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But with the help of a slideshow software, free download, you will be able to achieve a better rendering of the same with added features. There are many web slideshow software available online for the different platform and the best slideshow software for MAC are being used very popularly. Jan 22, 2020  Kapwing is an online slideshow software that not only supports images, but also video files of MP4, WebM and 3GPP formats. Uploading of YouTube videos is available in this free slideshow maker. This is definitely a great feature however since this service is a web based one it might be time consuming to upload and process large files and long.

Sep 01, 2019  Moreover, this free Mac slideshow creator provides you with thousands of free DVD menu templates. An inbuilt software that comes bundled with your Mac, iDVD enables you to create amazing video/picture slideshows using your digital media contents in an intuitive and easy-to-use navigable interface. PicturesToExe is a professional photo slideshow software which you can use for creating slideshows with amazing effects like the great number of transitions and slide styles. Consider PicturesToExe as one of the best photo slideshow software for mobile devices, because it has the app both Android and iOS. The elegant touch and the simplicity that it comes with makes it one of the best free slideshow maker to work with. Now, we would move our attention as we look towards some of the best free slideshow maker for Mac users: 7. ISkysoft Slideshow Maker. One of the most widely used software on all Mac devices.

When you have many pictures or video and want to create a slideshow out of it to share it with your friends and family on some occasions, then you might use the old school method of PowerPoint. But with the help of a slideshow software, free download, you will be able to achieve a better rendering of the same with added features. There are many web slideshow software available online for the different platform and the best slideshow software for MAC are being used very popularly.


Web-CD Slideshow Creator

This software is compatible on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. and can be used to create web-based slideshows. The software can be downloaded from the website which is saved as a .exe file and then it can be run.

Foto Magico

This Mac software is a simple way to create slideshows by using photos, videos, music, and texts. Pre-build stories or story parts can be used or custom-made ones can be created. It can be presented live or exported in high resolution. It has a storyboard and timeline view with music, effects and narration tracks that can be played in the background. Chapters can be created and the final video can be shared on YouTube or exported to MP4.

Website HTML Slideshow Software

This software can be used to create slideshows in which the time elapses can be set and when it runs out the next image is shown. An image or text link is added to the navigation in order to start or stop the slideshow. The inbuilt templates and graphics have got the necessary codes but if any new template should be added then an HTML code can be used.

Memories On Web

This is a powerful slideshow creator that can be used to create photo or video slideshows and upload it to other hosts like YouTube to share it with friends. It has a host of controls that can be used to blend the photos and videos and also apply other effects like panning, zooming, inserting audio tracks, etc., to make it more creative.

Slideshow for Mac

This is an easy way to create Mac slideshows as well as presentations which allow media files, images, and sounds to be put into portfolios that can be circulated as freestanding programs or movie files. It handles a wide range of files like MP3, WAVE, DV, MPEG, etc; and can be used on a professional level by photographers and illustrators.


Wow Slider for Windows

This is a point and clicks wizard for Mac and Windows platforms. It doesn’t require any coding or image editing. This software provides the option of using inbuilt skins and various effects. Demos are available on the site to get ideas and inspiration from.

Most Popular Software – Web Slideshow Software

This popular software is compatible on the Mac platform and can be used on a PC. The file can be downloaded and used easily to create slideshows. You can also see Photo Coloring Software

What is Web Slideshow Software Software?

Sometimes people are looking to design very creative slideshows either for a presentation or for personal purposes. They will be looking for features like intro snippets, subtitles, synchronized music, soundtracks, narrations and other such features. When inserting music tracks we should be able to add effects like fading, envelopes, etc., which also applies to the images and videos.

Each slide should blend in and the slideshow must proceed seamlessly. It is not possible to create such a slideshow on a PowerPoint file. So in that cases, a slideshow software, free download can be used. It will help you to put all your media files together and create an impressive slideshow.

