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Jun 16, 2020  Unarchiver is a well-known solution to all kinds of archive formats available on Mac. It’s been discussed as an alternative when you have to unRAR and open RAR files in Mac OS and it can open virtually any archive format you might come across. This can include but not limited to: 7z.

Have you read the scary stories that computers did not have hard drives larger than 10 MBs? Of course, many of us can only imagine of the tremendous evolution of computers. The truth is, no matter how much space our computers have, we are always going to try hard to save the space further, and file archiver software can help us do the job.


These tools are as important today as they were when the first computer had a hard drive space less than five megabytes.

Win Zip

Win Zip is the best solution of all time. It has been in use for years, it has stood the test of time, it has helped computer owners manage space on their computer, and it remains the best solution for 2016 for people who are running on Windows Operating Systems. The solution is free to download and easy to use.


If you would like to use a file archiver software that further doubles as an encryption tool, you will find Pea Zip useful. Moreover, Pea Zip is fast, and it provides a high compression ratio for multi format archiving. Additional features include file hashing, secure delete, strong encryption, and encrypted password manager.

7 Zip


The 7 Zip is a multi format archiving tool that not only helps you save hard drive space, but also compresses your files at a high speed ratio. It supports more than a dozen unpacking formats and about half a dozen packing and unpacking formats. If you want the best results, this is definitely the best tool to use.

File Archiver Software for Other Platforms

We know for a fact that modern computers have much more storage space. Regardless, people still use archiving tools to save more space. The truth is, the more space one has, the more their storage needs; this is a good reason to use File Archiver Software. Here are additional tools that you might find useful.

File Archiver Software for Windows – Power Archiver

The beauty of Power Archiver for Windows platform lies on the facts that the software can open an archive any file that your friends send you. Power Archiver will help you to not only secure and encrypt files but also archive them in minutes because it is fast and reliable.

File Archiver Software for Mac – Keka

Those who own Mac OS X Computers can use Keka software to archive files. Keka supports more than half a dozen compression formats and more than a dozen extraction formats. The best thing is that the tool is easy to use, and it delivers the best results in a short time, to say the least.

File Archiver Software for Linux – Open Archive

If you would like to get the best archiving results with Open Archive, you should download the complete suit. Although you can use the software as Virtual Machine, you should consider downloading then entire package instead because the Virtual Machine does not come with all features and functions.

File Archiver Software for Android – ZArchiver

The best app is the one that allows you to archive any file. Moreover, you should be able to decompress any file as well. With this app, you can archive and decompress any file using your Android Smartphone. The features include the ability to open compressed files from mail applications and the ability to create passwords to protect your files.


What is File Archiver Software

From the very first time the first developer created the first software, until today, File Archiver Software have always had only one goal: to help save space. By definition, a File Archiver Software is a tool developed to help computer users to archive and decompress files.

With so many options available on the market for different Operating Systems, you can be sure that you will definitely find the software that suits your needs.

How to Install File Archiver Software

  • Archiver Software tools are different regarding their features and operating systems. Select your package according to your OS.
  • If you want to use your Android Smartphone to archive files, download the app from Google Play Stores.
  • If you are running on your computer, download the software from the suggested website links given in this article, and follow the installation guide as provided on the screen.

Benefit of the Software

Free Mac Software

Majority of these tools are free, you do not need to spend a dime to download and use them. In addition to having robust features, the software also comes with unique security features to help you compress and decompress your data securely.

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