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  1. Best Sketch App For Mac

The first three apps, Notes, Paper by Fifty Three, and Linea Sketch, represent apps that most people will find easy to use. And the last three apps, Assembly, Comic Draw, and Pixaki, give you tools for specific tasks, such as building images from shapes instead of lines, creating comics,. May 19, 2020  This is one of the best drawing and sketching apps for pretty much anyone, with a wide selection of brushes, surfaces, tools, and features to choose from. Take a look at Autodesk Sketchbook—it’s a professional-tier sketching program that recently became free! Autodesk SketchBook.

‎The original and the best photo-to-sketch app in the Mac App Store. Now 50% off full price for a limited time. PhotoSketcher is a delightful app to effortlessly turn your digital photo into an artistic pencil sketch. Just drag and drop your photo on to PhotoSketcher window and be amazed by the magi.

The Surface series from Microsoft changed the game completely, bringing new and much-needed features with extreme portability to the market. Similarly, Windows 10 brought with it a slew of new and improved tools with it. What do you get when you combine the two? A productivity and creativity powerhouse. Needless to say, sketch artists, painters, and those who like to draw are happy. There are plenty of drawing apps for Windows 10 available online, both free and paid.

Let’s take a look at some drawing and sketching apps. See which one fits your requirements and offer additional features that you may need.

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Drawing Apps for Windows 10

1. Paint 3D

One of the first and most popular drawing apps was MS Paint. Simple, light, and easy to use. Paint 3D takes things to the next level. Released with the launch of Windows 10, Paint 3D comes with a slew of new tools and brushes to play around with. Yes, 3D too.

Pre-installed with Windows 10 and free, Paint 3D comes with a number of new brushes, effects, and tools. Draw or sketch any shape using a brush or finger/pencil and it will automatically be converted into a 3D model. Any shape that comes to your mind, like a cloud in my case. It comes with a built-in library to tap into, but you can always download more from the web. You can also cut out shapes from existing pictures and draw over it.


  • Brushes, text, stickers,
  • 2D, automatic 3D shapes
  • 3D library
  • Mixed reality
  • Pre-installed and free


Best Sketch Apps For Mac
  • None

Download Paint 3D: Windows (Free)

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GIMP is a very popular open-source image editor not just for the Linux platform but is also available on both Windows and macOS computers. GIMP is often recommended as an alternative to the industry leader Photoshop. Yup, it’s that good and can be used for drawing and sketching just as easily.

GIMP is not the most user-friendly sketching and drawing app for Windows 10, but it has plenty of firepowers inside. There are many tools like brushes, colors, shapes, and objects to play around with. It can work really well with layers as well. There are pressure dynamic settings in case you are working with a drawing tablet with physical pencils or a Surface Pro. GIMP is too powerful and has a number of tools that are beyond the scope of this post.


  • Brushes, text, stickers,
  • 2D, masks
  • Layers, perspective, pressure dynamic,


  • None

Download GIMP: Windows (Free, Open-source)

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3. Sketchable

If you want a professional sketching and drawing apps for Windows 10 that was purpose-built for sketching in mind, you will have to move to paid alternatives like Sketchable. It acts as a digital notebook cum canvas complete with page flips, and powerful tools that are easily accessible in menus. A joy to use on Surface Pro laptops and computers (using drawing tablets) alike.

Some important drawing tools including stencils, layers, color picker, masks, and symmetry. These tools open up new possibilities that were previously not possible with apps like GIMP and Paint 3D. Sketchable has a free version but that is very limited. Most tools are locked for the pro version which is available for just $24.99. A small price even if you are a hobbyist.

Sketchable still misses some tools that you will find in Photoshop but is also a lot easier to learn and use, is less resource-intensive, and a lot cheaper.