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'Which is the best slideshow software for Mac allowing me to create video and photo slideshow?' With a slideshow software, you are able to store your large collection of photos, video by creating photo slideshow and video slideshow. At that time, you need to choose a fantastic slideshow tool for Mac to help you. Below we will introduce you to the best one.

The Best Slideshow Software for Mac OS X (EL Capitan)

To get a professional photo slideshow or video slideshow, iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac being the best slideshow software for Mac presents a powerful slideshow. Interesting thing is that it doesn't require any experience and a few clicks can provide you good results. Ios app on windows 10. Drop your photos, music and videos and add few slideshow maker custom and build themes and finally you have a gift that is memorable and last forever.

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What Makes Your Slideshow Impressive:

  • Drag and drop function makes slideshow creation easy. It simply means that drop in photos, music and videos from anywhere including iPhoto, GarageBand, and iTunes and drag out if you want to delete.
  • A collection of thirty uniquely themed templates that include travel, holiday, scrapbook, and film strip etc in this slideshow software for mac presents a joyous technology.
  • 3D themes give dimension to every show and one can apply a number of themes to the same show to give it more attractive and unique look.
  • One can also extend a single theme to cover up groups of photos and video clips to create chapters. After finishing your creative, you can share it on YouTube or burn to HD DVD. Just one click to do that.

How to Use the Best Slideshow Software for Mac

Step 1 Download and launch the slideshow tool for Mac

Download the slideshow software and install it on your Mac. Run this program, and you'll see its interface shown as below.

Step 2Load media files to slideshow software maker

Slideshow software for Mac provides an easy way for you to load videos, audio or images to your project. Click on the Media Browser button to show file thumbnails. Drag your desired media to the storyboard. It will load automatically. Then drag and drop a specific slide you like to arrange the media.

Note: Before going on to next step, select proper dimensions for your slide. If you want to watch the show on mobile devices, you should change the dimensions when export. You can select 1920*1080 or 1280*720 for a HD show.

Step 3Change styles

When you load video clips and photos to your project, random themes will be applied automatically. You can choose another theme easily. Over 30 different themes are available. Simply drag your desired theme to the existing one for replacement. It allows you to change style from one to another.

You can also change the background style and the clips duration. Click the 'Apply to all clips' option , you can set all clips with the same duration. Alternatively, right click a slide to bring up a menu, set individual duration by Duration option. Only 3D and General styles allow you to change the background to a local image or pre-design paper on Mac.

Note: If you want to download themes, please make sure your network connection is active. Click the big download arrow to start downloading. Here is the theme package that contains extra Intro/Credit slides and many types of themes.

Step 4Preview and share

Last, preview your video from the beginning to the end. You can go to 'Share' menu on top, then select the way you want to share with your friends or others. Alternatively, click the 'Share' button in the middle left toolbar. You are able to export your slideshow video to iTunes, upload the slideshow video to YouTube (simultaneously on Facebook if necessary), transfer to Apple devices or burn to DVD using the built-in DVD burning tool (smaller size without menu) or iDVD.


  • If you want to enjoy the slideshow video on iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices, you do not have to set the dimensions. The default optimized parameters and dimensions would be the best.
  • You are able to save the slideshow video for later editing. To do so, go to File menu and click Save or Save As option.

Burn Slideshow to DVD on Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12)

Best Slideshow Apps For Mac

When you want to burn slideshow to DVD, we highly recommend you to use iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac. This is a handy DVD tool helping you burn HD DVD from various videos and photo slideshows. You can simply drag and drop your slideshow to the program and edit it if needed, and then burn it to DVD disc, DVD Folder (Video_TS), ISO file, and DVDMedia file. See more features:

Best Slideshow Software Mac

  • Burn videos in MP4, FLV, MOV, MTS, AVI, and more to DVD.
  • Burn online videos from YouTube, Facebook Vimeo and others to DVD.
  • Import homemade videos or videos shot by iPhone and other devices to DVD.
  • Edit videos and apply DVD menu to make the DVD special.