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In these modern days, USB is used to transfer files from one computer to another or to carry important documents or files. These files can contain a virus or trojan horse which can cause problems for your computer. USB scanner software scans for threats and informs the user and cleans the infection. It also has additional features for not copying content. We will evaluate 6+ USB Scanner software for you to decide and use. The software is available for download or an online scanner.

Jun 18, 2020  The Best Free Antivirus Protection for 2020. Windows Defender is improving, but you still shouldn't rely on Windows 10's security tools as your sole means of protection.


USB Virus Scan

Show 32 bit apps on mac. USB Virus Scan protects the computer against threats like virus and others. It removes the viruses and can work on offline computers. It is easy to use software and we need to pay only once and get updates for lifetime. It has won many awards.

Amir Antivirus

It is a free antivirus software. We have to just download it and run the same. It is used to scan the USB device for the virus. It will clean the virus if it finds any. It also cleans temporary files on the PC. There is an option not to allow the virus to run automatically when opening a file.

USB Disk Security

It is a free antivirus software from zbshareware. It prevents threats from virus and malware which originates from the USB stick. This software does not slow down the computer. This software prevents unauthorized access to the data. It acts like a DRM software.


This software is available in two versions one free and the other is at a cost. It cleans virus and malware on the USB. The main feature of this software is that it takes backup of the files and folders on the computer before the cleaning process.

Other Platforms

The USB Scanner software is available on various platforms like Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. We review the software below on specific platform. In case you need to use the same, the review will help you to make a choice of the same.

Virus Scanner for Mac

This software is from Bitdefender one of the leading security organization. It is available on the Mac platform. It checks for malware on the Mac platform and also Windows virus. It has an award-winning engine for cleaning malware. It quarantines documents which have a virus.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit for Windows

Best Free Mac Virus Scanning Software

The emergency kit is used for cleaning infected USB drives and PCs. It cleans virus, malware, trojans and other malicious software. It has a good and easy to use graphical user interface. It works on the command line too and hence portable. The software is an award winning software.

Most Popular USB Scanner Software –

This software scans the system to check for USB drivers which are corrupt or missing. In case it is missing or corrupt it will download the latest updated USB driver so that one can use the USB device. It helps in resolving USB drive issues. It is an invaluable software. You can also see USB Unlocker Software

What is USB Scanner Software?

USB devices are very commonly used devices today. It is plug and play. If you need to copy files and take it along with you just plug the USB drive and copy the files. Once you reach home you can copy into your computers for your use. This also increases the threat of virus, malware and other malicious software entering your PC. You can also see USB Encryption Software

There are also chances that confidential information can move out easily. The USB scanner software scans for malicious code and prevents from running it and cleans the file. It blocks unauthorized content to be copied across. The USB Scanner software protects the computer and keeps it safe.

We have reviewed 6+ USB scanner software used for scanning USB devices and cleaning the files if there is virus or malware. Most of the software are award winning software. You can use it yourself and the use the one you are most comfortable with.

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Free Mac Virus Software Removal

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» Won't Windows Defender remove malware automatically?

While it can detect and remove many types of malware on its own, Windows Defender isn’t enough. If you’re looking for protection against the full range of online threats, you’ll be safer with a dedicated malware removal tool like AVG AntiVirus FREE.

» What's the difference between malware and a virus?

Malware refers to any type of harmful software or code, while a virus is just one type of malware. A virus’s signature trait is its ability to inject its code into your computer’s software, then replicate and spread itself to other systems. Other types of malware work differently.

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