  • Brushes, text
  • 2D, masks
  • Layers, perspective, pressure dynamic,
  • Stencil, symmetry
  • Customize UI
  • Sketchbooks


  • Not Photoshop replacement

Download Sketchable: Windows (Freemium)

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4. SketchBook (Autodesk)

SketchBook comes from the house of Autodesk, creators of some really cool products and creative tools. Available on all platforms including smartphones, SketchBook allows you to start drawing the moment you are hit with inspiration, irrespective of where you are or what device you are using.

SketchBook comes with so many tools that you will be spoilt for choice. There are over a 140 types of brushes alone to choose from, color gamut, layers, masks, and stencils. Can’t draw straight or curved lines? Use predictive stroke to turn it into perfection. Even when working with layers and blending, there are close to 15 tools I could count. That’s a lot of options, maybe too much.

SketchBook is more suitable for pros who do this for a living. Too many choices can confuse beginners and hobbyists. Plus, it comes with a subscription plan that begins $4.99 per month.


  • 140+ Brushes
  • 2D, masks
  • Layers, perspective, pressure dynamic,
  • Stencil, symmetry
  • Customize UI
  • Sketchbooks
  • Cross-platform


  • Subscription

Download SketchBook: Windows (Paid)

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Retouch photos quickly and easily and edit and apply effects to photos and other images. Crop, rotate, resize, and flip pictures.Touch up photos to remove blemishes and red-eye.Apply effects such as oil paint, cartoon, sepia, and more! Fast and easy. Free photo editing software mac os. Crop, rotate, resize and add effects like sepia tones, greyscale and red eye reduction as well as adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. Adjust image color, hue, brightness and contrast.

5. MediBang Paint

Are you into drawing cartoons and manga characters? Maybe anime? MediBang is a popular and free tool that’s available on all popular platforms for desktop and smartphones. This drawing app for Windows 10 comes with over 50 brushes, layers, pressure-sensitive input, and an extensive resource library.

It’s an amazing tool for manga artists and is very popular among them too. Not only that, but there is also a very active community who have developed their own brushes that you can import into the app. There is a dedicated comic panel that you can use to create comic art and write text on your art. Makes writing comic books that much easier.


  • 50+ Brushes
  • 2D, masks
  • Layers, perspective, pressure dynamic,
  • Resource library
  • Stencil, symmetry
  • Comic art, fonts, panels,
  • Cross-platform


  • Suitable for comic makers only

Download MediBang: Windows (Free)

6. Krita

Krita is an open-source desktop painting application available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Although the Windows Store application is paid at around $10, you can download the nightly build for free from this link. Apart from drawing toons and sketches, there’s a wrap-around mode that lets you form seamless textures. Additionally, Krita supports PSD files which means you can import your photoshop brushes. This is a lot helpful when you want to download brushes from the Internet because most of them are available only from Photoshop.

Krita is a part of the KDE open-source project which is a huge community. Hence, you’ll find a lot of tutorials and documentation on the official site and over the Internet.


  • Customizable brush engines
  • Organize brushes
  • Support for PSD files and option to import Photoshop brushes
  • Support for pen shortcuts and pen-pressure sensitivity
  • Stabilizer for free-hand inking


  • Problems while saving the file

Download Krita: Windows (Free Paid)

Drawing Apps for Windows 10

Where you are a hobbyist or a pro, looking to draw regular objects or create new manga and anime characters, there is a drawing app you can use on your Windows 10 computer. You just have to choose the right tool for the job. That’s why I have reviewed a range of drawing tools focused on different types of artists. Some of them are free and even open-source while others are paid. Choose your tool and get creative.

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You don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop on your Mac to edit images like a pro. There are plenty of Photoshop alternatives for Mac that you can download or use in-browser to create just the right images and graphics for your projects. And some of them are completely free!

None of these are necessarily one-size-fits-all solutions. Each tool tends to serve a specific purpose; Do you want to edit online or on a desktop? Are you editing photos or multiple file types? Is all the work for web or will images get printed?

Here’s a list of the best Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2020, but not in any particular order. Have a read through to find the one that’s right for you.

