thanyou’d spend just writing them down on paper.

The Google Calendar app helps you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. Available on Android, iPhone and iPad. ‎Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self. Here's what you'll love about Outlook for iOS: - Focus on the.

Choosing the Best Free Calendar Apps

The following are 10 of the best free calendar apps that youcan download to your Android right now. These apps were chosen because theypassed all the following tests.

  • Integration with Google Calendar (the Androiddefault)
  • Task management features
  • One or more calendar view (not task only orcalendar only)
  • Intuitive Interface

Any of the following free calendar apps will serve you welland help you make the most of your precious time each day.

1. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app comes installed by default onAndroid phones. This doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to most Android calendarapps out there. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile and intuitive calendarapps you could hope to use.


  • Daily agenda view with color-coded blocks forevents
  • Day, 3-day, week, and month views
  • Syncs and displays multiple Google calendaraccounts
  • Quickly add goals, reminders, and events


  • No task management feature
  • Easy to accidentally tap to add new event
  • Doesn’t integrate with other calendar accounts

2. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 looks very similar to Google Calendar; however,it fits more information into a smaller mobile screen. This means lessscrolling. You also get a quick overview of your weekly or monthly schedulewith less scrolling.

You’ll have all the same views available as Google Calendaras well. What Business Calendar 2 does that Google Calendar doesn’t is a usefultask management feature that integrates tasks right into your calendar when youadd them with a due date. Multiple task lists are available.


  • More compact view, tailored for small mobilescreens
  • Intuitive event and task entry
  • Allows for recurring events
  • Combined task and agenda view


  • Some advanced features require a Pro purchase
  • Somewhat generic, “typical” calendar style
  • Navigation isn’t always intuitive

3. aCalendar

If you’re looking for a refreshing change, aCalendar is agreat free calendar app for Android. The weekly agenda view has large blocksfor days with events clearly visible in each day. It highlights the currentday, and includes the month view off on the side.

It has the same features as Business Calendar 2, but withone downside. To use the task management feature, you’ll need to purchase thepremium version of the app.


  • Unique calendar views
  • Event search tool
  • Includes gestures technology
  • Very intuitive navigation
Calendar Apps For Android And Mac

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  • Task management requires premium upgrade
  • Limited advanced features

4. DigiCal

The DigiCal Android calendar app is a refreshing take oncalendar design. It lets you choose between a white or dark theme when youfirst launch it. Also, many of the views include multiple views, like a monthlyview that also displays your daily agenda on half of the screen.

Calendar apps for android and mac download

Also, most views aren’t static like other apps. In the WeekAgenda view you can scroll through the agenda inside the box for individualdays.


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  • Professional, intuitive calendar views
  • Displays more information in the same space thanother apps
  • Includes current weather information at yourlocation


  • Small nuisance banners for premium upgrade
  • No task management feature

5. AnyDo

AnyDo is well-known as a powerful task management app. Butwhat many people don’t know is that it’s one of the few cloud task management servicesthat integrates a calendar-based agenda view into its app.

AnyDo lets you sync this calendar view with your GoogleCalendar account, so that you can seamlessly view events from your GoogleCalendar alongside all your AnyDo tasks.


  • Fresh, clean calendar view
  • Integrates tasks and calendar events into asingle calendar
  • Multiple task lists for organizing tasks
  • Includes recurring tasks and events


  • Only one calendar view available
  • Limited calendar features compared to othercalendar apps
  • Advanced features require premium upgrade

6. Tiny Calendar

You would think an app called Tiny Calendar would be overlysimplified, however that’s not at all the case. Tiny Calendar looks a lot likethe Google Calendar app, but with a wider view that helps you see more on asmall mobile screen.

The Month view also includes a half-screen agenda view soyou can see both a long-term and short-term view of your schedule at once.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you add recurring events
  • More view options than most calendar apps
  • Long-press event entry prevents accidentalentries


  • Task management feature requires premiumpurchase
  • Not as many advanced features as other calendarapps

7. TickTick

The TickTick calendar app is very similar to AnyDo in bothappearance and function. It’s primarily a task management app, but onlyprovides a weekly agenda view that’s identical to what you find in the AnyDoapp.

