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The best-selling church software over the past 30 years. Every day tens of thousands of churches rely on ACS church management software and church accounting software to run their church. ACS can either be accessed online via our cloud-based OnDemand service or it can be installed locally throughout your networked church office. Created specifically for the needs of churches, Elexio Church Accounting Software was designed to manage church accounting simply and powerfully. This cloud-based software solution makes it easy to fulfill the needs of your financial committee and providing scalable add-ons to create the financial and accounting software package that works for you. The Buzzle write-up below provides you with a list of 10 best accounting software for churches and nonprofits. “What I do is a very strong and thorough review. And that’s why I try to be really clear. I never say an accounting audit. I help straighten out church books and accounting software to prevent fraud or errors from happening.”. Church Accounting Software The Accounting system in PowerChurch Plus was designed specifically for use in churches. While there are advanced features for those with a CPA on staff, we have done our best to allow you to maintain auditable books, while spending as little time focusing on the nitty-gritty as possible. Church Mobile App.

The best accounting software for Mac users is Freshbooks, a solution that streamlines invoicing and billing processes. It works nicely on mobile devices and Mac or Windows computers, covering a wide array of advanced accounting features, such as time tracking, expense monitoring, project management, and financial reporting.

Accounting Software for Churches

Manage your religious organization's finances with AccountEdge

What’s your favorite part about being with your congregation? Probably seeing the way a community can come together for the greater good. What’s probably not your favorite part? Dealing with all the paperwork in running the ‘business’ side, aka doing your accounting.

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You know you have to do it, you dread it, fear it, even ignore it. And that’s fine, unless you want to manage donations, collections, and fees, track expenses, or see your current financial statements.

Every transaction is an accounting event. Recording donations, tracking donors, keeping a budget, each one requires you to record transactions that affects your financial statements and your congregation’s future. With solid, professional church accounting software, you control your destiny and own your financial data.

AccountEdge offers full-featured church accounting software, on the Windows desktop. No monthly subscription required. You own your software and your critical financial data. We offer annual upgrades at a discounted price, but it’s always your choice if you want to upgrade. Compare our cost of ownership over time to that of our competitors, and you’ll see why we’re proud of helping you “spend hundreds not thousands.”

And while we’re committed to desktop software, we recognize there may be times you need to perform key accounting functions remotely. That’s where our optional cloud app, AccountEdge Connect can help.


Why Choose AccountEdge?

Accept Donations

Create a simple Receive Money transaction to record and track donations, collections, dues, and membership fees for your religious organization. Set up a one-time donation or recurring donation schedule to be recorded monthly, quarterly, or annually. Integrate AccountEdge with Rerun, our add-on for managing recurring billing and payments.


Powerful Reporting

Monitor your organization with over 200 built-in reports or create your own custom report, then save these custom reports as templates to re-use when needed.

Record Expenses

Enter a quick Spend Money transaction or a more detailed Purchase Order to categorize and keep track of your religious organization’s expenses.

Manage Donor Contacts

Best Church Accounting Software For Mac

Track your donors’ contact information, including up to five addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other details. Attach donation agreements to a contact card and set reminders to contact someone on a specific date.

Best Software For Church Accounting

Track Donation Sources

You may receive money from multiple sources, events, fundraisers, direct donations, funding sources, and more. Use Departments to easily see where your funds are coming from for powerful reporting later.

Best Church Accounting Software

Process Payroll

Pay your employees based on an hourly or salary rate, easily manage wages, accruals, deductions, expenses, and taxes. Process payroll and print paychecks while keeping track of all payroll information in a single location.

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