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1. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a past Apple Mac App of the Year Winner and the professional tool has everything you’d expect in a premium photo-editing product.

Best Sketch App For Mac

Use it to edit and retouch images as well as create multi-layer pieces. The professional corrections and adjustments tools rival any other app out there and it has a great noise-reduction filter. Retouching options include the usual dodge, burn, clone, patch, blemish, and red eye tools, but there’s also an inpainting brush and liquify feature.

Other key features:

  • Dedicated camera RAW workspace
  • HDR merge
  • Panorama stitching
  • Bath processing
  • 360-degree image editing

Cost: $49.99
Try it:From the App Store

2. Sketch

Sketch isn’t a photo-editing app per se, but you can editing images within the Mac prototyping tool.

The best part of editing in Sketch is that all edits are nondestructive, meaning that any of your changes take effect without overwriting the original image file. (So you can always go back to the original if you want.)

Sketch allows for basic image editing including inverting images, cropping and color fill. It can be described as a basic bitmap editor and for many simple projects is enough.

Other key features:

  • Color adjustment capability – hue, saturation, brightness and contrast
  • Reduce image/file size
  • Replace and change images in projects with one click (Since you are using the same tool)
  • Ability to work in layers
  • Also includes ability to edit vector elements

Cost: $99/year

Try it:From Sketch


GIMP offers powerful photo manipulation and editing capability in a free, open source package. (You can also download the source code and make changes as you see fit and add more functionality with third-party plugins.)

GIMP is designed for high-quality photo manipulation including retouching images and photo restorations. Users can also use it to create original artwork, a feature that many other non-Photoshop editors don’t provide (or have but it can be difficult to use).

Other key features:

  • Ability to create icons and other elements
  • Use for scripted image manipulation (C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme and more)
  • Color management tools included with Scribus, Inkscape and SwatchBooker
  • Large number of usable file formats and a customizable workspace
  • Extensive tutorial library on the website so you can learn the tool easily

Cost: Free
Try it:From GIMP

4. Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a nondestructive editor that allows you to make changes to images and draw in the app. It also includes a nifty machine learning auto color adjustments tool to help make color changes a breeze.

One of the best features of Pixelmator Pro is that you can even export images for the web – hello, optimization – so you don’t have to use multiple tools to edit and then shrink image for top website quality production. Pixelmator Pro also includes some workflow tools to help you work more efficiently.

Other key features:

  • Works with Mac’s Touch Bar
  • Live preview option so you can see how changes will look before committing
  • Text editing capabilities
  • SVG editing and export
  • Painting tools so you can draw anything by hand

Cost: $59.99
Try it: From the App Store or try the free demo

5. Pixlr Pro

Pixlr Pro is an in-browser image editing app that’s packed with photo, vector and text editing capability. You can edit like a pro with tools that include layer masks, multiple brush options, curve and level adjustments, color and blend modes, effects and filters, and transform and wrap tools.

What’s different about Pixlr Pro, which also has a free version, is that you don’t have to download anything to use it. All the tools are right in your browser (and it has strong browser compatibility). It also includes a lot of other goodies to help jumpstart projects, such as templates and fonts.

Other key features:

  • Includes access to 1 million royalty-free stock images
  • Comes with more than 10,000 photo templates
  • Works with PSD and Sketch image files
  • Smart healing tools for photo correction
  • Refine edge tool make it easy to mask complex objects

Cost: $5/month
Try it:From Pixlr

6. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a well-known online photo editor and retoucher. It has the most complicated structure of features of all the tools in this list with free, basic and pro pricing plans with different levels of features and tools.

If you plan to use any of the advanced features – save and export, advanced retouching, effects and overlays, fonts – then you are probably looking at the pro level plan. Free plans include ads; paid plans do not. PicMonkey is a pretty straightforward tool that is popular with users creating images for social media and online-only use with a simple photo editor and design tools.