TickTick lets you add multiple tabs for Pomo time managementand habit tracking as well. There are multiple color themes available, and thetask management area allows for multiple lists.


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Very simple to use
  • Swipe to mark event or task as done


  • Task management not as feature filled as AnyDo
  • No advanced features available

8. Accomplish

One of the more unique time management and calendar apps outthere, Accomplish simplifies how you use your calendar app to save you time andhelp you stay focused. It does this with a simple calendar display with largeblocks, and quick reminder icons you can drag up to block other precedingevents from preventing you to prep for upcoming events like meetings.

A time management feature is also well integrated into the app;however, it isn’t possible to schedule tasks. Rather, they just remain in atask pane on the left side of the app.


  • Simplicity enhances your productivity
  • Quick and easy to add events and tasks


  • Tasks don’t include due dates
  • Very limited calendar views available
  • Navigation is not always intuitive

9. TimeTune

TimeTune is a very simple free calendar app for Android, butwhat it lacks in complexity it offers in time management features. The calendarview is timeline only, which you need to scroll through to see days in thefuture.

However, features this app offers that put it on top includethe ability to automate routines into your schedule, advanced event andreminder entry forms, and useful timers that help you remain focused onimportant tasks.


  • Encourages focus and productivity
  • Innovative Routines feature
  • Easy Google calendar account sync


  • Advanced features require a premium purchase
  • Lacks multiple calendar views

10. SectographPlanner & Time Manager

Sectograph is easily one of the most innovative freecalendar apps for Android that you’ll ever use. All too often, people focus somuch on managing their calendar that they forget to focus on the eventshappening in the moment. It’s also easy to stay blind to upcoming appointments,and then get caught off guard when they occur.

Calendar App For Android Tablet

Sectograph gives you a creative visual display for your day.A red indicator marks the time of day as well as what tasks are coming up, andhow much time you’ll spend on them. This makes it very easy, with just a quickglance, to see how much time you have left for the current task, and helps youtake the time you need to prepare for upcoming appointments.


  • Integrates with your Google Calendar
  • Beautiful design
  • Includes a transparent widget for your phone’shome screen


Calendar App For Android Phone

  • Only one calendar view
  • No task management
  • Advanced features require Pro version purchase

Choose Your Best Calendar App for Android

As you can see, there are a lot of choices when it comes toAndroid calendar apps. By ensuring the app you use syncs with the cloudcalendar account you use to store events, it gives you the ability to use oneor more apps that offer features you need. For example, you can use Sectographto stay focused on your daily agenda, and AnyDo to focus on task management.

The app you choose depends on how you tend to use yourcalendar, and which features will enhance your day and help you become moreproductive.

This year has been a literal dumpster fire, but we all still have lives that we need to live, as hectic as they can be. We know — you have meetings, appointments, events, errands, and so much more on your plate, and managing everything can be quite difficult. That's why it really helps to have a digital calendar to help you track everything on your schedule. Here are some of our favorite calendar apps on Mac.


Fantastical has been around for several years now, and even though it has switched to a subscription model, it remains the favorite calendar app for many of us here at iMore.

With Fantastical, you are getting a fully functional desktop app that also has a menubar version for quick access. You can customize your views for daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly, and your agenda of events appears in the side bar as well. If you are running multiple calendars at once, things can get gnarly — Fantastical lets you customize sets of calendars to view at once, and they can even be location-based, so things don't get too crazy when viewing. For example, you can have work calendars viewable while you're at work, but personal ones when you're at home.

The natural language input is also top-notch, as the app easily understands and fills out all of the appropriate fields while you type out something as simple as 'Have lunch with Mom at In-N-Out on Tuesday at 2 p.m.'

