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Baseball Scorekeeping for. First Timers. Thanks for keeping score! This series of pages attempts to make “keeping the book” for a RoadRunner Little League game easy. We’ve tried to be comprehensive while also simplifying the most basic. Apr 02, 2007 Looking a little harder led me to Baseball Almanac, which offers downloadable scorecards in all sorts of formats - from.pdf to.xls. Not a full fledged program, per se, but a presumably easy way to.

A: After you receive the CAP file from opponent, import the CAP files in your games directory. Note the CAP file teamID must match the teamID used in the game rosters for each team in the game. If not, you need to change roster teamID for opponent--see the CAP file instruction sheet here:

For in-game updating, load the game in the DOS scoring program, select Statistics Load Stat Files from the Main Menu. When the game is over and Game Wrapup complete, select Statistics Post Stat Files, to add the game stats to season stats in the CAP files. The CAP files are now ready to be used for the next game of a double-header for example.

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For CAP file data to show on Game boxscore, open Game Reports Settings Load Stat Files, and follow prompts to load the CAP files for your team and opponent.

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Baseball Scorekeeping Software For Mac

To run season stats on the opponent using their CAP file, open Season Reports Settings Report Options, and enable 'Use statEdit Data'. Then select their teamID from Teams List button and run the report. The software will run reports based on the CAP file.

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