Downloadable embroidery software for mac. Use the Send Express function to send the design to the machine via USB cable.For HUSQVARNA VIKING® models that use a USB stick, use Export to export the design as.VP3 format and copy onto the USB stick.For HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER I, export as.SHV format for floppy disk or USB stick.5D™ Embroidery Machine CommunicationFor Windows® 10, Windows® 8 and Windows® 7 (English, French, German and Italian):.When installing, enter the installation code 9200 when prompted.After installation, open the 5D™ Configure Wizard. Search for and sort your embroideries with ease. Browse them in different sizes and print a worksheet. Select your machine model under MyMachines and set the appropriate Send1 and Send2 settings. Convert your designs to other embroidery formats, add trim commands or change thread range.For mySewnet™ connected machines such as the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™, use the Send to mySewnet™ function.For HUSQVARNA VIKING® machines connected via USB cable, the Embroidery Machine Communication module is automatically installed.

Other key features:

  • Add-ons include filters, overlays and text tools
  • Touch up photos to add more visual interest
  • Watermark and other templates to make projects quick
  • Ability to create a photo collage
  • Simple interface with ready to use buttons in-browser or using the desktop app

Cost: Starting at $5.99/month
Try it: From PicMonkey

7. Fotor

The tool that the BBC called “Photoshop lite” is simple and easy to use. Edit images, add effects and text or tough up portraits like a pro with Fotor.

The photo editor has all the tools you’d expect for everyday editing with shape and aspect ratio cropping, color, saturation and white balance options and ability to straighten and rotate images. You can also create a custom college in the app.

Other key features:

  • Bath processing option
  • Tilt-shirt tools adds focus and blurring for a professional look
  • 13 1-tap photo enhancement options
  • Use popular file formats such as RAW, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF
  • Optimize images for retina displays

Cost: Free
Try it:From the App Store

8. Acorn

Acorn is another nondestructive piece of Mac photo editing software that has a robust set of tools. The company claims that it has “everything you need in an image editor” with the ability to add layer masks and selections to touch up images or make something entirely new. You can also remove backgrounds, combine images, perform color corrections, resize, transform, crop and more.

While Acorn is billed as an image editor, it also includes vector tools as well and a text on a path feature.

Other key features:

  • 100+ photo effects — vignette, drop shadow, gradients, sharpening, color correction, distortions, blurs
  • Web export and scaling
  • Smart layer export
  • Camera RAW image import and editing
  • Ability to import Photoshop brushes

Cost: $29.99
Try it:From The Flying Meat store (other addons also available)

9. SumoPaint

SumoPaint has free and paid version with different options. One key difference is whether you want to edit image on- or off-line (paid only).

SumoPaint is billed as an image manipulator with plenty of options, not all of which are designed for working with photos. The native Sumo file format also provides a nondestructive save option. The tool includes plenty of brushes, shapes and colors and gradients to jumpstart any project. It also allows for use of layers and comes with plenty of filters.

Other key features:

  • Lighting, reflection and mosaic tools
  • Animated and 3D brush options
  • Auto-smoothing feature
  • Text tool
  • Ability to adjust curves and levels with ease

Cost: $4/month
Try it:From SumoPaint

10. DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is the go-to for RAW photo editing. It’s packed with features – you might even mistake the dashboard for Photoshop at a glance – and doesn’t get bogged down when working with large files and detailed images.

Best Sketch Apps For Mac

The tools include the ability to editing using control points to work on just the parts of a photo you want to edit, there are plenty of brushes for precise work, a graduated filter makes landscape photos look great and the auto repair mode can remove unwanted elements from images.

Other key features:

  • Smooth transitions between elements that preserve textures and shadows
  • Fast processing
  • Auto lighting optimization tool
  • ClearView filter removes atmospheric haze from landscape photos
  • 40,000 camera and lens combinations

Cost: $99.99 (Essential Edition)
Try it:From DxO