While Fantastical does have a subscription model now, previous users of Fantastical 2 get most of the features unlocked, so it's still very functional. If you're new to Fantastical, there is a trial to test it out to see if you like it before deciding on a subscription. The free version has restricted features.

Fantastical 3

Fantastical has a beautiful interface that's easy to use and plenty of robust features.

Source: Busy Apps FZE

Another great option is BusyCal. This app automatically syncs up with any accounts that you're using with the Mail app on Mac, and everything will be up-to-date. The design of the app itself is simple and clean, but there are plenty of powerful features as well. One of those is the Smart Filter, which lets you create rules for what events are shown. For example, you can set a filter to only show birthdays or repeating events. BusyCal also lets you have multiple Smart Filters set up at once, making it easier to organize your hectic calendar.

Other features of BusyCal include a menubar app, travel time, natural language input, and a ton of customization options including font face, size, colors, time format, and much more. If you don't like Fantastical's subscription model, BusyCal and its one-time cost is an excellent alternative to consider.


BusyCal packs in a ton of useful features and is highly customizable. It also has a single, one-time cost.

Source: Qbix

If you are satisfied with the default Calendar app on Mac, but just want a companion app to go with it in the menubar, then Calendars is worth a look. This free app lives in your menubar, acting as a viewer for the calendars that you've set up in Calendar. It serves as a quick way to see your schedule and agenda in a single glance, so you aren't able to add new events from this app. There is an optional subscription that gives you more features, like adding Google Calendar accounts and backgrounds.


Calendars lives in your menubar and serves as a companion to the default Calendar app.

Source: Fanatic Software

Need your calendar app to be more than just a calendar? Then Informant is the one you're looking for. This powerful app rolls your calendar, task manager, and notes into one, giving you everything you need in a single glance. The task manager element of Informant is also very flexible, working with you, whether it's GTD, Franklin Covey, or a simple and basic task list. Informant also has support for multiple filters, so you can easily switch and access the important stuff whenever you need to.


Informant rolls your calendar, task manager, and notes app into one.

Source: Higher Bar LLC

If you want your calendar to live in your menubar, but need a bit more functionality than Calendars, then InstaCal is worth considering. This app also lives in your menubar, so it's not a full blown app like the others. However, it keeps your calendar a click away, so you can view your events, agenda, and even tasks, as well as having the functionality of adding new events and tasks directly. InstaCal works with any of the calendars that you already have set up in Calendar, or you can manually add unlimited accounts from Google, Office 365, and Outlook. It also has Dark Mode support, customization options, and more.

InstaCal - Menu Bar Calendar

InstaCal lives in your menubar but still gives you plenty of functionality, including the ability to add events and tasks.

Calendar Apps For Android And Mac Pc

Source: AntLogic

Do you want a calendar app that is simple and lightweight? Mini Calendar fits the bill perfectly. It gives you access to your calendars three ways: on the desktop, from the Dock, and from the menubar. When it's on the desktop, it is always-on and sits above the wallpaper. From the Dock, you just need to click on the icon and it will bring up the calendar as a popup. Mini Calendar is configurable in terms of color, shortcut keys, and it can show you sunrise and sunset times too. It's just a light and fast way to get to your calendar when you need to.

Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar is a lightweight calendar app that you can access from your desktop, Dock, or menubar.

Source: Vincent Miethe

Rounding out the list is Calendar 366 II, which is another menubar calendar app. However, it's one of the more fully featured ones, which is quite impressive. With Calendar 366 II, you get full access to your calendar and reminders right from your menubar, and you can change the view to year, month, week, day, agenda, or even list. It has eight themes for light and dark modes, custom colors, calendar sets, custom font sizes, Spotlight integration, travel time, Alfred and LaunchBar support, and so much more. To pack all of the features of a full on application into just the menubar is pretty amazing, and the cost of the app is not too much either, all things considered.

Calendar 366 II

Calendar 366 II is one of the most feature-packed menubar calendar apps there is.

Keep your schedule organized

These are just a few of our favorite calendar apps on the Mac App Store. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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