Best Family History Software For Mac Uk

Best Family History Software For Mac Uk Average ratng: 4,6/5 2426 reviews

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1. MacFamily Tree

General features. Genealogy software products differ in the way they support data acquisition (e.g. Drag and drop data entry for images, flexible data formats, free defined custom attributes for persons and connections between persons, rating of sources) and interaction (e.g. 3D-view, name filters, full text search and dynamic pan and zoom navigation), in reporting (e.g.: fan charts, automatic.

Features and functions:

· This is efficient free genealogy software for Mac which not only lets you create family trees but also search online for family history.

· It gives 3D representation of your family tree and has a slick interface.

· It also allows you to publish your family tree on the web with iCloud.

Pros of MacFamily tree

· The software makes it very easy to build family trees and has a clean interface.


· It enables you to search for your family history and trace lineage online and this is one of its best feature.

· You can also publish or post the family tree online and share it with your other family members.

Cons of MacFamily tree

· MacFamily tree tends to struggle when used with large files and this is one of its negative points.

· It doesn’t offer the search or interaction possibilities the way other such programs do.

· It can prove to be very buggy.

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User comments/reviews:

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1. I am a bit of a beginner and found it a little hard at the start but didn't have any problem importing a GEDCOM of a family tree.

2. Generally easy to use. Visually pleasing interface.

3. Very nice visually, easy to use. Can support large number of entry.